5 Best Free Open Source GPX Viewer Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Open Source GPX Viewer Software for Windows. These are free software that let you view GPS Exchange Format (GPX) files. All these software come with an open source license, so you can download, access, and tweak source code of these GPX file viewers. Apart from GPX, these software let you view a lot more other GPS data files like KML, TCX, FIT, NMEA, NMT, LOG, etc.

You can view all waypoint, routes, tracks, and other GPS data present in a GPX file. These provide a list of waypoints as well as a map to view waypoint on an interactive map. Multiple map services are supported in these to view GPX file over map such as OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, Google Map, MapQuest (Satellite), 4UMap, HikeBikeMap, etc. Furthermore, waypoint details, route statistics, and more information can also be viewed in these. You can also zoom in/ out the map to properly view and analyze routes and waypoints stored in GPX file.

These also let you edit GPX files using options like add new waypoint, remove/delete existing waypoint, create routes, edit waypoint information, reverse track, and do more. Plus, you can also convert GPX to various other file formats including KML, CSV, HTML, etc. All in all, these are quote feature rich software that help you view, analyze, modify, and export GPX files.

My Favorite Free Open Source GPX Viewer Software for Windows:

JGPSTrackEdit is my favorite software on this list. It provides all required tools to view GPX and other GPS data files. Additionally, you can find various editing and some other additional tools that you can use to process GPX files.

I also liked GpsPrune which you can try.

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JGPSTrackEdit is a free, portable, open source GPX viewer for Windows. It is a Java based GPX file viewer which requires Java to be installed to work. Apart from GPX, you can view a variety of routes and GIS data files using it. Some of the supported file formats in it include TCX, KML, ASC, etc. Not just view, it also lets you edit GPX and other supported files. You can also create a new file containing waypoints, routes, and tracks.

Now, let us checkout main features of this open source GPX viewer.

Main Features:

  • It shows tracks and other details contained in imported GPX file including track point number, latitude, longitude, elevation, and timestamp.
  • It displays statistics (e.g., length, total points, density, duration, driving time, etc.) of tracks with a graph.
  • You can view GPX file data on map from various services such as OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, MapQuest (Satellite), 4UMap, HikeBikeMap, etc.
  • You get a zoom feature to have a look at tracks and routes properly.
  • As per your liking, you can customize view of GPX file with the help of some options like show coordinate, show track length, show day tour markers, point information, distance measurement, etc.

Additional Features:

  • You can find plenty of track editing tools and options in it such as insert new track points, delete selected track points, reverse track points order, edit latitude, longitude, elevation, etc., and more.
  • Furthermore, you get tools like Merge, Split, Reverse, Compress, Update elevation, Correct points, Remove invalid points, etc.
  • It lets you download tile images to use offline.


It is one of the best GPX viewer software which also offers various tools to edit GPX routes and tracks data.


Viking is another free open source GPX viewer for Windows. It is good GPS data viewer and analyzer software which you can use to view GPX file. Apart from GPX, it also supports KML file formats to view routes and waypoints. You can also edit tracks and routes using this software. It lets you simply add/ remove waypoints/ tracks and edit waypoint information as per your requirement. Now, let us see its main features.

Key Features:

  • It lists all waypoints, tracks, and routes in a dedicated section present at left.
  • You can view all GPS data on map using OpenStreetMap (OSM) service.
  • It provides zoom, pan, and some other handy features to view data on map.

Advanced Features:

  • It lets you geotag pictures using a waypoint.
  • You can also convert GPX to KML using it.


It is a clean and intuitive open source GPX viewer that also lets you modify GPX and KML files.


GpsPrune is yet another free open source GPX viewer software for Windows. It a nice JAVA based software that lets you view GPS data by importing various files including GPX. It allows you to view and analyze GPX file with a lot of useful tools. You can view all tracks, routes, waypoints, etc., from GPX files with respective details. Plus, you can also modify GPX files as it provides a lot of GPS data editing tools. All in all, it is an easy to use yet great GPX viewer and editor software.

Key Features:

  • It lets you view all GPS routes and waypoints on the map.
  • It also provides you zoom in/ out features to closely view the map.
  • You can view various information related to a particular waypoint including latitude, longitude, altitude, climb, descent, etc.
  • To view GPX file, you can customize a lot of properties such as change map color, remove duplicate points, nearby point, set up start and end range, etc.

Additional Features:

  • It lets you export a GPX file to formats including KML, POV, SVG, Text, etc.
  • It can also be used as a Picture Location Finder.


It is a good open source GPX viewer which can be used to view, analyze, edit, and convert GPX file.

GPX Editor

GPX Editor, as its name implies, is a free open source GPX editor that you can use to view GPX files. It is a portable GPX file viewer that you can use on the go. You can also view NMEA, KML, NGT, and LOG files in it. It provides all tools sufficient to view and analyze GPS data contained in GPX files. Let’s checkout its main viewing features that you can look forward to.

Main Features:

  • It shows points’ preview, waypoint list, and Map view in different tabs.
  • You can view waypoint detail in a sidebar, like longitude, latitude, altitude, time, etc.
  • Standard view tools like zoom in, zoom out, zoom all, etc., are also present in it.
  • You can save current map view to a JPG image.

Additional Features:

  • It provides a nice set of editing tools to modify GPX files like draw route on map, add new waypoint on map, edit waypoint detail, etc.
  • Furthermore, you get GPX editing features that include Merge All Tracks, Remove Empty Tracks, Cut Track, Create route from waypoints, Shift altitude, Anonymize time, etc.
  • You can export GPX to KML, CSV, and HTML file format.


It is a great open source GPX file editor with advanced editing tools and can also be used for viewing GPX files.


GPXSee is the next free open source GPX viewer for Windows. As it’s name suggests, it is a dedicated GPX file viewer that also supports many more file formats to view GPS data such as IGC, FIT, KMLSLFTCX, etc. It lets you view GIS dataGPS dataCadenceSpeedElevationDistance, and more information. You can use some standard tools to view GPX files in it. Let’s checkout its key features.

Main Features:

  • It shows GPX data on 4UMaps by default. You can customize map services from its Map section, if you want. It supports services like Open Street MapOpen Topo MapUSGS Imaginary, etc.
  • It also shows various sports details such as heart rate detailscar or motorbike rpm throughout the race, etc.
  • You can also customize various settings including TimeUnits, and Coordinates formats to view data from Settings Menu.
  • It display multiple tracks in a single view.
  • You can view GPX file in fullscreen mode.


It is a decent open source GPX viewer to view and analyze GPS data stored in various file formats.

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