6 Best Free Animated Banner Maker Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free animated banner maker software for Windows. These software can be used to create flash (SWF) and GIF animated banners for websites and online advertisements. These provide various banner templates to choose from, such as vertical banner, horizontal banner, leaderboard, half page ad, wide skyscraper, full banner, medium banner, etc. You can also enter a custom size to create animated banners. You can add custom texts, insert logo image, customize background, and apply text transition in animated banners. These also let you adjust output animation speed and loop properties.

My favorite Animated Banner Maker Software for Windows:

Flash Banner Maker is one of my favorite animation banner maker as it provides a lot of banner templates and customization options like text entrance effect, text exit effect, etc.

GIMP is another good software if you want to create GIF animated banners. It is a popular graphics editor and a convenient option to create banner animation

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Flash Banner Maker

Flash Banner Maker is a free animated banner maker software for Windows. It creates flash (SWF) and HTML banners for websites, marketing, social media, etc. In it, you can find several templates to use to create animated banners such as vertical banner, horizontal banner, monster leaderboard, greeting card, half page ad, wide skyscraper, etc. You can also input a custom size and create animated banner from scratch. Now, let’s see what are the features you get to create animated banners in it.

  • You can add multiple texts as layers in it and move a layer to front or back.
  • The banner text can be customized in desired font and color.
  • It lets you add shadow filter to added text while customizing its parameters including color, distance, angle, alpha, blur, and strength.
  • You can add text transition effects including entrance effect (fade in, typewriter, swing, move from bottom/left/right/top, throw from stage center/bottom/top, swivel with x/y-axis, etc.) and exit effect (fade out, move to left/right/top/bottom, fit to stage center/bottom/top, topple forward/backward/leftward/rightward, etc.). While adding an entrance effect, you can specify entrance time, effect duration, and show time. For the exit effect, you can enter exit duration.
  • It lets you specify loop count too.
  • You can preview created animated banner before you publish it.
  • While publishing the banner, you can select flash embed method as object embed method or JavaScript SWFObject.


GIMP is a free open source animated banner maker software. It is a popular graphics editor and can be used to create GIF animated banners. It provides a few web banner templates from which you can choose one to start with. You can then use its Layers menu to add multiple frames to animated banner and finally, save it as an animated GIF.

How to create animated banners in GIMP:

  1. First, go to File > New option and select a web banner templates from gives ones including leaderboard, large mobile, large skyscraper, large rectangle, and medium rectangle. You can also configure settings like X and Y resolutions, color space, color profile, etc.
  2. You can now add multiple layers which are added as individual frames of an animation. These layers can be edited using editing tools, drawing tools, image adjustment tools, etc. You can also import animated GIF or logo images as layers to create animated banner. It lets you setup layers properties such as blending mode (dissolve, color erase, merge, split, dodge, addition, multiply, etc.), opacity, offset, color tag, etc.
  3. Now, you can Preview the animation by going to Filters > Animation menu. From the playback window, you can specify animated banner speed. You can also add transition effects (blend, burn-in, ripple, wave, spinning globe) and optimize output GIF animation banner. You can save the created animated banner as GIF using Export as feature. While doing so, do remember to enable ‘as animation’ option.

Free Banner Maker

Free Banner Maker, as the name suggests, is a free banner creator software. Using it, you can create normal as well as animated banners. You can create GIF animated banners in it. The normal banners can be saved as JPEG images.

It lets you adjust size of banner, customize background with color, gradient fill, or custom image, and add custom texts. You can also add texts from given templates and customize font, color, and text position. For creating animated banners, you have to enable Animation button and then specify delay rate and select a transition for text.

Vectorian Giotto

Vectorian Giotto is a free animation maker software for Windows. It lets you create animations with pictures, drawings, and sound. Using it, you can create flash animation banners as it provides a lot of banner templates with different styles such as full banner, wide skyscraper, leaderboard, medium banner, square button, etc. After selecting a template, you can customize its properties like texts, logo image, background, slogan, etc. It provides a timeline to make adjustments to animation. You can insert layers, frames, and keyframes to your animation. You can also draw on frames using tools like pen, pencil, paint, text, ink bottle, color palette, etc. It also lets you add sound to your flash animated banner. It provides several handy windows to help you create animations, like movie browser, external libraries, transformation, etc. After creating the banner, you can preview it and then save it as a flash file (SWF).

If you are good at creating animation, you can go for this one. But if you want an easy to use animated banner maker, I suggest you go for another one because it is a bit difficult to use.

Easy Banner Creator

Easy Banner Creator is another animated banner maker software for Windows. It lets you create GIF animated banners. Here are the customization options you get in it:

  • You can select a banner template such as full banner, half banner, vertical banner, micro button, square button, etc. Or, you can enter a custom size to create animated banner.
  • You can customize background of banner with a solid color, gradient, or local picture.
  • It lets you add custom text in desired font, color, and shade.
  • You can select transition direction for text and specify number of frames and delay rate.

EasyBanner Free

EasyBanner Free is another free animation banner maker software for Windows. It lets you create animated GIF banners. It provides about 10 banner examples to make animation banners. You can use them and customize to create your own banners. Or, you can start from scratch to create completely new banners. It lets you select a predefined banner size or enter a custom banner size. You can enter multiple texts in custom font and adjust text alignment. In the Animation tab, you can select transition effect (wipe, fade, vertical separation, horizontal separation), animation speed, and loop properties. For background, you can select a background model from given templates, solid color, or gradient fill. You can also add an outline to your banner in the desired color. Before saving GIF animated banner, you can preview it.

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