4 Best Free Batch PDF Stamp Tool for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Batch PDF Stamp Tool for Windows. Using these free software, you can insert stamps to multiple PDF documents simultaneously. You get various predefined stamps like Confidential, Reviewed, Paid, Completed, Revised, Final, Draft, and more to add to your PDF files. Many of these software also let you add a custom text to stamp PDF files. If you have saved a stamp in an image, you can import that image and add it to PDF as stamp.

All these software are very easy to use. You can simply load PDF documents, choose a stamp, set up stamping options, and then batch process them all at once. These freeware let you configure various stamp properties like text alignment, position, opacity, layout, etc. Apart from stamping, one of these tools provides you an option to insert filename into PDF documents. Besides that, you don’t get any other features as these are dedicated batch PDF stamping tools.

My Favorite Free Batch PDF Stamp Tool for Windows:

Batch PDF Stamp is my favorite software from this list. It lets you add various predefined stamps to PDF documents and customize the stamps’ appearance as per your requirement.

You can also try Batch PDF Watermark; it is a nice and easy to use software to add text or image stamps to PDF in bulk.

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Batch PDF Stamp

Batch PDF Stamp is a dedicated free batch PDF stamp tool for Windows. It provides a variety of standard predefined stamps to add over a PDF including Confidential, Revised, Reviewed, Paid, Completed, For Comment, etc. Additionally, you can also import custom images to stamp multiple PDF files. It provides you required formatting options. Let’s have a look at the steps to stamp PDFs.

How to batch stamp PDF in Batch PDF Stamp:

  • Start this software and import individual PDF files or a folder containing multiple PDFs using Add Files/ Add Folder button.
  • Now, select a stamp from the Image section; you can also import one from a locally saved image.
  • Next, set up layout (stamp position), stamp opacity, and put stamp to background or foreground. You can preview the stamp before saving output PDFs.
  • After that, click on the Start Processing button to start batch PDF stamping process.


It is an easy to use yet capable software to quickly stamp multiple PDF documents at a time.

Sybrex SpeedPDF Stamp

Sybrex SpeedPDF Stamp is another good batch PDF stamp tool for Windows. Using it, you can add an image stamp over PDF files. It lets you process a single as well as a batch of PDF files together. While stamping PDFs, you can customize a lot of options including size, position, margins, bring to front or send to back, etc. You can also select which PDF pages you want to stamp.

Now, let’s checkout steps to batch stamp PDF documents.

How to batch stamp PDF in Sybrex SpeedPDF Stamp:

  • First, provide path to source folder where input PDF files are stored in the Folder field. Enable Create Backup Files option if you want to create a backup of source PDFs in their original state.
  • Now, load a locally saved stamp image or enter URL of image.
  • Next, you can configure parameters like position, horizontal and vertical margin, compression, etc.
  • After that, hit the Start button and it will stamp all your PDF files with given image.


It is another good software that you can use to batch stamp PDF using an image.

Batch PDF Watermark

Batch PDF Watermark is yet another free batch PDF stamp tool for Windows. It is basically a free PDF watermarked that provides you with some predefined stamp templates. You can use those templates to insert a text or image stamp into PDF documents. It also lets you customize layout, text color, opacity, font, and more options. Let’s have a look at the process of batch stamping PDF in this software.

How to batch stamp PDF in Batch PDF Watermark:

  • Firstly, import all your source PDF documents to this software.
  • Now, add text or image stamps while customizing related options.
  • Next, you can preview the stamp using the dedicated option.
  • After that, set the output folder and then click the Start Processing option to start batch PDF stamping process.


It is a nice free software that lets you stamp PDF documents in batch.

PDF Filename Labeler

PDF Filename Labeler is one more free batch PDF stamp tool for Windows. As its name suggests, it is primarily used to insert PDF filename to your PDF documents. You can also add customized text or image stamp to the PDF  using it. While stamping PDFs, you can customize various settings and preview the output. Let us have a look at the steps to batch stamp PDF using it.

How to batch stamp PDF in PDF Filename Labeler:

  • First, set up stamp options including custom text or overlay image that youwant to add over PDF as a stamp and then configure setting like position, alignment, color, font, etc.
  • Now, drag and drop multiple PDF files to its interface and it will process and save stamped PDFs in a sub-folder.


It is a decent batch PDF stamp tool that is good at inserting PDF filename, custom text, or overlay image to PDFs.

Note: You need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your system for it to work properly.

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