4 Best Free Cookie Manager Software For Windows

This list includes best free cookie manager software for Windows. These software let you manage cookies associated with different browsers of your PC.

Cookies track your visits, web movements, surfing habits, etc. So, managing cookies helps to enhance internet security and fix browser errors. In that case, the listed software are helpful. Most of these software are compatible with commonly used browsers, e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. Thus, it is not required to download different software to manage cookies of different browsers.

These software list out cookies reside on a browser along with important linked information. From this list, you can have information such as: website name, creation/last access and expiry date and time, etc. Apart from viewing these information, you can selectively retain/remove cookies from trusted/non-trusted websites.

In most of these cookie manager software, you can save cookies information as TXT files. Also, one of them lets you create cookie file report as a HTML file. Additionally, some of them even let you copy cookie information to clipboard, or Export in supported format.

My Favorite Cookie Manager Software:

MAXA Cookie Manager is my favorite cookie management software. It supports popularly used browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc. Also, it provides an option to visually distinguish among bug or tracking cookies, long expiry time cookies, problematic cookies, etc. using color codes. Thus, provides an idea about which cookie to remove or retain.

You can also check out the lists of best free browser history cleaner and chrome cleaner software for Windows.

MAXA Cookie Manager

MAXA Cookie Manager is a free cookie manager software for Windows. It is compatible with most of the commonly used web browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, and many more. This software comes in pro and free versions. You can have the comparison list of these versions on its official site.

In this software, cookies are categorized in three categories: HTTP Cookies, Advanced Browser Cookies, and Browser Independent Cookies. It displays the total number of cookie files present under each category. Also, it prepares a list of websites and their cookies along with information about last change, expiry of the cookie, size, associated browser name (Type), etc. It also lets you look for cookies from specific website by using Local Search option. Furthermore, you can explore more options to manage cookies by right clicking on selected one. If you do so, you can have information about cookies in further details, such as its location in local file of your PC, URL, related browser, etc.

In the free version, you can manually select and delete cookies to get rid of unwanted cookies. Also, there is an option named ‘Evaluate’ using which you can visually distinguish among bug or tracking cookies, long expiry time cookies, problematic cookies, etc. To do so, it uses different color codes for different cookie falling in aforesaid categories.

At last, you can use ‘Export List’ option to export and save the list of detected cookies as HTML file in a local folder of PC.


WinPatrol [FREE Edition] is another free cookie manager software for Windows. It can be used to view and manage cookies related to multiple browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

As you launch this software, you will find Cookies menu on its interface. Now, clicking on Cookies menu displays a list of web browsers installed on your PC. All you need to do is, select the desired browser to see its associated cookies. Additionally, you can have information about Domain-Cookie Name, expiry date and time, value, etc. Also, you can select multiple cookie files to remove them. It has a Cookie filter option on its interface that lets you exclude cookies from specified (using Add option) websites to appear in the list.

WinPatrol also provides you options to look up active tasks, startup programs, hidden files, etc. of your PC.


IECookiesView is yet another free cookie manager for Windows. It works only for Internet Explorer. Using this software, you can have list of websites with corresponding cookie files that Internet Explorer saves in the PC.

There are two parts in the interface of this software. From the upper part, you can have a summarized view of cookies, while if you select a website from the upper part, you can have detailed analysis of cookies in the lower part of the interface for the selected domain.

From the list of cookies, you can have information about accessed date, modified date, file name, size, status, etc. In order to provide ease of access to cookies from specific website, it facilitates you with ‘Find’ option. Once you have these information, you can selectively Delete cookie files or Copy cookie information to clipboard in just a few clicks. You can also block specific websites from using cookies.

From the list of cookie files available in lower part of the interface, you can checkout cookie property such as: whether it is created in server or client, key, etc.; and also edit aforesaid cookie parameters.

Also, it lets you open selected cookie file in Notepad or Wordpad. Additionally, you get option to Save selected cookie file as TXT and Export to Netscape/Mozilla Cookies File.


ChromeCookiesView is another free cookie management software. Using this software, you can manage and view cookie files available on Chrome browser (default). But if you want, you can go to Options > Advanced Options to view and manage cookies associated with some of the other web browsers: Opera, Vivaldi, and Yandex.

As you launch this software, it automatically fetches and displays available cookies (related to chrome, or selected one) along with various information such as: Host name, Name, Value, creation, last access, and expiry date and time, etc. in a list.

You can access ‘delete selected cookie’ option by right clicking on desired cookie. Like above mentioned software, it also provides Find option to look for any specific cookie just by entering the host (website) name. As you have a list of cookie files, you can select multiple cookies and Save them as TXT file. Additionally, it lets you generate report for selective or all cookie information in HTML format.

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