7 Best Free Norwegian Dictionary App for Android

Here is a list of the best free Norwegian dictionary app for Android. A Norwegian dictionary lets you find the definition of Norwegian words. You can quickly type the word or speak it to the app to get the meaning of the word in Norwegian as well as in other languages.

Here I’m covering 7 free English-Norwegian Dictionary (Norsk-engelsk ordbok) app that you can use to learn Norwegian and English. The apps allow you to find the definition of words from one language to another. You can copy the definition, listen to the pronunciation, and explore phrases with the word. These apps let you create a favorite list of words that you can revisit anytime to memorize words. Some of these apps also offer various games, exercises, and wordlists where you can play, explore, and learn new words.

My Favorite Norwegian Dictionary App

Norwegian – English is my favorite Norwegian dictionary app for Android on this list. This app has an offline database and can work online as well to fetch additional data. Along with the definition, it shows example phrases to help you understand the context of the word. It comes with a translator where you can translate complete sentences. The reason this app is my favorite is all the options it offers on top of the Norwegian-English dictionary. It offers various games, exercises, and word lists that you can play and explore to learn and memorize words. You can see your score and track your learning progress.

You can also check out our lists of the best free Norwegian English Dictionary Online Websites, Norwegian Translator (Norsk Oversetter) websites, and Norwegian-German Translator or Norsk Tysk Oversetter Websites.

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