Best Free Scoreboard Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Scoreboard Software for Windows. These are the free software that enable you to set up, arrange, manage, display, and control a scoreboard. You can basically turn your PC into a game scoreboard using these software. These software let you configure multiple teams and their details and then you can update their score accordingly.

A lot of scoreboard customization options are available in these. Some of these include renaming teams, adding match description, assigning colors to teams, entering a list of participants, etc. Plus, you also get a Game Clock feature to set up the game duration and start the clock. Furthermore, you can also upload images to add team logos in these software. These also let you customize the scoreboard display using options like scoreboard style, background color, font color, and more

One of these even lets you add custom sound to play whenever a team scores a point. Additionally, it also plays default crowd sounds, whistles, and more to give a realistic feel to ongoing match. All in all, these are nice and handy software that let you create and manage scoreboards.

My Favorite Free Scoreboard Software for Windows:

Scoreboard is my favorite software from this list. It provides most number of features to generate scoreboard including single/ multiple match configuration, adding multiple participants, scoreboard customization, playing different cheer sounds, and more. Plus, it is also portable and lightweight that you can carry in portable storage device and use on the go.

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Scoreboard is a nice free portable scoreboard software for Windows. It is one of my favorite software to create and display scoreboard on your PC. It provides some really nice features to set up a scoreboard and then open it in fullscreen. You can configure scoreboards for single as well as multiple matches. It provides realistic environment by playing different sounds, whistles, shoutouts, etc., in the background of a scoreboard.

Here are its main features:

Main Features:

  • Single Match Setup: You can simply make a scoreboard for a single match with two teams by naming the teams, assigning them a particular color, etc.
  • Multiple Match Setup: It also lets you set up a scoreboard for multiple matches (up to 24). For that, you can enter the name of participants and then assign matches between participants.
  • Board Options: It lets you customize various scoreboard display options including board message, period length, periods, match information, play time warning, play crowd sound, and log match scores.
  • Player Options: You can also configure some player options that include players’ images, goal message, goal sound, cheer sound, and custom sound for individual player.
  • Scoreboard Style: Several options including background image of scoreboard, scoreboard style (stack/ side by side), scoreboard font, background color, number color, and more can also be customized in this software.

Additional Feature:

  • It provides some more handy features including resolve ties, reset clock, and coin toss that you can use as per your requirement.


It is one of the best scoreboard software to set up a scoreboard for single or multiple matches and display it on the screen.

Open IAS Scoreboard

Open IAS Scoreboard is another free scoreboard software for Windows. It enables you create, display, control, and manage your scoreboards. At a time, you can create multiple scoreboards and simply move from one scoreboard to another. Another advantage of this software is that it comes in a portable package. Hence, you can quickly run it without any installation and start making scoreboards. Let us checkout its key features.

Main Features:

  • Scoreboard Tabs: From here, you can add new scoreboard tab, move to next/ previous tab, or simply close a tab.
  • Edit Scoreboard: It lets you rename team names and increase/ decrease their scores.
  • Game Clock: You can set up a clock as per the duration of the game and run or stop the clock whenever needed. It also lets you increase or decrease set timing.
  • Team Logo: It provides a handy feature to add logo images to both teams.
  • Scoreboard: A scoreboard with scores, clock, team names, and team logos is displayed in a separate window.
  • Hotkeys: It supports some specific hotkeys to increase/ decrease scores of teams quickly.


It is a simple free, open source, and portable scoreboard software that anyone can use to display and control scoreboards.


ScoreBoard, as the name suggests, is yet another dedicated free scoreboard software for Windows. It is a basic and easy to use software to set up scoreboards for teams. You can add multiple teams or groups in it and the update their scores accordingly. It offers some very basic but useful options to configure a scoreboard. Let’s checkout its key features.

Key Features:

  • Add Groups/ Teams: By right-clicking on its interface, you can add a new team to the scoreboard. You can add as many teams as you want one by one.
  • Edit Group Information: You can set up team details to display on scoreboard such as team name, team score, smileys, font for name and score, color for name and score, etc. It also provides you an option to customize icon image and icon width and height of a team.
  • Score Update: You can simply click on + or to increase or decrease the score of a team on the scoreboard.
  • Manage Teams: It lets you move a team up or down in a scoreboard and also lets you delete a team from the scoreboard.

Additional Features:

  • View: From its View menu, you can arrange and view teams in their rank order.


It is a decent free scoreboard software with only basic features to create and view scoreboards.

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