4 Best Free Rhino File Viewer For Windows: 3DM Viewer

Here is a list of Best Free Rhino File Viewer For Windows. These free 3D file viewers let you open and view 3DM files for free. Rhino files or 3DM files are 3 dimensional files that require software with 3D viewing tools to let you look all around a model and analyze them. The listed Rhino file viewer software for Windows have all the tools that you may require to view 3DM files with ease.

With these free Rhino file viewers, you will be able to freely Rotate, Pan, Zoom in, Zoom out, and Spin a 3D model. In case you want to view different projections of a model, you can do so using these freeware. Top view, Bottom view, Right view, Left view, Front view, Back view, and Isometric projection of a 3D model can be viewed. You can also analyze the structure of a model easily by viewing its Wireframe structure, Solid structure, or Solid structure with edges.

In addition to these viewing tools, you will find Markup tools as well as Measurement tools in some of the listed 3DM viewer freeware. The markup tools will let you draw, add lines, add shapes and text on a file. The measurement tools let you measure length, area, volume, radius, weight, etc. of objects and components.

The listed Free 3DM viewer software are absolutely free to use; however, two of these software come with certain limitations. These limitations do not apply on viewing tools, thus giving you freedom to minutely examine and view a 3D model.

Go through the following list of best free Rhino file viewer software and you will get to know more about them. You will also get to know how to open Rhino files with these software once you have read the article.

My Favorite Rhino File Viewer Software:

I like Bently View the most as a Rhino Viewer Software for Windows. It has sufficient tools to view a 3D model and analyze it. Also the set of measurement tools let you measure lengths, volume, area, radius of model components. I would have liked 3DM Viewer more for its simplicity, but it didn’t open some of the 3DM files while testing.

You can also checkout the list of best free Catia Viewer SoftwareIFC Viewer Software, and DWF Viewer Software for Windows.

Bently View

Bently View is a free Rhino file viewer that lets you open and view 3DM files along with various other 3D files. Its a feature rich 3D file viewer with sets of viewing tools and measurement tools.

When you open a Rhino file here, the model is displayed as wireframe model in 4 windows with different viewing angles. These windows can be arranged in Tiles or Cascade manner. For each view of the 3DM model, you can use the viewing tools available to Pan, Rotate, and Zoom the model. There are various types of Rotate methods that you can use: Dynamic, 3 point, Top, Front, Right, Isometric, Left, Back, Right Isometric, etc. You can also use the options to Walk or Fly past a model.

The Measurement tools available in this free Rhino viewer can come in handy if you want to measure Length, Area, Radius, Volume, Angle, and Distance for the components of a 3D model.

Its a very good 3 D model viewer where you can view 3DM files along with DGN, 3DS, DWG, JT, OBJ, SKP, etc.

3DM Viewer

3DM Viewer is a lightweight and multi-platform 3DM viewer for Windows, Linux, and OS X. Its a very basic Rhino file viewer where you can just open a 3DM file, then rotate and zoom it to have a look all around the 3D model. You will not find any other tool or option here. Simply drag your mouse on the interface to rotate a model and use scroll button to zoom in/out.

A Debugging window is available on the interface which displays the FPS and Frames viewed per second. Its an exclusive Rhino file viewer and is absolutely free to use.

While testing, I came to notice that it didn’t open some of the 3DM files.


EnSuite-View lets you view Rhino files along with several other 3D CAD files. Its a fantastic Rhino file viewer, loaded with various 3D viewing tools; however, the free version comes with a limitation: you can only view 6 files per month here while signed in with an account. You can sign in either with your Google, Linkedin, Dropbox, or Microsoft accounts. All other features and tools work for the free version; lets take a look at them.

To view and look around a 3D model, you can make use of Pan, Rotate, Spin, and Zoom tools. A model can also be viewed in top, bottom, front, back, right, left, and isometric projections. Wireframe or Solid structure of 3DM files can also be viewed here.

Tools to markup Rhino files are available in this free Rhino file viewer. Using these markup tools, you can add lines, shapes, and text to 3DM files.

Cross Section tool lets you view the cross section of a 3DM model from any angle. You can also measure distance, angle, volume, and weight of a 3D model here.

This free 3DM viewer supports a wide number of 3D formats.


NuGraph is another free Rhino file viewer with some limitations. Although the viewing tools have no restrictions for viewing 3D files, every 5th polygon of the rendered model is not displayed. This lets you have a quick look on and around a loaded model.

When you open a 3DM model here, its displayed in four different views in separate sections. You can use the available viewing tools to freely rotate, zoom in/out, spin, and pan a loaded model. Various projections of a model, such as Top, Front, Bottom, Back, and Isometric projections can be viewed as well.

NuGraph can also serve as a 3DM converter, using which you will be able to convert 3DM to STL, DWG, SKP, IGES, and other 3D CAD files. In the free version, NuGraph removes every 5th pixel of a model while exporting a Rhino file.

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