14 Best Free OBJ Viewer Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free OBJ Viewer Software for Windows. These free software to view OBJ files let you view 3D model and information of an OBJ file with which you will be able to triangulate its 3D Geometry.

Most of these free OBJ Viewer software let you view the information in Tree mode with their respective nodes for Vertices and Triangles, while some of them will display the same, simply on the interface. In these software you will find features to rotate 3D models freely and get overall view of OBJ model along X, Y, and Z axis easily. Some of these even let you view the front, back, top, and bottom view of models along with Mesh and Wireframe view of the OBJ file.

You can even edit and design a new OBJ file from scratch with some of these free software mentioned in this list and save them in different 3D formats.

Go through the list to know more about them and also know how to open OBJ files using these best free OBJ Viewer software.

My Favorite OBJ Viewer:

In this list, I prefer OBJ Viewer the most, as this freeware offers very simple 3D file viewing experience. I was able to view all the information related to OBJ files and also get multiple axis view at the same time. The viewing tools this free viewer features are quite easy to use and get different views of the OBJ model.

You can also check out the list of Best Free STL Viewer, CAD Editor, and JSON Viewer Software.

OBJ Viewer

OBJ Viewer is a free OBJ Viewer software which you can use to view OBJ files on PC. Here you can get detailed information of OBJ files along with reading and traingulating the 3D Geometry of OBJ files.

It has a very simple interface where you can load and view OBJ files. As OBJ files are 3D Objects, this freeware helps you to view the OBJ file in 3D. It means that you can view the OBJ file in XYZ plane by rotating it freely in all directions.

As soon as you open an OBJ file here, you can view the model at the left section of the interface and its detailed information at the right side. The information associated with the OBJ file is displayed in as a single tree and you can expand and collapse its nodes by clicking on Expand (+) and Collpase (-) options. The information related to an OBJ file are in terms of: Type, No. of Triangles, No. of Points, No. of Edges, Volume, and Surface Area.

As I mentioned, this free OBJ viewer software helps you to triangulate the 3D Geometry of OBJ files. You can do this with the help of basic OBJ file viewing options, which are: Draw Face Edges, Lights on, Draw Triangle Edges, and Draw Normals. Each of these options will let you view the OBJ file according to their defined function.

For this simple and free OBJ Viewer software, I will say that you can use it for sure if you just want to get a detailed view of your OBJ file. As this is a lightweight and easily understandable program, it can be tried for viewing purpose only.

OBJ Model Viewer

OBJ Model Viewer is another free OBJ viewer software which you can use to view the OBJ files and OBJ models easily. You can view various information of an OBJ model and use the information to read and triangulate the 3D Geometry applied in creating an OBJ file.

Once an OBJ file is opened in this freeware, you can view the OBJ model in the main interface with its related details at the top left of the file display area. The details of the OBJ model which are displayed are: Vertices, Triangles, Materials, Normals, Groups, and FPS. While other OBJ viewers may display these information in form of a tree, this freeware displays them as a list for you, to get a simple but detailed view of OBJ models. Along with displaying these information, this free obj viewer software also features some OBJ file viewer tools, which you can access from Options menu. These viewing options let you view Smooth structure of an object, Wireframe model, change view with Sliders, view Statistics, and change BG Color.

Rotate an object freely in 3D space by dragging it in different directions.

Although this free software to view OBJ files doesn’t have much features for 3D file viewing, you can still use it to get a simple view of your OBJ file.


MeshLab is a free 3D designer software that you can also use to view OBJ files. As OBJ files are basically created as 3D triangular meshes, you can use this free 3D processor to view, edit, as well as create a new model from scratch. It has an interactive interface which you can easily understand and use to view OBJ files.

To view an OBJ file, you just have to import it in MeshLab and it will open it along with its information about Mesh, Vertices, Faces, FOV, and FPS. By default, a Track ball is associated with OBJ models, which gives you ease of view in 3D space. There are numerous features supported with this freeware, such as: Bounding Box, Points, Flat, Wire-frame, Flatlines, Texture, Lights On/Off, Vertices Rendering, Face Rendering, Align, etc. You can use all these tools to view OBJ files and easily traingulate their 3D Geometry. You can also set a particular axis and rotate or move OBJ model horizontally or vertically.

One good feature of this free OBJ viewer software is that it supports multiple window view. With this feature, you can Tile, Cascade, Split Current View of the 3D Models. By splitting the current view horizontally or vertically, you can view as well as edit/design a particular window.

By default, an OBJ model opens in editor window, which you can easily disable with Not Editing option under Edit menu. There are numerous options to edit an OBJ file, like: Arc3D Importer, Manipulator Tools, Measuring tools, PickPoints, Reference Scene, Select Vertexes, Quality Mapper, Z-painting, etc. You can use them to edit and design OBJ files.

I will say, Meshlab is an open source OBJ viewer, which you can use to view as well as edit OBJ file easily.

GLC Player

GLC Player is a free 3D model viewer software and you can use as an OBJ Viewer. This program is basically built to view numerous 3D files and has numerous 3D file viewing tools.

As soon as you load an OBJ file, you can view various information of the OBJ model, under Album/Model management option, such as: Models, Current Models, Meshes, Faces along with Body Count, Triangle Count, and FPS. Once good thing I noticed under Model management option is that you can view the OBJ model’s information in Tree mode with Expand and Collapse option.

You can view an OBJ file in Fullscreen or Normal mode and use various viewing tools to Change UP Vector, Start Navigation and Projection mode, Pan Mode, Zoom In and Out, and Swap Visible Space. You can even edit a model by adjusting its Instance Properties from Edit menu and save it.

For me, this freeware as an OBJ Viewer was a satisfactory one. Although it seems to be a little complex at first, but once you get to know it, it will be easy for you to use it. You can surely try this free 3D model viewer software to view OBJ files.


Blender is one of the free and popular 3D modelling software, which you can use as an OBJ Viewer software as well. This freeware is mainly used for creating and designing 3D models which can be used to make Animation movies, Archtechtural Designs, making Games, etc. It offers dual mode: Object mode and Edit mode to view as well as Edit 3D models.

To use Blender as an OBJ Viewer, all you have to do is import an OBJ file in it. Once imported, your OBJ model will be displayed on its interface with information about Vertices, Faces, Triangles, Objects, Lamps, amd Memory Size.

It supports numerous viewer tools which you can use to display All Layers, Render Border, View Persp/Ortho, Align the model to Left, Right, Top or Bottom, Toggle Quad View, Maxime Area, etc. All these tools are dispalyed as shorcut buttons in the interface for your ease. You can even take snapshots of the OBJ model while viewing it.

Being a 3D modeling software, it supports various editing tools, that can you can use to create a new 3D model or edit a pre-loaded one.

Although I am not an expert in 3D files, still I was able to view and edit OBJ files with this free OBJ Viewer cum 3D modelling software with ease. I say you too can use it to view/edit your OBJ file or other 3D files easily

3D Builder

3D Builder is a free 3D modelling app inbuilt with Windows 10 (download for Window 8), which you can use as an OBJ Viewer software. This is a simple and basic 3D modelling program with which you can easily load and view OBJ files.

Being a 3D app, it supports numerous features which you can use to view and design an OBJ model. Once you import an OBJ file, its interactive interface displays the OBJ model in a 3D plane with X,Y and Z axis. You can also view the measurements of a model in micrometers, millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches, or feet.

You can rotate a 3D model freely in any direction. Use this freeware’s Selection tools: Group, Ungroup, Select All, Deselect all, and Sticky selection to view a particular section or the whole 3D model.

It also lets you insert various shapes to a loaded OBJ model, duplicate a model, make a mirror image, and set the material color of model.

The editing tools available are: Split, Simplify, Emboss, Extrude down, Merge, Intersect, and Subtract. You can save a 3D model in 3MF, STL, OBJ, or PLY formats.

ADA 3D Viewer

ADA 3D Viewer is basically free STL file viewer software which you can also use as an OBJ Viewer. It lets you view various information of a loaded OBJ file with which you can easily triangualte the 3D Geometry of an OBJ model.

As soon as you open an OBJ file, you can view the following information: Size as per X, Y and Z axis, number of vertices, and number of triangles.

Being a 3D viewer software, it features various viewing options to get Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Left, and Right views of an OBJ model. You can also use Rotate option to rotate the model in any direction, and the same can be done by dragging the object with mouse. You can Zoom In and Out or pan the object.

In my opinion, this free STL file viewer cum OBJ Viewer will be a good choice for you, if you want to simply view and get basic information of an OBJ file.


FreeCAD is one awesome 3D modeling software which can be used as an OBJ Viewer. This free 3D modeling software has numerous viewing and editing tools, which you can use to view, edit, or create an OBJ model.

The loaded OBJ file is displayed with its size details on the right-bottom side. Get the top, left, front, back, and axonometric view of a 3D model. You can even measure the length between various vertices with measuring tool.

View menu of this free OBJ Viewer lets you have orthographic view, perspective view, free display, zoom in and out, set Visibility, etc. of a 3D model. Load multiple files in Tile or Cascade windows and switch among them using Next and Previos buttons.

Autodesk Meshmixer

Autodesk Meshmixer is a free 3D viewer/editor software that can also serve as an OBJ Viewer software. You can easily import and view OBJ files with this freeware and edit it, if needed.

This free OBJ Viewer software displays the 3D model of your OBJ file in a 3D Geometric plane with information about its number of Vertices and Triangles.

It features numerous viewing tools change visibility, hide object browser, view wireframes, boundaries, and Grids. Orthographic view of an object can also be rendered along with transparent target.

Being a 3D designer/editor software, Autodesk Meshmixer also features various editing tools to edit or create new designs.

Geomagic Verify Viewer

Gemagic Verify Viewer is one good 3D viewer to view OBJ files. It supports numerous tools which you can use to view OBJ as well as do simple editing on an OBJ file.

With this free OBJ Viewer, you can view various Common, Appearance, and Geometry properties of an OBJ file. View information, such as: Name, Entity, Feature, Visibility, Material, Boundary, Vertices, Triangles, Volume, Area, and Mass. It also displays a Tree view of the loaded PBJ model in terms of Data, Section, Reference, GD&T, Deviation, and other Miscellaneous information.

Rotate a 3D model freely or get the front, side, back, top, or bottom view of it. There are some tools under View menu to view a model in Mesh display mode and Body display mode, along with setting Light properties of an OBJ file.

Apart from all these, this freeware features various editing tools which you can use to edit or create an OBJ file.

For me this freeware gave much each of use in viewing and editing my OBJ file. I was able to view various information of the 3D model easily. I am sure it will prove to be a good OBJ Viewer software for you too.

DeskArtes View Expert

DeskArtes View Expert is another free OBJ viewer. This freeware has simple and well organised interface which is quite easy to understand. With this free viewer, you can easily load an OBJ file and view its model and information.

It displays the information of OBJ models in a Shell list (tree view) and you can view its number of triangles, extents, and textures. You can even rotate an OBJ model in X, Y, and Z axis freely.

The available tools let you Zoom In and Zoom Out, Enable Ortho View and Quad View, Hide Object, Blink Object, Display, Surface, Display Errors, View Object Properties, Turn Light On/OFF, etc. You can access these viewing option from their shortcut buttons too.

Besides these viewing tools, there are some editing tools which you can use to edit as well as design 3D OBJ file easily.

AnyCAD Viewer

AnyCAD Viewer is one of the simplest programs that you can use as an OBJ Viewer software. It simply load an OBJ file and lets you view it in its interface.

Once you open and load an OBJ file, you can just view the model and rotate it freely in any direction you like. It has no other viewing or editing features available.

You can rotate a model in desired direction and print OBJ directly from here.

Apart from opening an OBJ file, this freeware also lets you open some other 3D file formats like DXf, DAE, STl, and 3DS.


JavaView is a JAVA based 3D file viewer and can be used to view OBJ files. Open an OBJ file to view its 3D model and information.

When you load an OBJ file, its visible and active geometry are displayed on the interface in a Tree view mode. It displays information in a separate window. You can even rotate and shift an OBJ model with your mouse.

This freeware lets you select and use Geometry, Axis, Lights, Camera, and Display options under Inspector menu to view OBJ file. It also enables you to apply various colors, textures, modeling, effects, and set different vector fields options for a 3D model.

Wings 3D

Wings 3D is a free 3D designer and viewer that you can also use as an OBJ Viewer software. You have to import an OBJ file to open and view it. It interface seem to be a basic one, but let me tell you that it features many tools to view and edit your OBJ file.

You can use its viewing options to Toggle wireframe, Show Edges and Backframes, Set Shaders for scene lights and Two lights, Enable/disable Orthographic view, Auto rotate OBJ model, Hide/unhide 3D model, etc.

It also features various windows options with which you can view Geometry Graph, Tweak Palette, and Set Outliner.

3D editing tools are available here that you can use to edit OBJ files.

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