5 Best Free Concave Mirror Simulation Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free concave mirror simulation software for Windows. These freeware can be used by students to study the interaction of light rays with a concave mirror. These provide ray diagram of concave mirror to study and analyze nature of light passing through a concave mirror. You can basically adjust object position, object size, focal length, radius of curvature, and other parameters and perform concave mirror simulation. Some of these software also calculate image size, image distance, and image nature on the basis of input values.

You can save the ray diagram as an image in many of these software. Also, in one of these software, you can view the animation of light beam traveling through a concave mirror. So, you can save concave mirror simulation as an animated GIF in it.

My Favorite Concave Mirror Simulation Software:

Concave Mirror Model is my favorite software as it displays the simulation of concave mirror as an animation. Hence, it is a more suitable software for students to study the interaction of light beams with a concave mirror.

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Concave Mirror Model

Concave Mirror Model is a free portable concave mirror simulation software for Windows. It is used to study the interaction of light with a concave mirror. You can select some input parameters to simulate and view the respective ray diagram.

Here are some key features of this free concave mirror simulator:

  • You can simulate the reflection of light in an ideal or actual scenario. It lets you change object position from the concave mirror to visualize change in the ray diagram.
  • It lets you select any or all of central rays, parallel rays, and multiple rays to display on the ray diagram.
  • You can also enable show image option to depict in the ray diagram.
  • It shows an animated simulation of rays reflecting through a concave mirror. You can simply play the simulation or use step forward or step back simulation option. You can also run the simulation in reverse. It lets you adjust simulation speed too.
  • It lets you capture video of concave mirror simulation as an animated GIF.
  • You can also capture snapshots of steps taken in concave mirror simulation.

All in all, it is one of the best concave mirror simulators which you can use for free. Descriptions of concave mirror introduction and activities are also provided in it.

Note: It requires Java to be installed on your system to run.

Student Physics Optics

Student Physics Optics is a free concave mirror simulation app for Windows 10. It is a nice Windows 10 app to simulate various Physics experiments along with mirrors (concave and convex), including reflection and refraction, lens focus, and Lensmaker’s equation.

How to simulate concave mirror using free Windows 10 app:

  • First, select Mirror module and choose Concave Mirror.
  • Now, enter input values including subject distance, object size, and focal length. You can also use demo values to see an example of a concave mirror simulation.
  • As output, it displays values of image distance, image size, and magnification.
  • It also shows the ray diagram on the screen.
  • You can also view all steps taken in computing the output values.


Opt-Sim is a concave mirror simulator which runs in a web browser.

Steps to follow for concave mirror simulation:

  • First, open its lens_experiment.html file in a web browser.
  • You will be able to find various type of lenses in the left panel. These are concave, convex, planoconcave, negative, and plano-convex. You can drag and drop concave lenses (at most two) to the experiment area.
  • Now, you can add anyone of ArrowTriangle, and Rectangle objects to simulate reflection of beams of light through concave lenses.
  • Select the added object to view reflection of beam of light. You can also vary its position from the concave lens to view changes in the reflection.
  • You can view the ray diagram which can be copied or saved as a PNG image.


Reflection-Concave_mirror is another free concave mirror simulation software for Windows. It basically displays a 2D simulation of the reflection through a concave mirror. This software runs in a browser, so you need to open its index.html file in a web browser for performing concave mirror simulation.

To simulate reflection of beam of light through a concave mirror, you can vary radius of curvature. As you do that, changes in reflection and related parameters are shown which you can study. The focal length of the concave mirror is also displayed.

All About Physics

All About Physics is another free Windows 10 app for concave mirror simulation. It basically lets you solve concave mirror problems. You can calculate image size, image distance, and image nature on the basis of entered values. For this, you have to enter values of object size, distance, and focal length of concave mirror.

To calculate image size, image distance, and image nature, move to its Mirror section and select Concave mirror. After that, just provide input values, hit the Calculate button, and you will get the output.

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