3 Free Audio Splitter Apps for Android

Here is a list of 3 free audio splitter apps for Android. If you are looking for an app that can split an audio file into separate files then list this can help. With the help of these apps, you can separate the vocals and music from a song.

These apps can detect the vocals and background music from a song. After that, there is one app that lets you save vocals and background, both, as separate files. Another app lets you save the background music only, removing the vocals. Then, there is a third app that can split audio into two. It doesn’t do anything for vocals or background music. It just allows you to split an audio file into two and save both segments at once.

My Favorite Audio Splitter App

Song Splitter is my favorite audio splitter app on this list. This is one of the best app available on the Play Store to split an audio file. It is an AI-driven app that uses an advanced algorithm to detects the vocals and music in a song. Based on that, it separates the vocals from music and allows you to separate those as separate audio files.

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Song Splitter

Song Splitter is a free audio splitter app for Android. This app uses an AI algorithm found on the SingualrityNET platform. With an active internet connection, it can analyze a song and split the music and vocals. After splitting it saves both as a separate audio file in MP3 format. This app only works with the MP3 file format. The overall audio splitting process is simple. Users just have to open the audio file and tap the “Split’ button. Once the splitting process ends, it prompts to save both the files on the device.


  • Split Audio (save music and vocals as separate audio files)
  • Built-in audio player
  • Works with MP3 files only
  • Requires an internet connection to work

Super Sound

Super Sound is a free audio utility app for Android. This app binds lots of useful features into a single package. It comes with an audio splitter feature that can split an audio file into two. This feature basically removes the vocals from the song and saves the music as a separate audio file.

Apart from that, this app can perform various types of actions on audio files. It can cut audio files to make ringtones, merge multiple audio files, add audio to an existing file, mix multiple audio files, convert audio file format, convert video to audio, and much more.


  • Remove vocals from songs
  • Edit audio files with multi-track editing
  • Trim audio
  • Mix audio
  • Merge audio
  • Video to audio
  • Convert audio file format
  • Pitch Changer
  • Adjust volume
  • Voice changer
  • Equalizer
  • Batch editing and more

Audio Editor

Audio Editor is another free audio app that can be used to split an audio file. This app basically asks users to pick a timestamp in the audio file. Then from that timestamp, it split the file into two files and saves them separately. It does not do anything for vocals or music. This split feature is basically an audio cutter that saves you an extra step to save both segments of the file individually. Apart from that, this app packs many more features for audio files. Here is a list of the main highlights:


  • Split Audio into 2 files
  • Cut Audio
  • Merge multiple audio files
  • Mix audio for mashup
  • Convert audio file format
  • Edit Metadata
  • Amplify audio
  • Video to audio
  • Omit audio to cut and remove parts from a file
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