5 Best Free Online Whiteboard for Teaching Websites

Here is a list of the best free online whiteboard for teaching websites. A whiteboard can serve multiple applications such as writing down ideas, visualizing plans, explaining, teaching, etc. It is good for teaching as a whiteboard can be a digital blackboard of the classroom. It can serve the same purpose with added benefits of being digital. These benefits include line tools, shape tools, templates, file sharing, and so on.

Here are 5 free online whiteboard websites that can be handy for teaching online. As a teacher, you can create a board and share it with the class. Some websites come with built-in chat features. You can use that or have your class hosted or other video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Each whiteboard has a specific set of tools and features; some of them are free whereas some need a subscription. You can go through the post to check these out yourself and then pick the one that suits your needs.

My Favorite Online Whiteboard for Teaching

WebWhiteboard is my favorite online whiteboard for teaching. This whiteboard has a neat and modern user interface. It has one of the biggest collections of tools including drawing tools, shapes, templates, and a lot more. You can integrate with many other supported platforms to import files, sheets, images, documents, tables, kanban, etc. You can also share the whiteboard online and enable collaboration. For teaching, you can send the board link to the class and enable chat, audio chat, or video chat.

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WebWhiteboard is an online whiteboard for teaching. This whiteboard is offered by Miro. It has a modern design with a set of drawing tools on the left and additional tools on the bottom. This comes with a necessary toolset that you might need for teaching a class. You can upload documents or images and use them on the whiteboard. This whiteboard comes with an integration feature. This lets you connect with various platforms allowing you to import data from that. For example, you can connect to Google Drive to fetch files, Kanban to fetch boards, Trello to fetch tables, etc. On top of that, you can also run the board in a presentation mode with slides and audio. You can share screens, enable comments, chat, and a lot more.


  • This whiteboard has a modern design.
  • It lets you create and save up to 3 boards for free.
  • It has a wide collection of templates that you can add to the board.
  • You can add others for collaboration with the visible cursor.
  • It offers a collection of drawing tools, add comments, and background document/image.
  • Presentation mode to present the board to the class.
  • Option to share your screen on the board.
  • Enable chat, video chat, voting, integration, etc. (Pro features)


Twiddla is a free online whiteboard for teaching. It is a simple whiteboard with an easy-to-navigate interface. It has a collection of drawing and markup tools along with shapes and text boxes. By creating a free account, you can add a document, webpage, and image to the background of the whiteboard. This is good for explaining a document or diagram by loading it in the background. Another handy feature of this whiteboard is the rooms. As an admin, you can create a room for a whiteboard where students can join with their audio. You can manage the profile of each student and mute/unmute them on demand. Twiddla has multiple plans along with a free plan. The free plan has some limitations that you can check here.


  • This is a simple whiteboard packing a lot of features.
  • You can create 1 free board.
  • It lets you hold classes with a whiteboard (up to 20 minutes for free).
  • Offers a combination of drawing and markup tools.
  • You can add up to 10 participants to the meeting with a free plan.
  • Add background document, share board, custom meeting, API, etc. (Pro features)


Mathigon is another free online whiteboard for teaching. As it is clear from the name, this is a perfect whiteboard for math classes. It comes with a wide set of shapes that you need in mathematics. It includes Geometry, Numbers, Fractions, Algebra, Probability, and data. It also includes examples and templates for each of these topics. Some of these shapes are interactive. For example, you can get a dice under Probability and roll it to get a random outcome. Apart from these mathematical tools, you get drawing tools, a color palette, and an equation writer. This board does not have a built-in sharing feature so you have to screen share or other sharing methods.


  • This is a perfect online whiteboard for math classes.
  • It has a collection of shapes for various math topics.
  • It offers interactive tools that you can interact with on the board.
  • A set of simple drawing tools with an equation writer.
  • Export the board as an image for safekeeping.


IDroo is another free online whiteboard for teaching. This is a quite simple whiteboard that comes with basic drawing tools. Compared to other whiteboards on this list, it offers very basic tools. The only thing that is unique here is the option to write formulas. This lets you insert any type of mathematical formula to the whiteboard. That’s pretty much it. Then you can get a URL to share the board with the class where you can enable chat from communication. It also packs features like adding a background, importing images, etc. that are under the paid tier.


  • You can add and keep up to 5 boards for free.
  • It offers 50 MB of storage for free to save your board.
  • There is a collection of basic drawing tools along with an option to write formulas.
  • Share the board with the class and enable chat for communication.
  • Insert documents, images, etc with a paid plan.


NotebookCast is yet another online whiteboard for teaching. This board has a noteb00k-style layout where you can add multiple pages. It packs a pen and line tool for drawing and comes with a set of shapes. You can upload files and add images on the whiteboard. Along with that, you can also add sticky notes and integrated text. It lacks the features like collaboration, chat, etc. But you can share the board online along with files. Apart from that, it has a snap board feature that can save the board every 30 seconds.


  • This whiteboard has a notebook-style interface.
  • It comes with a pen, line, and shape tools.
  • Options to add sticky notes, integrated text, and images.
  • Share link and QR code to share the board online with others.
  • Offers features like capture whiteboard, add audio notes, repeatable shapes, etc.
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