5 Best Free Software To Control Mouse With Keyboard

Presenting you a List Of Best Free Software To Control Mouse With Keyboard. These mouse emulator software let you move cursor with keyboard anywhere across your computer’s screen. These freeware to control cursor with keyboard come in handy when you are having trouble using the mouse pad on your laptop, when your mouse is broken, or if the USB ports are not working.

Use these mouse emulator freeware to move cursor in up, down, left, right, or diagonal directions. You can even click, scroll, or perform many other operating with these software.

Go through the list to know more about these hand picked freeware, and also know how to control mouse with keyboard in Windows.

My Favourite Software To Control Mouse With Keyboard:

I prefer using NeatMouse to move mouse with keyboard as it lets you configure keys to move mouse. You can save various custom settings, and also use hotkey to enable/disable this mouse emulator.

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MouseKeys is a Window’s default tool to control mouse with keyboard. It lets you move cursor with keyboard using the NumPad. The keys to move cursor are defined. Press 4,8,6, and 2 keys to move cursor Left, Up, Right, and Down directions respectively. Diagonal movement is also possible using 1, 3, 7, and 9 keys. Click on 1 to left click.

How To Control Mouse With Keyboard in Windows:

To activate this mouse emulator tool, Go to Control Panel>Ease Of Access>Make the mouse easier to use, and select the radio button Turn On Mouse Keys. Now click on Set Up Mouse Keys to change various options. These options include: Turn on notification, Pointer Speed, Pointer Acceleration, Use Mouse Keys when NUM LOCK is on/off, etc. Click on OK, and begin to use mouse with keyboard.


NeatMouse is a free software to control mouse with keyboard. With this software installed on your computer, you can easily move cursor with keyboard keys. It has various configurable options which gives you excellent experience of controlling cursor with keyboard.

The options on this cursor controller are divided into 3 parts:

  • Activation: Here you will find activation, start up, and visibility options. Select an Activation key which will enable this software to move mouse. You can select from Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, or assign a Hot key. The On Startup option lets you decide if you want to minimize the interface, or activate emulation after Startup. You can also select to view an icon near the cursor, or view notifications.
  • Key bindings: Change the assigned keys for different mouse movements, such as: Move up, Move right, Right click, Left click, Scroll buttons, etc. Change the mouse movement speed according to your comfort.
  • Settings: You can add or delete various customs settings here. Click on More Settings to view more options.

This mouse emulator is loaded with a bunch of customizable options. Apart from normal up down movement, you can also assign keys for diagonal movement.

Mouse Emulator

Mouse Emulator is a free software to control mouse with keyboard without any interface. Yes, it has no interface, and its mouse control parameters are already set. The only option that you can change is the cursor movement speed.

Some of the keys to move cursor using keyboard through this mouse emulator are: 4, 5, 6, and 8  moves the cursor Left, Down, Right, and Up respectively. 1 and 2 for left and right click respectively. Enable/Disable the emulator by pressing Ctrl+0 (zero). All the above keys must be pressed by the Num Pad, and Num Lock must be on. More instructions are available in the Manual. Right Click on the icon of this freeware to access the manual.

To change the cursor speed, go to the installation folder. You will find FastMouseSpeed, SlowMouseSpeed, and DefaultMouseSpeed files. For example, double click on FastMouseSpeed to increase the speed. Restart Mouse Emulator to apply the changes.

This is one of the lightest freeware to move mouse with keyboard, and the extracted file only occupies 47 kB space. It is easy to use, and runs without any error.

Cok Free Mouse Emulator

Cok Free Mouse Emulator is another free utility to control mouse with keyboard. It has very small and neat interface with Usage Manual viewable on the interface.

The first option on the UI lets you change the Mouse Move Speed. You can vary the speed from 1-500 pixels. Change the Start/Stop Hotkey by entering the desired key in the box available right below Mouse Move Speed option. Enter the desired key in the box and click on Modify. 2 radio buttons are available which let you select if you want this mouse emulator to Run On Windows Startup, and Minimize Startup.

The text box present on the interface shows the keys to use, along with their functions.

How to Control Mouse with Numpad:

Press Keypad 1 to Left click, Keypad 2 to Middle click, Keypad 3 to Right click, and Keypad 4,5,6,and 8 to Move mouse left, down, right, and up respectively.

Click on the Minimize option to minimize the mouse emulator to the task bar.

Numpad Mouse

Numpad Mouse is another mouse emulator freeware without an interface. It might look simple and easy to use, but has a bunch of options, features, and keys to make use of. Extract the downloaded file, and install this software to control mouse with keyboard. Click on the Read Me file in the extracted folder to discover the possibilities this mouse emulator has to offer.

You need to keep your NumLock active in order to use this keyboard mouse control software. The basic function of this tool is to move the cursor on the screen. Use the 4,8,6, and 2 keys to navigate in Left, Up, Right, and Down directions respectively. You can also use the NumPad to move cursor with keyboard diagonally. Press and hold Win key, and then 1, 7,9, and 3 keys to move cursor in bottom-left, top-left, top-right, and bottom-right directions respectively. Click 1 to left click, 3 to right click, and press & hold 0 key to drag objects.

Apart from the basic functions, there are other advanced options available in this software to move mouse with keyboard. You can Mark Mouse Positions, Add 2 sets of Mouse Anchors, Suspend/Pause Num Pad Mouse, and many more. Increase, Decrease, or reset to Default cursor movement speed if you want to.

Go through the Read Me page to know all the functions of this mouse emulator for Windows and other advanced features.

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