11 Best Free DXF Viewer Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free DXF viewer software for Windows. All of these software let you open, view, edit, modify, import, export, print, save, and share DXF files. So, if you have a collection of files with .dxf extension and looking for a software to open them, you can use any of these DFX viewer software to open and view DXF files.

Here you will find some software which are dedicated to DXF formats only, while some of them can also be used as DWG viewer, DWF viewer, SVG viewer, IGS viewer, 3DS viewer, SKP viewer, STP viewer, etc. Some software will also open multiple DXF files at a time. You can pan, rotate, zoom, measure distance between two points, measure area, add shapes, insert images, insert other drawing images, etc. using these software to view DXF files.

You will know how to view DXF file using these freeware.

DXF stands for Drawing Exchange Format. It is a graphic image format used for exchanging data from AutoCAD to other software and vice versa. It is of two types: ASCII format and Binary format.

My Favorite DXF Viewer Software:

I like DXF viewer the most. It is dedicated to view DXF files only. It is a simple software and lets you view and analyze 3D objects of DXF files. You have to use mouse gestures to zoom and move an object. It lets you edit encoding of a DXF file also (if it contains some text encoding).

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DXF Viewer

DXF Viewer is a simple freeware to view DXF file. It is specially designed to open DXF files only. You can use mouse gestures to view a DXF file. Scroll your mouse to zoom in and zoom out. You can also use shortcuts to zoom, open, close, and exit from this DXF viewer.

Some DXF files have text encoding; you can change it to UTF 8, ASCII, and Unicode with System Default encoding.


BabaCAD is a free cross-platform DXF viewer. It lets you create, edit, save, and print a DXF file. You can modify an object by moving, rotating, scaling, erasing a part, and many more features. It can also insert images, dxf files, dwg files, various shapes like: line, circle, ellipse, etc. to your file. Background color can be set to black or white.

You can view layout of an object here. It also displays commands you are applying to an object. It can create and modify 2D objects as well, like: line, point, rectangle, circle, text, various patterns, etc.

You can plot DXF to PDF file. Apart from DXF files, it can open and save DWG files as well.

It is available for multiple platforms: Windows and Mac.

Note: You can add LISP programming extension to create lisp command and open LSP files.

Mini CAD Viewer

Mini CAD Viewer is another DXF viewer freeware. Open files to view 3D objects with their layouts. You can zoom in, zoom out, and pan an object while viewing a DXF file. You can change background color, border color, border design, and some other interface settings. It lets you easily print DXF file.

It can be used as DXF viewer and a DWG viewer. It runs on the following versions of Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Bentley View

Bentley View is a freeware to open, view, modify, and print a DXF file. It supports Drag and Drop feature, so you can easily view a 3D object and its layout. You can view it by rotating, zooming, panning, etc. It lets you change an object’s attributes, like: size, height, width, etc. Distance between two points and areas can be calculated easily. You can also change its interface appearance by changing background color, display style, brightness, adding coordinate system, etc.

It works on following Windows Version: Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Note: You need to register online to download this free DXF viewer. It has a lot of features, but some of them didn’t work during testing and it stopped working and closed while using some features.


pCon.planner is a freeware to open DXF files. It displays Top, perspective, front, and right view of an image on the same interface. You can zoom, move, and pan an image to different direction to view and analyze an object. You can measure distance between two points with this freeware. It lets you create and edit video, image, and presentation with 3D objects. Presentations can be shared online.

It is mainly useful in interior designing. You can also view realistic 3D models, video, panoramic views, etc.

It can open, import, export, and save various formats:

  • Supported formats are: dxf, dwt, dwg, sat, sab, skp, and 3ds.
  • Formats that you can Import: gif, tuf,tga, png, bmp, 3ds, ifc, skp, sat, sab, jpg, dwg, dxf, dwt, etc.
  • You can Export files as: bmp, png, jpg, tif, dwg, esx, dwt, emf, svg, etc.
  • Save files as: dwg, dxf, and dwt.


JETCAM CAD Viewer is a simple freeware to open and view DXF files. It allows you to simply view a file and you will not find any options or menus in its interface. you have to use mouse gesture to zoom and pan. Right click and hold your mouse to move object position, like: up, down, left, and right. Scroll the mouse to zoom in and out.

Supported File formats: DXF, DWG, IGES, and JETCAM JGF component files.

Supported Windows versions: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Lx Viewer

Lx Viewer is a freeware to open, view, print, and save DXF files. You can view how an object takes its shapes when you open a file. Zoom an object to various levels and pan an object to different direction to view and analyze. It can display an object from different views, like: top, front, bottom, back, aerial left front, aerial right front, bottom, left, right, and many other directions.

The most important feature of this DXF viewer is that it can manipulate DWG data on a Linux platform. It can also open DWG files.

It can print and plot a DXF file. You can also plot and save multiple DXF files. It lets you Save files as: DWG, DXF, BMP, PNG, and SVG.

It works on following versions of Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.


de.caff is a Free DXF file viewer software. It can open multiple DXF files in different tabs. You can easily switch between these tabs. You can view an object’s layout from different direction, like: top bottom, left, and right. It also lets you zoom, rotate, search any text, and scale by dragging mouse. You can rotate an object at any arbitrary angle,  90 degree clockwise, and anti-clockwise. It also displays object information, message logs, and statistics of an DXF files.

It has many options to let you change interface appearance. You can change background from white to black and vice versa. Interface layout can be changed which gives a different looks to the interface. Coordinate system can be enabled and adjusted in different direction.

This DXF viewer lets you export and import XML files. It supports DXF and SX file formats only. It can save a DXF file in other image formats, such as: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PDF, Postscript, and SVG.

It works on multiple platforms: Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

DWG FastView

DWG FastView lets you view, share, print, export dwg and dxf files. This software to open DXF files can open multiple DXF files and also open multiple DWG files. Open multiple DXF files in different tabs and also view layouts of each model. You can easily switch among various models and their layouts. It displays 2D and 3D objects and supports panning and zooming of the objects. You can easily share drawing via email. Export dwg files as images in following formats: jpg, png, and bmp.

Supported formats: dxf, dwg, dws, and dwt.

It works on following Windows versions: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

It is available for multiple operation systems: Windows, Android, and iOS.


DXF is a free and simple DXF viewer. It Supports only DXF file format. It not only lets you view a DXF file but also lets you edit it using some simple and basic editing options. You can zoom in, zoom out, and move an object while viewing. Annotate it using text in various styles and colors. You can also change background color from white to black and vice versa. Activate Log and view log associated with a DXF file.

It can export DXF files as BMP, JPG, WBMP, GIF, etc. It saves an edited DXF file as DXF only.

Although it is much simpler than other DXF viewers, it is very laggy and sometimes it stops working. Also, some of its features do not work properly, like: text addition, color palette, etc.

LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is an open source vector graphic software which can open DXF files. LibreOffice Draw is a part of LibreOffice suite. Open, view, edit, save, and print a DXF file here. You can annotate the file using text of various styles and colors. You can also add various effects, geometrical shapes (circle, polygon, square, etc), Smilies, etc.

You can save a DXF file as ODG, OTG, and FODG. It lets you export files as: PDF, GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, SWF, TIFF, XPM, WMF, SVM, PPM, EPS, HTML, etc. You can share a DXF file via email as well.

It is a cross platform freeware and available for WINDOWS, LINUX, and MAC.

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