5 Best Free Stage Lighting Apps for Android

Here is a list of the best free stage Lighting apps for Android. If you are looking for stage lighting apps then this list can help. It covers 5 free apps that can help you with stage lighting and lighting in general.

Most of these are hardware-specific. That means, these apps can connect with the supported lights and offer a single interface to control those lights from one place. Some apps work with some popular lighting brands whereas some connect with DMX and other lighting controllers wirelessly and allow you to control the lights. You can go through the list and see if any of these apps can help you out.

My Favorite Stage Lighting App

Light DJ is my favorite stage lighting app on this list. This app can connect with Philips Hue Entertainment, LIFX, and Nanoleaf Aurora & Canvas Light Panels. It offers a universal interface to control the lighting with a collection of 50+ professionally designed lighting effects. This app allows you to customize the color and hue of the supported lights. It also works with Google Assistant and fetches commands through that. One unique feature of this app is that it can sync your lighting with the music. It can beat-match the lighting with the music.

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Light DJ

Light DJ is a free stage lighting app for Android. This is a simple app to control and customize lights. It works with Philips Hue Entertainment, LIFX, and Nanoleaf Aurora & Canvas Light Panels. Users can connect supported lights with this app and control them all from the app. The app offers 50+ professionally designed lighting effects. On top of that, users can customize the hue and the color of supported lights. In addition to that, this app can also sync the lights with music. It has a music visualizer and beat-match the music with the lights.


  • Works with Philips Hue Entertainment, LIFX, and NanoLeaf Aurora.
  • 50+ Professional Lighting Effects
  • Music Visualizer
  • Beat-Matching Effect



myDMX GO is a free stage lighting app for Android. It is a lighting control system that is very easy to control. This system can combine multiple app-based lighting and control them all from one interface. The interface can be connected to an Android device wirelessly and control by this app.


  • Works with myDMX GO System only
  • Simple yet Powerful Controls
  • Control Multiple app-based lights in one place



Black Box DMX

Black Box DMX is another free stage lighting app for Android. This app works with Black Box hardware and any other DMX lighting. It connects with the controller wirelessly over Bluetooth thus eliminating the need for DMX dect. Once the connection is established and the controller is in the Bluetooth range, this app can control all the connected lights.


  • Works with Black Box and other DMX Lights
  • Control Everything with one single Interface

Disco Light

Disco Light is a free lighting app for Android. This app creates the lighting with the Android device itself. It used the screen and led flashlight to create various types of lighting effects. It does not control or offer any interface of such kind. It is just an app that can create unique light effects with the phone. It can sync the lighting with the music as well.


  • Create Lighting Effects with Android Device
  • Uses Camera and LED Flash to create various Lighting Effects
  • Sync Lighting Effects with Music

LED Stage Lighting Circuit

LED Stage Lighting Circuit is a free Android app that packed various light circuits layouts. This app features a handful of LED stage lighting circuit projects. It is designed to help anyone with lighting circuits. The app is basically designed for academic purposes. But it can also be used by individuals to understand various lighting circuits.


  • A collection of LED Stage Lighting Circuit Projects
  • In-depth Documentation of various Stage Lighting Circuits
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