7 Best Free Physics Sandbox Games For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Physics Sandbox Games For Windows. All these Physics sandbox games come with simulations. These simulations let you learn the laws of Physics and behavior of particles of different elements.

All these Physics sandbox games let you create your own Physics scenes and simulate them.

I found particle sandbox games the most interesting one. The concept of these games is based on the behavior of particles of different elements in free space. Lots of elements are available in these games, which include: water, sand, radioactive elements, elastic elements, ice, explosive elements, inflammable elements, etc. You can carry out experiments just like in a real Physics lab. Mix these elements with one another and observe the reactions that will take place.

This list also contains some Physics sandbox games which deal with Gravitation laws, Elasticity, Force, Friction, Pulley, Fulcrum, Lever, etc.

My Favorite Physics Sandbox Games:

Algodoo is my first choice for Physics sandbox game. This is a very enjoyable game and is also a suitable Physics Sandbox game for kids. In this Physics sandbox game, you can create your own animations and simulate them. You can create models of 2D Motion, Pulley, Fulcrum, Elasticity, etc. and run them in real time. Various tools are provided in the game which you can use to draw different Physics models. This Physics sandbox game is one of the best sandbox games for kids, as it lets them show their creativity with different Physics models.

I also liked The Powder Toy. It has a separate category for all elements, which makes the selection of elements easy. For example, if I want to carry out an experiment with radioactive elements, I can select any radioactive substance from its Radioactive category of elements. Moreover, it comes with pre-designed Physics scenes, like Nuclear Power Plant, Desert City, Volcanic Island, Bomb Testing town, etc.

All these Physics sandbox games are good educational games and best for learning basic Physics laws with fun. Download and play now!

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Algodoo is the best free Physics sandbox game for Windows. This is a very addictive sandbox game and is suitable for kids.

Algodoo is basically a 2D simulation software in which you can create multiple Physics scenes and simulate them. It features life-like simulations, which makes Physics fun for kids. Now, your kids won’t find Physics a boring subject, thanks to Algodoo. This free Physics sandbox game encourages kids to create new inventions. Let little minds explore Physics with fun and show their creativity.

This free Physics sandbox game comes with a variety of tools that can be used to create simple to complex Physics animations. Let’s understand the use of some of these tools:

  • Sketch tool: You can draw any random shape using this tool.
  • Knife tool: This tool is used to cut an object at different cross sections.
  • Rotate tool: You can rotate an object to any angle by using this tool.
  • Scale tool: As the name implies, this tool changes the dimensions of an object.
  • Brush tool: The function of this tool is same to that of the sketch tool. You can use it as an alternative to the sketch tool.
  • Polygon tool: It is used to draw polygons or other irregular shapes. To draw straight lines, press and hold Shift key.
  • Spring tool: This tool creates springs, which hold the property of elasticity.

There are many other tools available in the software.

Apart from this, you can change the physical properties of an object by right-clicking it. For example, a square box or any other object can be converted into realistic fluid by changing its properties. Besides this, I can make a clone of an object and convert it into wood, steel, stone, helium, etc. Moreover, you can also change colors of objects in your created Physics scene.

You can create real life like simulations such as simulations related to 2D motion, friction, motion of fluid, motor cars, etc. It also lets you change the velocity of a moving object.

Though Algodoo lacks sound effects, it is the best Physics sandbox game in this list that helps your kids learn laws of Physics by carrying out multiple experiments.


The Powder Toy

The Powder Toy is another Physics sandbox game in this segment. It also simulates the behavior of particles of matter. This free Physics sandbox game comes with a large number elements. Here, you will find Walls, Electronics, Sensors, Powders, Liquids, Radioactive elements, Explosives, and much more. Apart from this, it comes with a lot of pre-designed scenes, like Nuclear Power Plant, City with Volcanoes, Volcanic Island, Bomb Testing Town, Lost Island, Bunker City, Desert City, The Glass Shard, etc. You can carry out your experiments either in a free space or in any of these scenes. It also lets you save any experiment.

Mix these elements with each other and carry out reactions and observe the resulting product. Every time you add a new element, it displays new reactions on the interface. Sometimes it shows a sparkling effect, sometimes lightning, or sometimes an explosion will take place on the interface. In addition, it also displays the pressure and temperature of the undergone reactions.

I carried a nuclear experiment in a desert city provided in the software. I threw Plutonium (a radioactive element) on the city and the result that came after it was really chaotic. The entire desert city starts degrading fast due to Plutonium and got destroyed within seconds after a sudden explosion.

You can also create your own Physics scene and upload it to the official website of this Physics sandbox game.

NOTE: The Powder Toy has no sound effects.

Flail Rider

Flail Rider is another free Physics sandbox game for PC. It comes with heavy graphics and cool sound effects which make it more addictive Physics sandbox game.

Your aim is to destroy everything in the game with the help of a weapon (a giant flail) tied at the backside of your car. While driving your car in the game, you should keep away your car of collision, as only the flail can cause destruction. If your car strikes any object, like, buildings, trees, etc., you will lose the game. An interesting feature of the game is that giant flail grows in size as you cause more destruction. For each destruction, points and money will be rewarded.

In order to cause more destruction in the game, collect boosts. Boosts are the energy providers, which make your car immune to collision. After collecting a boost, your car will start glowing and you will be able to destroy objects until boost lasts. Each boost lasts up to a few seconds.

Controls: Use WASD keys or Arrow keys to navigate your car. Press X for applying brake, R to restart a level, and Escape key to enter main menu.

Download Flail Rider, a great time killer.


OE-CAKE is another Physics sandbox game for Windows. This game is good to study the behavior of particles of matter in free space. It features high-quality graphics and the real-time animations that run in this software are much better than that of The Powder Toy and PixelCosm Alpha.

It is one of the first Physics sandbox games that have an ability to show the life-like behavior of fluids and other objects. It features 7 different types of graphics: Points, Crosses, Circles, Blurred Circles, Blob, Blob and Texture, and Shader. Each of these graphics display different simulations of same elements. For example, Points simulates an element in a dotted form, just like an atomic structure, whereas, Crosses display simulation in pixelated form. If you select Blob, this free Physics sandbox game displays the realistic behavior of elements. Apart from this, it also supports gases. If you place a heater on the interface and pour water on it, it realistically displays the evaporation process.

General Features of OE-CAKE Physics Sandbox Software:

  • It comes with a variety of elements. Some of these include: Eraser, String, Rice, Powder, Water, Heater, Fire, Fuel, Cooler, etc.
  • It lets you pause simulation anytime.
  • The drain feature in the software drains out all the material deposited at the bottom.
  • You can toggle the gravity. Moreover, you can also vary the strength of gravity.
  • Pouring is an interesting feature if this free Physics sandbox game, which pours water continuously. You can vary the amount of water to pour.
  • Different tools are available in this freeware for drawing different elements. These tools include: Brush, Pencil, Shape, Bucket, etc.
  • It lets you import an image to set as Foreground and Background. You can also import images to Fire texture, Splash texture, and Bubble texture. The image formats supported by this software are BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF.
  • It also lets you save any animation on your PC in its own supported format.

Like The Powder Toy, it does not has any sound effects.

PixelCosm Alpha

PixelCosm Alpha is an addictive Physics sandbox game for PC. It is actually a falling sand game which simulates different particles of matter. A brush is provided in the software, which lets you draw animation on the interface. As you draw particles on the screen, a very interesting phenomenon occurs. The light particles fuse with the air. This seems like sparkling of crackers.

There are many different particles and each of these differ in terms of physical properties. Some of these particles are Water, Ice, Stone, Salt, Seed, Lightning, Acid, Oil, Black Hole, White Hole, etc. The simulation displays the true characteristic properties of particles of different elements. For example, if you draw water particles in the empty space in the software, they fall down and spread on the ground and behave like a real fluid. Creating fire near the water particles causes evaporation and displays water vapors on the screen. Moreover, if you throw ice particles on the water particles, it freezes all the water particles.

You can also disable gravity in the game. After disabling the gravity, all the particles resting on the ground start floating in the air.

I found Lightning the most interesting feature of this free Physics sandbox game. It falls on the ground and if there is any particle resting on the ground, it bounces high in the air.

Some General Features of the game:

  • You can save your current game.
  • All playing instructions are provided within the software.
  • It can be played in both fullscreen and compact screen modes.

PixelCosm Alpha is one of the top sandbox games but I didn’t like its background music.


Blooprent is another interesting Physics sandbox game for Windows in this segment. This is a very simple Physics sandbox game in which you have to complete the challenges given to you in each level. Though this PC sandbox game does not allow you carry out experiments as other Physics sandbox games do, it is an addictive Physics sandbox game. However, you can make simple to complex Physics logic puzzles and upload them in this freeware, so that other players can play them.

It comes with great graphics and cool sound effects. I found the background sound of this game quite relaxing.

The concept of this game is simple. There is a hole in each level of the game, which continuously emits a cluster of dots. Your aim is to move these dots to the target button using a combination of various materials available in the game. These materials include: solid blocks, ice, conveyor belts, fans, moving hydraulic parts, and much more. You can vary the speed of moving hydraulic parts. Each level of this game is solved by following the laws of Energy Transfer.

On the completion of each level, awards will be rewarded. These rewards are classified into three categories: Time, Entities, and Efficiency. Entities are the number of materials used to complete a level. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Stars are rewarded in each level separately for these three categories.

This Physics sandbox game comes with a lot of challenging levels and the best part of the game is it is available free of cost.

Marble Shoots

Marble Shoots is a very interesting Physics sandbox game for Windows. This is Windows 10 Physics sandbox app. it is suitable for kids and comes with an attractive space theme and good background music.

In this free Physics sandbox game app for Windows 10, your journey begins in the space, where you will find a dark star. You may call it a Pandora’s box, as everything in the space that strikes it, bursts into fine dust particles. Whenever an object bursts, an explosion sound is produced in the game.

It comes with different components, which you can use to create a simulation. These components include a magic wheel that shoots infinite marble balls, rods made up of steel and wood, a moving fan, etc. Explore your creativity and create simple to complex sandbox simulations.

Download Marble Shoots and start your journey to space.

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