18 Best Free Bass Booster Software For Windows

Here a list of best free bass booster software for Windows. These software are used to increase the bass levels of audio. Bass is actually a low-frequency sound that ranges between 20 to 200 Hz. Many software included in this list are media players that use equalizer to boost bass. The equalizer used by these media players have various frequency bands, but only few frequency bands can boost bass levels. Common frequency bands at which these software produce bass are 60 Hz, 31.25 Hz, and 62 Hz. Through these media players, you can get a boost of around 15 to 20 decibels. Apart from frequency bands, you can also use presets like full bass, bass and treble, etc., to boost bass levels.

Few software included here work at the system level. It means that you can use any media player to play any audio or video file, and still you will get the boosted bass levels. These system level software have one let down that they do not provide their own media players.

Some audio editing software that can boost sound are also included in this list. The main advantage of audio editing software is that you can increase the bass levels of some selected part of the audio. Plus, they also let you save audio in various audio formats.

Almost all of these bass boosting software support many popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, MP2, OGG, M4A, etc.

My favorite bass booster software for Windows is:

ViPER4Windows is my favorite sound booster because it works at system level and provides maximum bass boost up to 18.06 dB. Irrespective of which media player you use to play audio or video, you still get the boosted bass levels. Its 18 frequency band equalizer is also handy as you can vary various other audio parameters like treble, etc.

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ViPER4Windows is a free audio driver and bass booster software for Windows. It comes with various audio effects such as gain control, equalizer, VIPER XBass, 3D Surround, Compressor, etc. You can easily vary various audio parameters from its interface. After customization of audio parameters, use any media player to play audio/video. You can immediately hear the enhancement in the output audio.

This software provides three audio modes named music mode, movie mode, and freestyle. All three audio modes contain ViPER XBass section, through which you can boost bass up to 18.06 dB. But, freestyle mode contains two more extra options to boost bass namely, natural bass and pure bass. Boosted bass produced by natural bass option does not overshadow the sound of other instruments. However, pure bass option purely focuses on the bass levels. As a result, the sound of other instruments gets suppressed.

A full-fledged 18 band frequency equalizer is also available in it. By using the equalizer, you can easily vary every available frequency between -120 dB to 13 dB. This equalizer can also be used to change bass, treble, pitch, and various other audio parameters.

This software also has some advanced audio options like reverberation, Convolver, Viper XClarity, Cure tech, and VIPER Smart volume. Available advanced options provide a lot more control over audio and also help to fine tune audio.


FxSound is a free bass booster software for Windows. It is used to boost the overall bass and sound of a system. It takes over the default audio drivers of PC to boost sound. It does not play audio by itself, so you must need a media player to play audio files.

This free sound booster provides primarily two options to boost sound namely, Dynamic Boost and Bass. You can view these option in Effects menu. Dynamic boost option is used to boost both the overall sound along with bass. However, Bass option only boosts bass levels without changing any other audio parameter value.

The Effects menu contains more audio options namely, Fidelity, Ambience and 3Dsurround. In this free version of FxSound, you can boost bass and other audio parameters up to level 5 or 50 percent. Plus, its 3D surround option is completely disabled. You need to purchase its full version to enjoy all features without restrictions.

This sound booster also provides a nine band frequency equalizer to manually vary various parameters (bass, treble, etc.) of an audio. Getting desired sound levels using equalizer is a bit tricky still, it is a good option to have.

Note: This free version of FxSound has various restrictions. You need to buy its full version to remove all restrictions.


Audacity is a free and open source audio editor software for Windows. It provides lots of audio editing tools and effects to enhance audio. Bass is also an audio effect and you can vary bass levels through this software. Along with bass, various other audio effects like treble, tempo, echo, pitch, etc., can also be varied. Furthermore, you can directly record and play audio in Audacity as well.

To boost sound, first, go to Effects > Bass and Treble. Bass and treble option contains three sliders through which you can increase or decrease bass, treble, and volume levels between -30 to 30. After making adjustments on sound levels, apply changes and preview audio using its own audio player. Here, you can also save the adjustments as a preset for later use.

The main advantage of an audio editor software over other bass booster software is that in audio editor, you can apply effects on a selected part of audio. To select a certain part of audio, just click and drag mouse over the time line of audio. Now, you can easily boost bass or apply any other effect on selected audio part.

In Audacity, you need to export audio in order to save bass boosted audio in audio formats such as .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .mp2, etc. But, its export option needs a lame enc.dll file in order to export audio in various audio format. Clicking on the Export audio option opens up a small window, through which you can download or browse the lame encoder file.

In the nutshell, it is a great audio editor that can provide a significant amount of boost in bass levels of audio.

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a popular media player software that comes by default with Windows. It can play audio and video of various formats such as WMV, WMA, ASF, AAC, AVI, and more. In case you didn’t know, it is also capable of boosting bass levels of both audio and video files.

How To boost bass in Windows Media Player:

To boost bass, first, right click on its interface and go to Enhancements > SRS WOW effects settings. In this setting, you can view two options: Trubass and WOW effect. Truebass is a dedicated option to boost bass levels up to 100 level. You can notice the increase in bass levels immediately after increasing the bass values. However, WOW effect provides the overall increase in bass and background instrument sound that sounds more refined than the input audio.

It also provides a 10 band frequency equalizer to vary various aspects of audio such as bass, treble, vocals, pitch, etc. Frequency equalizer can come in handy if you know which frequency band affects which part of the audio.

Moo0 Audio Effecter

Moo0 Audio Effector is another free bass booster software for Windows. It is a straightforward software with an uncomplicated interface. Along with bass, it is also capable to boost pitch, volume, and even vocals of an audio file. The only aspect that I don’t like about it is that it only supports MP3 and WAV file formats.

In this bass booster, you can select Bass Boost option from convert to drop down menu. Bass Boost option lets you boost bass up to level 10. You can also change output file folder before boosting the audio. After setup, you can directly drag and drop an audio file on its interface to get boosted bass audio file as output.

Convert to drop down menu contains two more bass related options named Bass Only and Bass Suppress. Bass only option is interesting as instead of boosting the bass, it actually suppresses other parameters of audio except bass levels. Bass Suppress option simply suppresses the bass levels up to level 10.

This software is especially for those people who need a simple and free bass boosting software.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free and open source media player software for Windows. It is also a popular media player that can play both audio and video files of various formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3, AAC, etc. Along with playing media files, you can also add various audio and video effects on the currently playing audio/video file. In its effects and filter menu, you can view a 10 band equalizer through which you can boost bass levels of audio and video files.

How To boost bass in VLC Media Player:

  • Open equalizer directly from its interface by clicking on equalizer icon or access it from Tools > Effects and Filters.
  • Now, enable equalizer by ticking on enable and 2 Pass option.
  • Move the 60 Hz slider in upwards direction to boost bass. Maximum bass boost up to 19.9 dB can be achieved by this option.
  • You can use other remaining sliders to boost various other audio parameters such as treble, pitch, etc.

In equalizer, you also get some presets like jazz, pop, full bass, etc. From the available presets, full bass and full bass and treble also provide the considerable amount of bass boost.

SM Player

SM Player is a free and open source media player software for Windows that claims to play almost all audio and video formats. It contains various built in codecs that help this player to play a variety of audio and video formats. Here, you can also find many advanced options like audio filter, video filter, change of playback speed, video equalizer, etc.

This media player also uses its equalizer like many other media players to boost bass levels. You can access its equalizer by going to its audio drop down menu. Equalizer which you find here consists of 10 frequency bands with a preset menu. Preset menu contains two bass related options named Full Bass and Full Bass and Treble. Full Bass only enhances the bass levels, whereas Full Bass and Treble increases both bass and treble levels of an audio. If you want to increase bass levels manually, then you need to move 31.25 and 62.50 Hz sliders in upward direction.

The bass boost you get through this software is quite significant and you can immediately feel the increase in bass levels.

Clementine Music Player

Clementine Music Player is a free music player software for Windows with the ability to boost sound. It is a dedicated music player with lots of features solely focused on music. Some handy features of Clementine are internet radio, discover and download podcastsearch and play songs from Dropbox, Google drive etc.

Clementine provides its own file explorer to search and add audio files. All added files can be viewed on its interface. It also has an equalizer through which you can boost bass levels of any audio file. From the Tools menu, you can access the Equalizer. Provided equalizer contains 10 frequency bands including a preset menu. From the preset menu, you can select full bass or bass + treble option. In full bass, you get a significant boost in bass levels, but sounds of other instruments get suppressed. Bass + Treble option boosts both bass and treble levels to provide more balanced output sound.

To manually increase bass levels, you need to increase the value of 60 Hz frequency band. Manually varied frequency settings can be saved as preset and can be used later. From this equalizer, you can also boost sound levels by increasing the pre-amp slider.

This bass booster supports various audio formats such as MP3, OGG, FLAC, MPC, M4A, AAC, etc. Plus, you can also directly import playlists in M3U, M3U8, XSPF, PLS, ASX, and CUE formats.

GOM Player

GOM Player is a completely free media player software for Windows. It can also be used as a bass booster software. To boost bass levels using GOM Player, first, you have to access its control panel either by pressing F7 or clicking on control panel button. Its control panel has four options named video, audio, subtitle, and control. Select the audio option that contains a 10 band frequency equalizer. Click and drag the 60 Hz frequency slider in upwards direction in order to boost bass. Bass levels up to 12 dB can be achieved by this equalizer. If you want to vary other audio parameters, then use remaining 9 frequency sliders.

In this bass booster, you can also find various advanced options like 360-degree video player, VR video support, GOM remote to control this player, subtitle finder, etc.

It also supports lots of media formats like MP4, FLV, MOV, MPG, MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WAV, etc. All of these supported formats including various handy options make it a good media player as well as bass booster.

All Player

All Player is another free media player that can also boost bass of an audio. In this media player, you can play and boost bass levels of both audio and video files. It provides a file explorer to search and add media files to it. You can also drag and drop audio/video files to its interface to play them. It supports many audio and videos formats, so you don’t need to use different software to play audio/video files of different formats.

This bass booster uses its equalizer as well as some presets to boost bass levels. The equalizer can be accessed by clicking on equalizer settings icon which is present on bottom right corner of the interface. In equalizer settings, a 10 band equalizer along with various presets are present. But, the available frequency bands don’t have any markings on them, to specify which frequency each of the available bands represents. Still during testing, I noticed that first two frequency bands from the left provide the significant amount of boost. Equalizer can also be used to vary sound parameters like treble, balance, loudness, etc.

This software has many presets like Flat, Classical, Club, Dance, Full BassBass and Treble, etc. From various available presets, its full bass and ‘bass and treble’ presets provide good amount of boost. The only difference between these two presets is that one of them only boosts bass, while other one boost both bass and treble levels.

As a media player, it is a quite advanced one as it supports 4K video playback, online video streaming, online radio, advanced codecs, etc.

Torrent Video Player

Torrent Video Player is a free media player software for Windows. It is a VLC Player based media player that can play any torrent file while it is being downloaded. Similar to VLC Player, it can also be used to boost bass levels. Along with Bass, its sound boosting capability is also really good as you can increase volume up 200%.

This bass booster software also uses its internal Equalizer in order to boost bass. To access the Equalizer, go to Tools > Effects and Filters > Audio Effects > Equalizer. In equalizer, you can view 10 frequency bands, a preamp slider, presets menu, and two check boxes named enable and 2 pass. First, tick on both the check boxes and increase the 60 Hz frequency band. You can immediately feel the increase in bass levels of the audio. Its presets, especially the full bass one, also provides slight boost in bass.

Using this software, you can also add dynamic range, wet, dry, damp, etc., audio effects to audio. Its main advantage is that you can play and boost bass of various audio and video formats.

POT Player

POT Player is a completely free audio/video player software for Windows. As a media player, it can easily handle a variety of audio and video formats. You can also use it to boost bass and audio levels of audio and video files.

Let us see how to boost bass using POT Player:

In this player, you can access the control panel from the main interface. Control panel contains various menus named audio, video, subtitle, and playback. In Audio menu you can view a 10 band frequency equalizer to boost bass. But before varying the equalizer frequency, first, enable equalizer by clicking on the equalizer checkbox. After that, move the 60 Hz frequency slider upwards to boost bass. There is one more option to boost bass named preset menu. From preset menu, select full bass or bass and treble preset to boost only bass or both bass and treble levels, respectively.

In this media player, you can also find some advanced features like 360-degree player, 3D player, subtitles support, online streaming, etc. The Interface of POT is unique due to its modular design that enables you to open various settings at once in different windows or modules.

Spider Player

Spider Player is a simple and sleek bass booster software for Windows. It is used to play audio files of many formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, MP2, OGG, AIF, AIFF, and more. The output audio produced by this software is quite impressive.

This software offers a modular interface, and most of the settings and functions open up in different modules. At any time, you can enable or disable any module according to need. Its equalizer module is the one that you need to boost bass. Just click on EQ button to open the equalizer module. In equalizer, you get 10 frequency bands, but only 31 HZ and 62 Hz bands can boost bass values. Through remaining frequency bands, you can vary other audio parameters. An equalizer preset menu is also present in equalizer module. From various available presets, you can choose full bass preset that can give you a slight boost in bass levels.

Spider Player also provides some handy features like File Converter, Audio Recorder, Hotkeys, Playlists, etc. Overall, this bass booster is good at boosting bass as well as in playing audio files.

Passion Audio Player

Passion Audio Player is yet another media player software for Windows. It provides various handy features like excellent playback quality, equalizer with presets, playlist editor, zip files support, etc. Its main advantage is that it uses Bass API 2.4 to provide excellent levels of bass. The quality of bass is also really good. It also uses Bass API to play media of various formats, such as OGG, MP3, MP2, WAV, FLAC, etc.

This bass booster software has a modular interface and at any time, you can enable or disable available modules except the main interface. The main interface has an EQ button, press it and open its equalizer. The equalizer you get here has 10 frequency bands, two tempo changer sliders, and one pre amplification slider to boost audio. By using the 31 Hz and 62 Hz sliders, you can achieve a significant amount of boost.

Some other audio parameters like pitch, balance, volume, tempo, etc., can be varied while playing an audio or video file. Its visual and playlist modules are also useful as visual module displays the variation of frequency in playing music while playlist lets you add various audio and video files in the queue.

Xion Audio Player

Xion Audio Player is a dedicated audio player software, that can also boost bass levels of audio. It is a thoughtfully designed audio player with beautiful user interface. This bass booster also uses an equalizer in order to boost bass. Just below its main interface, a 10 band frequency equalizer module is present. Increasing the value of 32 Hz and 64 Hz frequency slider can provide a good amount of boost in bass levels.

Xion Audio Player also has a preset menu, but the equalizer present with the main interface does not have the preset menu. To access the preset menu, right click on its main interface, select configure, and open the internal equalizer. This internal equalizer is similar to the equalizer present on the main interface, except for one difference that it has a preset menu. From preset menu, select the full bass option to enhance the level of bass. At maximum, you can increase bass levels up to 15 dB.

This software also provides a Xion configuration option, through which you can configure important settings like Visualization, Hot Keys, File Types, Output Files, etc.

MusicBee Player

MusicBee Player is an advanced and open source music playing software for Windows. It has many advanced features, one of them is its automatic scan feature that automatically scans the PC to find the music files. Its sync feature is also pretty good, and if you have a MusicBee account then you can maintain similar playlists in different devices.

MusicBee can also be used as a bass booster as it contains common bass boosting features like an equalizer and preset settings. Unlike other media or video players, this software provides a full fledged equalizer that has 15 frequency bands. But out of 15 bands, only 2 frequencies are useful namely, 32 Hz and 64 Hz frequencies. Increase the value of 32 and 64 Hz frequency bands to get boosted bass levels. Its preset menu has a full bass feature that will help you get a good amount of bass boost. Overall the quality of audio and bass boost provided by this software is quite impressive.

In this software, you can also view various sections like playlist, now playing, podcast, music player, music, etc. All of these music related features are also quite handy to use.


XMPlay is a free and portable audio player software for Windows. Using it, you can improve the bass levels of an audio, song, etc. It has a basic 10 band frequency equalizer on the main interface, which can be used to boost bass, treble, etc. In order to boost bass, increase the value of 63 Hz frequency band. Through equalizer, you can achieve increment in bass levels of up to 10 dB.

XMPlay can also be used to boost sound as it has automatic amplification as well a manual amplification feature. Sound boosting features can easily provide up to 20 dB of sound boosts.

This portable bass booster software can play audio or music of various formats, such as OGG, MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, WAV, AIFF, and more. It also supports various playlist formats (PLS, M3U, ASX, CUE) and ZIP archives as well.


BS.Player is another popular media player software with the ability to boost bass. It can boost bass of both audio and video files. It supports lots of audio and video formats. This bass booster has two features through which you can boost bass named equalizer and presets. In equalizer, you need to increase the value of 60 Hz frequency band. At maximum, this band can provide you bass level up to 20 dB. The preset menu has various predefined preset values, such as flat, full bass, bass and treble, pop, etc. By selecting the full bass or bass and treble preset, you can increase audio bass levels. Presets basically change the genre of playing audio or video by automatically adjusting the equalizer frequency.

This software also provides some handy features namely: online radio (which lets you listen as well as download music through it), podcast (to listen to audio version of various shows and discussions), etc. Online TV is also available, but it didn’t work during testing.

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