12 Best Free Podcast Players For Windows

Here is a list of best free podcast players for Windows. These podcast players let you play podcasts to listen/watch news, shows, music, etc. from different subscribed channels on your PC. Many of these software supports audio and video podcasts both but, some of them only let you play audio podcasts. You can either download or stream podcasts to play them. Some of these software support download and play while some let you play podcast by downloading and streaming both. You can also transfer your downloaded podcast episodes to MP3 player or to apple and android devices using some of these podcast players.

These free podcast players suggest you some podcast channels to start with. You can easily access your desired podcast channel by using their feed URLs. For more convenience to find new channels, many of these software let you search channels by using their name, genre, etc. You also get option to import/export your subscription in OPML format.

Most of these software give option to set time limit after which they will check channels for new episodes. They also let you specify actions related to newly found episode(s). You can limit maximum number of episodes to download from each channel, duration to keep these episodes, etc. in these software.

You can even use many of these software as media player to play videos and audios from your PC. There are some software that let you tune to desired internet radio also.

My Favorite Free Podcast Players:

I liked Clementine the most. It lets you add podcasts from many resources available in it or you can add new channels by using their feed URLs.

 Medio Go or  audials light are also good option to go with.

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Clementine is another free podcast player for Windows. Using this free and easy to use software, you can play audio podcasts only.

You can add new podcast channels in it by using their feed URLs or by using other available options such as gpodder.net directory or iTunes store. Now, you will have a list of all episodes from newly added podcast channel. You can download or stream selected episodes from this list. You can manually check for new available episodes or set time limit to check it automatically. It also lets you perform cleaning action on played episodes either manually or automatically.

Apart from podcasts, you can also access many more internet services using this software. You get access to internet services like Icecast, Google drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, etc.

Also, you can import your media library to this software and play them in it or you may open any audio file in this software by browsing them.

Media Go

Media Go is a free media player for Windows and you can use this software as a podcast player also. Using this player, you can play downloaded podcasts. It doesn’t let you stream podcasts online. You can import your complete media library in this software including music, videos, podcasts, photos, and playlist.

To subscribe for podcast, it lets you use its podcast directory to search for podcast channels using their names. You can also use feed URLs of podcast channels to subscribe them.

There are some podcast scheduling tools available in it to check for new podcast episodes and let you specify how many new episodes should be downloaded from each channel. You can also browse and select folder to store downloaded podcasts.

It offers many other options for various tasks such as import CDs, network and media sharing, and manage some privacy related settings.

audials light

audials light is one of the best free podcast players for windows. This media player can play both, audio as well as video podcasts. Using this software, you can subscribe, download and watch podcasts. It even lets you stream podcasts to watch or listen them without waiting for downloading complete episode. You can find new podcasts by searching them using their genres. This software will automatically download latest podcast episode as you subscribe new podcast channel.

You can also use this software to play radio. Tuning to desired radio channel can be done in two ways. You can manually add them by using their URLs or search them as per their popularity or by names from automatic list available in this software. You can also get access to music television in it. You can select from suggested stations or add new music television station. It lets you import/export playlist or other media from/to cloud storage, PC or other devices also.

To know more about audials light, visit its homepage.


HermesPod is another free podcast player for Windows. You can use it to download podcast episodes and transfer them to your MP3 player or to store them in your PC. You can subscribe for new podcasts by using their feed URLs or by adding them using integrated web browser. You can subscribe for podcasts that are suggested in this software and also delete your subscriptions to manage podcast channels.

After subscribing podcast channels, you can start downloading podcast episodes from them. You can listen these podcasts on PC or transfer them in media player such as MP3 players to enjoy them anywhere. You can also transfer podcasts to apple and android devices. It also lets you import/export your subscription in OPML format.


Ziepod is next in the list of free podcast players for Windows.  You can easily search for new podcasts and feeds to subscribe using Ziepod. You can use this free version of Ziepod to play audio podcasts only. It lets you import your favorite podcast subscriptions to it using OPML files. You can use this podcast player to stream audio podcasts to listen them online or to download them.

There are mainly four fields related to podcast on its interface. You can choose Now Playing option that will display some details about currently playing podcast along with its enclosure URL and file size.

There is a dedicated field to inform you about your subscriptions. You will have information about subscribed podcasts, downloaded episodes, and rated episodes.

It lets you rate podcasts and uses these ratings to filter out appropriate feeds and podcasts for you, while using its inbuilt search option. This software also lets you set time limit to automatically delete episodes exceeding it.

Primetime Podcast Receiver

Primetime Podcast Receiver is yet another free podcast player for Windows. This software lets you download podcasts and play them. Like some software in this list, you can import and export your subscription  in OPML files.

It comes with some preloaded podcast directories. You can use this directory to get podcasts from these channels. It lets you add desired podcast channels using their feed URLs. If you want to remove your subscription for any podcasting channel, then you can do it also. It lets you archive media list and store this list in defined folder.

You get some configurable options in this software also. These options let you define time limit beyond which media files will be deleted from the list, manage media player to view/ listen podcast, etc.  This software also checks for new episodes from your subscribed podcast channels.


Noopod is another free player to play podcasts in Windows. This podcast player lets you download podcasts from their channels and play them on PC. You can play podcasts directly without downloading them too. It can also be used as a media player.

To get started with this podcast player, you can add podcast channels by using their feed URLs. You can also import your subscriptions in OPML format to add them. Now, you can download or play desired podcast episodes using Noopod podcast player.

It will notify you whenever new episodes from your subscribed channels are available. You can specify feed refresh frequency from 5 minutes to 1 hours, to check for new available podcasts.


BitsCast is one of the best free podcast player for Windows. You can receive and play podcasts using it. It is a RSS reader and it supports multiple channel subscription also. Multiple subscription property lets you access news, podcasts, etc. from different channels.

As you open this software, it will display a list of some news, podcasts, and programming channels. You can add channels from this list or add new channels to access episodes from them.

You can import and export your subscriptions in OPML file. It lets you check for updates of new episodes and also set duration to get notification for updates. Also, you can set podcast download directory and also lets you specify post downloading action. To download new podcast episodes, you can use automatic or manual mode.

To manage database, it lets you set time limit for automatic deletion of older feeds. You can check for new feeds by specifying refreshing time and also get notifications for them.


MusicBee is a free media player that is a good pick as a podcast player. Using this software, you can download and play audio podcasts from your subscribed channels or play podcasts online.

To start playing podcasts, you need to add subscriptions of podcast channels. This can be easily done by using their feed URLs or by importing your subscriptions to it using OPML file. It also lets you export subscriptions in OPML file.

During addition of any podcast channel, as soon as you enter the feed URL, it will automatically fetch and save details related to the channel. At the same time, it lets you specify settings related to new episodes and number of episodes to keep from each podcast. Thus, this software enables you to set different episode handling criterion for different podcast channels.

There is a search option available on its interface to easily access desired files.

It doesn’t play video files. Using this freeware, you can enjoy online radio also.


WinAmp is another media player which can be used as a free Podcast player. It lets you play audio and video podcasts. You can play audio and video files of your PC by adding them to it. You can change the interface by using various skins available in this software.

To add podcast subscriptions to this software, you can use feed URLs of podcast channels. It will receive podcast from your subscriptions and you can play them on its interface. You can download podcast episodes to play them or play them without downloading. You can set time limit for auto check for updates and also customize auto download actions.

You will also get an inbuilt browser in this software. You can view history about last played files, and also bookmark URLs that you searched in its inbuilt browser.


Klango is another free media player which plays podcasts also. You can also use this software to play media files stored in your PC or listen internet radio.

To use this software, you need to create a user account on Klango network. After that, you can use various services offered by Klango.

To listen podcasts, you can enter URLs to the search option available at its interface. This will display all episodes of that podcast channel in a list. You can choose to play these podcasts either after downloading them or stream them online. But, there was some problem with online podcast playing option while testing, as I couldn’t play podcasts without downloading them. It lets you store podcasts in your PC to listen them offline.

The software interface is unique and gives a new experience. To use this software efficiently and to perform multitasking, you need to remember various shortcut keys. It navigates and reminds you about probable actions you may take, by using its speech synthesis feature.

There are many other options available in this software, you can visit its homepage to know more about it.


MOOVIDA is another free media player software that can be used as a podcast player. You can use this software to play podcasts from available directory or from subscribed channels.

To use this software as a podcast player, you need to add subscriptions using their RSS feed URLs. It lets you check for new episodes from your subscribed podcast channels and also lets you decide what episode to download from available episodes. If you want to play podcasts online without downloading them, you can do that also.

Apart from playing podcasts, it can be used as a media player for your PC to play videos, musics, etc. It lets you select video resolution from 480p to 1080p. The inbuilt internet radio option makes this software a better choice for radio lovers too. To stream radio using this software, you can add channels using their URLs.

There are not many advanced podcast related options available in this software, but it may be a very good option for those, who are looking for a podcast player with ability to play multimedia files and internet radio.

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