4 Best Free DWF Viewer Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free DWF Viewer Software for Windows. After a plenty of research and testing, I was able to find only 4 software to view DWF files, which are absolutely free to use. Two of the mentioned software are exclusively built to open and view DWF files, while the other two let you view other CAD files along with raster image formats.

DWF files are 3D CAD files and these software give you the freedom to view your models in both 3D and 2D views. And for both 3D and 2D, you can see a model from different views, such as: Front view, rear view, right view, left view, top view and bottom view.

A DWF model is comprised of several small components, which make up the whole structure. These software let you select, hide, and copy components of a model. So, you can view a DWF file by selectively hiding multiple components using these freeware. Copying a component gives you the freedom to paste it in a raster image form on various image processing software, such as Paint, Paint.NET, etc.

Zooming option is important, when it comes to viewing a file. Zoom function is available in all of the mentioned software along with rectangular zoom function. Your model can be rotated freely with these DWF viewers to get an enhanced view. You an also Pan your models if you want. Cross sectional view of 3D models can also be viewed with these DWF viewers.

While most of these software give you option to view and hide markup, Autodesk Design Review lets you add markup to DWF files. Add text in different colors and sizes if you like. It also provides option to freehand draw on DWF files.

Printing is the most common and important option, which is available on all but one mentioned software. So, you can Print DWF files easily using these software.

My Favorite DWF Viewer Software:

I like Autodesk Design Review the most as a software to view DWF file. Apart from basic viewer options, there are some advanced features too, which make it stand apart from other software. With its capability to add markup and freehand drawing, it becomes the best software to view DWF files.

You can also checkout the list of best free CAD Viewer SoftwareDXF Viewer Software, and STL Viewer Software.

Autodesk Design Review

Autodesk Design Review is a free DWF viewer software which has simple as well as advanced viewer options. The best thing about this software is that, it lets you view DWF files in 3D and 2D. It has options to view different parts of a model separately. For example, if you are viewing a model of house, you can view stairs, topography, walls, windows, doors, floor, etc. separately. You can also make different components hide, invert, or transparent.

Get the top, bottom, left, right, front, and rear view of a model or its components easily. The toolbar has numerous options that you can make use of. For viewing, you have zoom, pan, rotate, and cross-section options. Text markup option is available to add text in various colors and sizes. Freehand draw is another useful option. A model can be printed as well if you want.

A small widget is available on the viewing page, from where you can zoom, pan, and orbit a model directly.

This DWF viewer can also open various formats other than DWF: DWFX, BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PICT, TGA, etc. After markup or freehand drawing on a model, DWF can be saved as DWF or DWFX.

Autodesk DWF Viewer

Autodesk DWF Viewer is another advanced software to view DWF files exclusively on Windows. Two dimensional and Three dimensional views of a model can be viewed here. Different perspectives can be applied to preview a model; these are: left view, right view, front view, rear view, top view, and bottom view. Thumbnails of different sheets/components of a file are available, which you can click to view respective model. Sheet property displays the name and size of a sheet. Option to view different layers is also available in this DWF viewer software.

A model canvas can be zoomed, panned, rotated, and cross viewed according to your convenience. Take a printout of opened filed easily with this software to view DWF files.

It can open only DWF format CAD files.

DWF Viewer

DWF Viewer being a simple and dedicated software to view DWF files, provides basic tools to view models. Ample tools are packed in this lite software to easily view a DWF file. The toolbar of this software provides various viewing options. The tools available let you select a component, zoom, and rectangular zoom. You can copy a component and paste it in a paint software if you like. A model can be printed easily if you have opened a DWF file to view here.

DWF files are 3D files, and this software lets you view these files in 3D as well as 2D in different views.

The list of components in a model can be viewed separately. If markup is applied on a drawing, you can choose to view it on a model. Option to view Layers of a file can be turned on/off as well. If a bookmark is added, you can view that as well.

You can only open DWF files with this DWF viewer freeware.

Mini CAD Viewer

Mini CAD Viewer is one of the simplest DWF viewer available. To open a file here, you will have to select the folder on your computer containing the file you want to view. This displays all the DWF files and other supported CAD files available in that folder. Select a file to load it in the preview panel. It is a bit different from other mentioned viewers as the background color used for viewing a drawing is black.

The only viewing options available let you zoom, rectangular zoom, and pan a model. You can choose to turn on/off layers property. The option to print a file is unavailable here, which if present would have been an added advantage.

Along with DWF files, you can also open DXF and DWG files.

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