5 Best Free Cardiac Risk Calculator For Windows

Here is a list of best free cardiac risk calculator for Windows. Using these free calculators you can calculate the risk of getting a heart attack in next decade. Just fill all the required fields and click the button to calculate the heart attack risk. While some of these heart attack risk calculators require less information, some require a detailed information to calculate your heart score.

One of these CVD risk calculators comes with several built-in health calculators. Some of these calculators include Dyslipidemia Risk Calculator, % LDL-C Calculator, Chest Pain Calculator, etc. It also has a Cholesterol Drug Dosage Chart for different age groups.

My favorite cardiac risk calculator:

I Like HeartScore. It is the only calculator in this list which plots a graph along with the CVD risk report. Moreover, it also generates a pie chart showing all risk factors in percentage. Besides this, it also provides prevention guidelines for cardiovascular disease risk.

I also like Heart Risk Calculator. It is a straightforward calculator, which requires a little information to calculate the heart attack risk.

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Note: These software just provide mathematical risk assessment and are not a replacement for an evaluation by your physician. Make sure you contact your doctor to verify the results.


HeartScore is a free cardiac risk calculator for Windows. It lets you calculate the risk of getting a heart attack in next 10 years.

It requires your personal data, full score, and BMI score in order to calculate the cardiovascular disease risk. Your personal data includes general information, like your name, date of birth, and gender. After filling personal details, fill your full score, which includes your systolic blood pressure, cholesterol level, HDL cholesterol level, and whether you are a smoker or not. You can also toggle the units of cholesterol as mg/dL or mmol/L. Now it’s time to fill your BMI score. Just enter your height and weight and this free CVD risk calculator calculates your body mass index automatically. When you are done, click Calculate Risk button to view your heart attack risk report.

It generates a detailed heart attack risk report by plotting a CVD risk graph and a pie chart of all risk factors. Besides this, it also shows you the necessary steps which you can take to lower your heart attack risk factors.

A CVD Prevention Guidelines section of the software provides you the detailed guidelines which help in the prevention of heart attack risk. Some of the topics covered in these guidelines are:

  • Smoker: If you are a smoker, then it shows you the steps by which you can quit smoking.
  • Priorities: Here you will find a table describing the factors that can generate low to very high risk of getting a heart attack.
  • Diet: It displays what type of diet plan you should follow to lower the risk of heart attack.
  • Systolic Blood Pressure: Here it shows the cause of systolic blood pressure and its remedies.

HeartScore considers 40 years as the minimum age for developing a heart attack risk and does not calculate the heart attack risk for persons below 40 years of age.

General features of this free CVD risk calculator:

  • You can save your heart attack risk report on your PC.
  • It lets you print heart attack risk report.
  • Doctors can add comments in comments section.
  • This software is available in three risk models: Europe High, Europe Low, and France. You can switch among these by clicking options menu.

Heart Risk Calculator

Heart Risk Calculator is a very simple cardiac risk calculator app for Windows 10. It requires a little information to calculate the heart attack risk. You have to enter your age, gender, total cholesterol (in mg/dl), high-density lipoprotein (in mg/dl), and blood pressure. If you are a diabetic or smoker, check the respective boxes, else leave them empty. After entering all these information, just click Calculate button.

After clicking calculate button, this free heart attack risk calculator shows you the risk of getting a heart attack (in percentage) in next 10 years.

It displays the percentage of heart attack risk in three colors; green for low risk, orange for medium risk, and red for high risk.

CardioRisk Calculator

CardioRisk Calculator is another free cardiac risk calculator. This is the only calculator in this list, which comes with a number of built-in calculators. These calculators include Dyslipidemia Risk Calculator, FH Calculator, %LDL-C Calculator, Chest Pain Calculator, etc.

Dyslipidemia Risk Calculator is basically a lipid calculator, which calculates the cholesterol level in your body on the basis of entered data. It requires the information, like your age, gender, whether you are a smoker or not, whether you are alcoholic or not, whether you are suffering from a chronic kidney disease or not, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, height, weight, waist circumference, total cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. After entering the required information, click Calculate button. It will then generate a detailed report with different sections including the cause and therapy of cardiovascular risk. It also displays the reasons why a patient warrants lipid treatment. Plus, it displays the major factors affecting the cardiovascular risk. If a patient has abnormal lipoproteins, this information is also displayed in the report. Moreover, the primary and secondary causes for a CVD risk are also shown in the report. The report ends with therapy section, which includes the steps that should be taken to avoid the risk of getting a heart attack.

% LDL-C Calculator lets you compare your current and required LDL cholesterol level. With the help of this calculator, you can easily calculate the percentage fall in LDL level.

This free cardiac risk calculator has a Cholesterol Drug Dosage Chart. This chart shows the different amount of medications to be taken for different ages.

The Chest Pain Calculator lets you calculate the risk of chest pain by filling the required data.

It also lets you save the generated report in PDF and Word formats.

CardioRisk Calculator is a good CVD risk calculator which provides you more health related calculations.

Health Monitor For Heart

Health Monitor For Heart is another free app for Windows 10 to calculate the risk of getting a heart attack in next 10 years.

How to calculate heart attack risk:

The 10-year risk for coronary heart attack is easy to calculate in this free cardiac risk calculator. First, click Diagnostic on the home screen of this app. This will take you to the calculation wizard, where you have to enter the required data. Following information is to be entered to calculate the risk of getting a heart attack:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • BMI
  • Whether you’re a diabetic patient
  • Whether you do physical exercise
  • Status of your metabolic syndrome
  • Your cholesterol level
  • Smoking status
  • HDL level
  • Systolic blood pressure

If you don’t know your BMI, click Check BMI button to calculate your body mass index.

Once done, click Submit Diagnostic button to know your heart attack risk in next 10 years. It displays the result in percentage along with the summary of entered data.

This is a very good app which not only lets you calculate the risk of getting a heart attack in next decade but also provides you an information about the coronary heart disease. In the information section of the app, you will get an overview of the coronary heart disease risk and the factors responsible for it.

Assign Score

Assign Score is another free cardiac risk calculator. This is a very simple CVD risk calculator, which runs in a web browser but doesn’t require an internet connection.

It calculates the risk of getting a heart attack for persons having age from 30 to 74 years.

In order to calculate your heart attack risk score, you just have to fill all the fields and click Calculate button. If you do not understand any field, click notes button. This will display a message on the screen regarding the information you have to fill in that field.

Use Mean is an additional feature provided in the software, which fills the fields automatically according to the person’s age. For example, if my age is 30 years and I don’t know my systolic blood pressure, then I can use this feature. Clicking Use Mean will fill my systolic blood pressure automatically.

NOTE: You have to enter a Scottish Postcode in order to calculate your risk of getting a heart attack.

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