5 Best Free PDF to XLSX Converter Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free PDF to XLSX Converter Software for Windows. Using these free software, you can extract and convert tables from Portable Document Format (PDF) document to Microsoft Excel Open XML Format Spreadsheet file i.e., XLSX. Some of these also let you convert PDF to XLS and CSV file format. While some of these let you convert single PDF file to XLSX format, while some also support batch conversion. Batch conversion feature enables you to convert multiple PDF files to XLSX format simultaneously. One of these is a command based software that takes a simple command to perform the conversion.

Most of these are dedicated software, while others come with additional utilities. You can convert PDF to Word documents, Images, Text, and PPT in some of these. Plus, options to split, merge, rotate, protect, or sign a PDF are also provided in many converters. One of these converters is primarily an office suite with ad additional PDF to Excel conversion tool. Overall, these come with a lot more other tools than PDF to XLSX conversion that you can look forward to. Go through the list to now more about these freeware.

My Favorite Free PDF to XLSX Converter Software for Windows:

PDF to Excel Converter is one of my favorite software as you get the flexibility to combine multiple PDF files to a single XLSX worksheet.

SanPDF is another good one as you get a variety of PDF conversion and additional tools in this software.

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PDF to Excel Converter

PDF to Excel Converter is a free batch PDF to XLSX converter software for Windows. Apart from XLSX, it can also convert PDF to other Excel formats including XLS and CSV. You can also choose the PDF pages that you want in output and Auto Fit Column Width before performing PDF to XLSX conversion. It is very easy to use; let us checkout the steps of conversion now.

How to batch convert PDF to XLSX in PDF to Excel Converter:

  • Firstly, use its Add PDF button to import one or more PDF documents to this software.
  • Now, you can manually choose the PDF pages that you want to convert. Or, you can select options like all, odd, and even to select respective PDF pages to convert to XLSX.
  • After that, set output spreadsheet format to XLSX, provide destination location, and press the Convert button to start batch PDF to XLSX conversion.

Additional Features:

  • It lets you merge multiple PDF files into one single XLSX workbook.
  • It provides you the flexibility to convert PDF pages to separate XLSX files.


It is one of the best PDF to XLSX converter which provides batch conversion functionality and is extremely easy to use.


SanPDF is another PDF to XLSX converter for Windows. It is a nice, hassle free software that provides various tools to convert and process PDF documents. Besides XLSX, you can also convert PDF to XLS format. It also provides you tools to convert PDF to Word, PPT, Images, and some other formats. Not one, you can convert a set of multiple PDF documents to XLSX format at a time. Let us checkout the exact steps to perform the conversion.

How to convert PDF to XLSX in SanPDF:

  • First, from its Tools section, click “PDF to Excel” tool.
  • Now, add one more PDF files to this software that you need to convert.
  • Next, click on XLSX to choose it as output format.
  • After that, set output location and then press the “Batch” option to quickly convert all the added PDFs to XLSX format.

If you want to convert an individual PDF< simply click the Start Convert option to perform single file conversion.

Additional Features:

  • It also supports conversion of other file formats like Excel, Word, PPT, etc., to PDF documents.
  • You can also find tools to split PDF, merge PDF, password protect a PDF, and unlock a PDF.


It is another great software with multiple PDF utility tools including PDF to Excel converter that lets you convert PDF to XLSX.

Sejda PDF Desktop

Sejda PDF Desktop is a feature rich software that comes with multiple PDF tools including PDF to XLSX converter. You can easily convert a PDF document to XLSX and other Excel format i.e., CSV. Other than that, you can also perform conversion of PDF to text, image, and Word document. Plus, a lot more other PDF related tools are there to process PDF documents. All in all, it is a powerful productive PDF software that anyone can use without much hassle.

How to convert PDF to XLSX in Sejda PDF Desktop:

  • First, go to its All Tools  and from CONVERT FROM PDF section, open PDF to Excel tool.
  • Now, open a PDF or drag and drop a PDF document onto its interface.
  • After that, select “Convert PDF to Excel” option and then save the document in XLSX format.

Additional Features:

  • You can perform a lot of PDF tasks in this software including signing a PDF, splitting a PDF by different parameters, combining a PDF, compressing size of a PDF file, shuffling PDF pages, and more.


You will face a lot of restrictions in this free version of Sejda such as 3 tasks per day, no batch conversion, etc. If you want to utilize all its features, get its PRO version.


It is a nice PDF software with a lot of tools to process and convert PDFs and you can also convert PDF to XLSX and CSV using it.


Extract-PDF-Excel is a command-line based PDF to XLSX converter software. Using it, you can convert a PDF document to XLSX or XLS format by entering a simple command. You can also batch convert PDF to XLSX format through it, but you will need to create a batch file for that. Check this article to know how to create a batch file to perform PDF to XLSX conversion. Let us now see what is the required command that you need to execute in order to convert PDF to XLSX.

How to convert PDF to XLSX using command:

Note: To perform hassle free conversion, I would recommend you to move source PDF files to its download folder (\org\eadge\extractpdfexcel\0.1). After that, follow below

  • First, open Command Prompt and navigate to its download folder.
  • Now, write a command with this syntax: java -jar extractpdfexcel-0.1.jar <input PDF file> <output XLSX filename>. For example, java -jar extractpdfexcel-0.1.jar listoffreeware.pdf result1.xlsx.
  • Next, press Enter button and it will quickly convert PDF to XLSX in a matter of few seconds.


It is a nice software to convert a PDF file to XLSX format using a simple command.

WPS Office

WPS Office is a free office suite that also works as a PDF to XLSX converter software. Along with multiple office modules, it also provides a handy PDF to Excel converter tool using which you can convert PDF to XLSX. Using this tool, you can’t only convert one PDF at a time but multiple PDF to XLSX format. Apart from this PDF to Excel, it also provides several other tools to convert PDF to Word, Edit Picture, Merge PDF, Watermark PDF, etc.

As it is an office software, you can find text document processor, spreadsheet generator, and presentation designer modules in this software.

How to convert PDF to XLSX in WPS Office:

  • Firstly, open a PDF in this office suite.
  • Next, you will be able to view some Recommended Tools in a side panel; choose PDF to Excel.
  • Now, import one or more PDF documents in conversion window and set output format to XLSX.
  • At last, enter destination folder and then press the Convert option to start batch PDF to XLSX conversion process.


The free version of WPS Office impose a major limitation that it only convert at most 3 pages per PDF. To remove this and many more feature limitations, you need to upgrade to its paid version.


It is a feature rich office suite that you can also use in order to convert PDF to XLSX format.

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