2 Best Free Dental Lab Software For Windows

This list includes best free Dental Lab Software for Windows. These software are very useful dental clinic managers. Download these free Dental Lab Software and make your clinic A Smart Clinic.

Though this list features only 2 Dental Lab Software, but both of them are powerful dentistry software. You can add multiple patients to your database, edit, and delete their profiles anytime. Moreover, you can also upload patients’ photographs to their profiles in order to make patient profiles more informative. Both of these software let you mark infected tooth/teeth location. You can also schedule appointments and search patients in your database by their name, registration ID, etc.

My Favorite Dental Lab Software For Windows:

DentiMax is my favorite one. I call it a type of Dental cum Medical Billing Software, as it is designed to work as both. It offers many advanced features, like adding patient’s insurance information, marking missing teeth, etc. Read further to know more about its features in detail.

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Dent Suite

Manage your dental clinic digitally with Dent Suite. It is a free dental lab software for PC, which lets you create multiple patient accounts and fix appointments. To eliminate complexity and to make it handy for Dentists, its whole interface has been divided into three major parts: Patient’s Database, Appointment Details, and Search Database.

Patient’s Database:

In this section, you can add new patients to database and edit existing patients’ profiles. Both these actions are performed by clicking Register button. This will open a new window at the bottom of which you will find some buttons. Click Add button to create new patient’s profile and Edit button to edit the profile of existing patients. Moreover, you can also delete any patient’s profile.

Patient profile form is designed in a well-organised manner, which requires the following information to be entered:

  • Patient’s Details: Add patient’s personal details here, which include: Name, Address, Contact Number, Age, and Sex.
  • Tooth Location: You can easily mark the location of infected tooth/teeth. All 32 teeth are divided into 4 sections for easy marking and each section comprises of 8 teeth. These sections are UL (Upper Left), UR (Upper Right), LL (Lower Left), and LR (Lower Right).
  • Register: This subsection displays the date of registration along with a registration ID. For every new patient, a unique registration ID is generated by this free dental laboratory software automatically. You cannot define your own registration number for patients.
  • Appointment: This subsection lets you fix date and time for patient’s treatment.
  • Category: Select the type of treatment from the given list, such as Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, etc.
  • Report/Comment: It lets you add reports and comments to patient’s profile.

You can also upload Pre-Operative, Post-Operative, and X-Ray images of patient’s mouth. I am not sure about the supported formats of images, but I tried multiple image formats, out of which only JPG and JPEG image formats were supported by this free dental lab software.

Appointment Details:

This section of this dental software lets you manage appointment details of patients. You can view and delete a record of any patient. To view patient’s records/appointments, you have to select a particular date in the calendar provided in this section. After selecting a particular date, it shows you all the scheduled appointments for it.

Search Database:

It offers three types of searches: By Name, By Registration ID, and By Date. All these searches are available in a drop-down menu, below which, there is a section to enter the desired string, like registration ID, name, etc.


DentiMax is an awesome dental software for PC, which comes with dental billing feature. You can add multiple patient records in this freeware. It lets you create a detailed patient’s profile. To add a new patient, simply click New Patient button or press F8 key. You can create an informative patient’s profile by entering data in the following sections:

  • Patient’s Information: This section deals with the patient’s personal information, which includes: Patient’s Name, Address, Contact number, Email, Gender, Marital Status, Date Of Birth, Employment/Student Status, etc. Besides this, you have to define a unique Chart Number for every patient. This Chart Number is basically the registration ID of a patient, by which you can search his profile in the database. A very useful feature provided in this section is Use Recall. Enabling this feature, you can set the time in days, weeks, months, and years after which you want to re-examine a patient.
  • Insurance Information: As the name implies, you can add patients’ insurance related information.
  • Missing Teeth: This is a very important section for dental treatment of a patient. It features an outlined diagram of humans’ teeth. You can easily mark any missing or infected teeth of a patient here.
  • Medical Alerts: If a patient is suffering from any disease other than dental problems, you can set that  issue as a medical alert. So, every time you load that particular patient’s profile, it shows that Medical Alert on the interface. Moreover, the type of medication provided to a patient to cure disease(s) can also be added to profile.

Apart from these features, it also lets you add patient’s photo to profile. To make patient’s profile more informative, you can also add details of family members.

Now, I want to explain an advanced and very useful feature of this dental lab software, Exam Information. This section shows a detailed treatment plan for dentists. It includes images of all 32 teeth. Here, you can prepare clinical notes for each tooth separately. Moreover, other details related to each tooth, which you will find while examining a patient can also be added. Such details include: Plague, Mobility Bone Loss, Bleeding, Suppuration, Probing Depths, etc. In addition, it also features a dental graph.

Other features of this free dental lab software for PC:

  • You can add and schedule appointments.
  • It lets you prepare bills for patients. Multiple payment modes are available, which include: Credit Card, Cash, Check, etc.
  • It lets you print patient’s information and save it to your PC in PDF format.
  • It has an advanced search feature. More than 5 searching modes are available in this free dental lab software, which include: Chart number, Last name, First name, Middle name, Home Phone, Head of Household, etc.

Note: The free version of DentiMax only supports up to 50 patient entries. For more, you will have to buy the pro version of DentiMax.

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