5 Best Free Video Bitrate Calculator Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free video bitrate calculator software for Windows. These software are used to make the video bitrate calculations for videos of different codecs (DivX, Xvid, etc.) easier. One of the main uses of these video bitrate calculators is to find the required video bitrate for a fixed size CD, DVD, etc. To determine video bitrate, these software analyze input parameters like audio bitrate, video length, desired video size, etc. The other use of these bitrate converters is to find out the optimum video bitrate for a video. Similar to video bitrate calculation, you can also calculate audio bitrate through some of these video bitrate calculator software.

In some software, you also get some additional tools like WAV NormalizerHD Space Calculator, DivX Spyware Disabler, etc. Overall, all of these provide a simple procedure to calculate video bitrate. Go through the list to find your favorite video bitrate calculator software.

My Favorite Video Bitrate Calculator For Windows:

DivXLand Bitrate Calculator is my favorite software because it lets you calculate both audio and video bitrates. Plus, its ability to calculate video bitrate for all Xvid and DivX supported formats is also quite impressive.

You can also check out lists of best free Video Bitrate ConverterVideo Switching, and Video Mixing software for Windows.

DivXLand Bitrate Calculator

DivXLand Bitrate Calculator is a free video bitrate calculator software for Windows. Using this software, you can calculate bitrate of both audio and video files of DivX and Xvid formats. Whenever you want to know the video bitrate for a video file of a specific duration and audio bitrate, you can use this software.

This software is compatible with all formats of DIVX and Xvid codecs. Plus, it also takes the audio bitrate of various different formats (MP3, WMA, AC3, WAV, etc.) into consideration to determine video bitrate. The process of calculating the video bitrate is quite simple. First, select the duration of the video from the Movie Length section. After that, enter the expected output video size manually or select a predefined file size from the Presets menu. Now, select the audio format that you are going to use in your video and specify the audio bitrate to get the estimated video bitrate. Along with video bitrate, you also get the estimated audio and video file size in both Kilobytes (KB) and Megabytes (MB).

Video Bitrate Calculator

Video Bitrate Calculator is another free video bitrate calculator software for Windows. This software helps you determine the constant video bitrate when encoding a video or movie. Its another use is to determine whether you can fit a video into a fixed-sized space of CD, DVD, etc. without compromising on the video quality.

How to determine video bitrate using this free software:

  • Launch this software and select the media type (DVD, cDVD, SVCD, and Divx).
  • After that, enter all known or expected parameters of the video like Duration, Audio Bitrate, Audio Tracks, Size of Disk, Number of Disks, etc.
  • Now, specify the space that you want to keep free for ISO files and for MPEG/Author Overhead.
  • Lastly, click on the Calculate button to get video bitrate in both kilobits/second and bits/second.

Besides this, a max bitrate table specifying the maximum possible bitrates for DVD, cDVD, and SVCD is also available. Overall, it is a really useful software to calculate video bitrate.

Ecuador's AVI Bitrate Calculator

Ecuador’s AVI Bitrate Calculator is free and portable video bitrate calculator software for Windows. This software is actually a complete suite of calculators. It contains various calculators like HD Space Calculator, Audio Bitrate Calculator, Resolution/AR Calculator, AVI Splitting Calculator including a video bitrate calculator.

Through this video bitrate calculator, you can easily find out the best video bitrate for a video with a specific size and specific length. Besides this, it also takes audio bitrate into consideration and varies the video bitrate when audio bitrate get modified by the user. An advanced menu is also available in it through which you can find out the right video bitrate for different video frame rates. In the output, this calculator not only gives you the video bitrate values, but it also shows the estimated video quality (Maximum, medium, poor, etc.), and size of both audio and video part contained in the output.

In this video bitrate calculator, you also get some additional tools namely WAV Normalizer (to normalize 16-bit PCM WAV file) and DivX5 Spyware Disabler. Overall, it is a simple and easy solution to calculate video bitrate.

VOB2MPEG4 Video Bitrate Calculator

VOB2MPEG4 Video Bitrate Calculator is one more free and portable video bitrate calculator for Windows. Using this software, you can easily find out the right video bitrate for DivX videos by providing movie length in minutes, audio bitrate, and desired file size in MB. Along with the final video bitrate, it also shows the estimated proportion of audio data and video data which would be present in the final video.

In this software, you also get HD Space Calculator and Audio Bitrate Calculator. The HD space calculator calculates the amount of space required to convert VOB files to DivX AVI format with PCM audio. To calculate the required space, you need to input movie length, video bitrate, and audio sampling rate values. Similarly, you can also calculate the audio bitrate by providing the movie length, flasked AVI size, and audio sampling rate values to audio bitrate calculator section.  Apart from these calculators, it also provides a Data Conversion section through which you can easily convert bit to byte, byte to GB, MB to GB, etc. In general, it is simple and straightforward software to calculate video bitrate, audio bitrate, and HD space.

Bitrate Calculator

Bitrate Calculator is the next free video bitrate calculator software for Window. Using this software, you can calculate the best possible video bitrate for a video with limited storage. Apart from output video size, this software also takes parameters like Video Length, Video Frame Rate, Resolution, Aspect Ratio, and Audio Bitrate. Change in any of the video parameters results in different video bitrate. From its interface, you can try different values for each video parameter to find out the right video bitrate.

This software is also capable of finding out the final video size and bits (pixel/frame) but in these case, you need to provide video bitrate value along with other input video parameters.

Overall, it is another simple and easy to use video bitrate calculator that you can use to find out the optimum video bit rate.

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