6 Best Free Album Art Grabber Software For Windows

This is a list of best free album art grabber software for Windows. These freeware come in handy to download cover arts for your music library on your PC. You can use these software to grab cover art for the music files missing cover art, or to customize cover art as per your choice. These album art finder software help to search and download appropriate cover art for music albums.

In some of these software, you need to import the music files from your PC to find the cover images of each of them individually. In others, you just need to enter the name of the artist or album to download an appropriate album art. In most of these software, you can download cover art for a single album at a time. But, you can use one of them to add the same cover image to an entire directory of audio tracks.

Many of these software support various sources to look for a suitable cover art for a selected track. Some of these sources are Amazon.com, Buy.com, eMusic, Google Play Music, medianet, etc. Besides downloading, one of these software lets you edit pre-added cover art. In one of these freeware, you can also edit metadata associated with music files .

My Favorite free Album Art Grabber Software For Windows:

Album Art Downloader is my favorite album cover art grabber software. It supports a number of sources to look for the album art. Also, it has an inbuilt search option which helps to search for a cover art work by using artist and album name.

Creevity MP3 Cover Downloader is also a good software to use as a free album art grabber.

So go through the list, to find out a good enough album cover art downloader software for you. You can also check out the list of best free CD cover maker and video metadata editor software for Windows.

Album Art Downloader

Album Art Downloader is a simple album art grabber software for Windows. This is one of the easiest software to grab album art for music files. You can download album arts for albums of any artist by using its built in search option. To do so, you need to specify sources to look for albums art from that artist. It has a huge collection of sources. Some of these sources are Amazon.com, Buy.com, eMusic, Google Play Music, medianet, etc. After you are done with specifying sources, just enter the name of artist and/or album and you will be able to see the list of cover arts for albums from that artist. Now, you can checkout the preview of any of the cover arts of the album, and also information about source and size of the image. To download the image, you can use the dedicated option given in the right bottom corner of the image, or right click on album art to access ‘Save’ option.

Also, you can use this software to download album arts for the albums of your PC. To do so, open File > New > File browser. Now, browse for albums and select desired album to ‘Save‘ its artwork. It only supports MP3 music files.

Now, coming to other features of this software. It supports queuing to search for albums from sources. Also, you can filter cover arts by their types, which are Front, Inside, Back, Booklet, etc.

Creevity MP3 Cover Downloader

Creevity MP3 Cover Downloader is another software for Windows that can be used as an album art downloader.

To grab album art for an album, firstly, you need to browse and add the folder (containing MP3 files) to this software. Now, you can access individual file of that folder and in the lower part of the application window, it displays six cover arts for selected album searched using song information. It also lets you enter artist and album name to search for suitable cover images. You can select the most appropriate album cover art for your album from displayed list. As you click on any of these suggested cover arts, you can apply them to your album. After that, you can export the added cover art by using ‘Export as image‘ option. Thus, it helps to add and download cover art for album.

Besides downloading album cover art, you can also use images (JPG or PNG) available in your PC to associate cover art to albums.


Songbird is a music player software that has an additional feature to download artwork for albums from the internet. Also, you can use this software as an audio metadata editor.

To download artwork for albums, you need to import the music playlist to this software, or just use options ‘Open Location’ or ‘Open File’. After that, from this added playlist, you can select the desired audio track and right click on it to access the option ‘Get Album Artwork’ to download an artwork. It automatically associates a suitable cover art with the track.

You can also edit associated artworks by using ‘Edit Metadata’ option. Also, using the same option, you can edit a lot of information such as title, artist, album, genre,etc. related to the file.

Apart from that, this album art grabber supports various add-ons to provide good music playing experience, and comes with an inbuilt equalizer.

Cover Retriever

Cover Retriever is another free cover art grabber software for PC users. Packed in an intuitive interface, it is one of the simplest album cover downloader software.

To use this album art finder, you just need to add the folder containing audio files to it. As soon as you do this, it fetches all audio files available in that directory, and then you can select single file at a time to have a preview of it. At the same time, in the bottom of the application window, it displays a list of suitable cover images to add them to the selected audio track. Now, by double clicking on a desired cover image, you can have a full preview of it and by using ‘Save’ option. You can set this downloaded cover image as your album cover art.

Although, it lets you have a preview of a single track and its cover image at a time, still you can apply the selected cover image to each and every song of that directory in just a single click.


Mp3nity is yet another free software that is capable of grabbing album arts for your music albums. Basically it is a media player, but it can help you download cover arts.

It comes with a well organized interface, and you can access options to link cover art under ‘Picture’ menu. After importing your audio playlist to this software, you can select an album and choose ‘Download’ option to search and get a cover image for that album. You can also browse for music files to associate a cover art with them. If you are not satisfied with searched cover art, you can initiate search for some other album cover using ‘Try Next’ option. Thus, you can try a number of cover images to get the most appropriate one. You can ‘Export‘ a cover image to a variety of file formats including JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF.

Additionally, you can choose any image (of aforesaid formats) from your PC to link it as album art by using ‘Attach’ option.

In addition to these features, it also lets you grab lyrics for selected album. Also, you can checkout certain information about the music files, such as bitrate, sampling rate, location, encoding method, etc. You can also use this software to convert file format in MP3 or WMA format.

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio

Zortam MP3 Media Studio is next free album art grabber software in this list. It is also a media player with album artwork downloading capability. After browsing required directory consisting of music files, you can select a single file from the list at a time. After that, you will be able to see the front cover image of that music file. In order to get rid of previous cover image and grab a new one, you just need to right click on the image and select ‘Get Image From Internet’ option.

In case you want to associate a cover image from images of your PC, then you can do that also, provided that the image should be either of JPG, PNG, BMP, or GIF formats.

You can also use this software as an Audio CD to MP3 converter, YouTube to MP3 converter, or WAV to MP3 converter (or vice versa). Moreover, it lets you edit ID3 tags, and download lyrics for a music file too.

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