5 Best Free DWG to PNG Converter Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free DWG to PNG Converter Software for Windows. These free software let you convert 2D CAD designs saved in DWG format (developed by Autodesk) to Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images. Many of these provide some options to customize output PNG images including size, transparency, background color, etc. You can also convert DWG file to various other file formats using these free software. Some of the supported output formats include JPG, BMP, TIFF, SVG, and PDF.

While some of these are CAD design software, some are dedicated 2D CAD file viewers with an additional conversion feature. Using the CAD design software, you can also choose to modify DWG drawing before converting it to a PNG image. These software provide tools like draw line, draw shapes, add callout, add flowchart symbols, rotate, move, align, extrude, etc. Other than DWG, many of these also support DXF format to view, edit, and convert 2D models.

All these software are really easy in terms of working. I have also mentioned the exact DWG to PNG conversion steps to further help you out. You can go through the list to know more about these converters and get the one that suits your requirements.

My Favorite DWG to PNG Converter Software for Windows:

pCon.planner is my favorite software to convert DWG to PNG. It is a clean and intuitive software that supports a variety of formats to convert DWG files. Plus, before conversion, you can also edit DWG designs using a lot of designing tools.

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pCon.planner is a free DWG to PNG converter software for Windows. It is primarily designed to create 3D designs and models. Using it, you can also convert a DWG file to PNG and some other images including SVG, JPG, EMF, TIF, EPX, etc. It lets you simply import a DWG file, view the design, and then convert DWG to PNG using a dedicated function.

Additionally, if you need to make modifications to the existing DWG file prior to conversion, you can do that too. It contains essential as well as some advanced tools to edit the design such as draw polyline, arc, rectangle, text, picture, layer filters, fill color, transform, extrude, hatch, edit material, edit texture, dimensioning, and more.

How to convert DWG to PNG in pCon.planner:

  • Firstly, import a design carried by a DWG file to it.
  • Now, as per your requirements, you can view and manipulate the drawing.
  • Next, you can start the conversion by using its File > Export > Image option and selecting PNG as output format. It even lets you customize some output parameters such as image size, quality, background color, etc.

Additional Feature:

  • It supports some 3D model files too including 3DS, DAE, FBX, OBJ, etc.


It is one of the best free DWG to PNG converter which also lets you modify the drawing present in DWG files before conversion to PNG or any other supported format.


Geo.De.Sy is another free DWG to PNG converter software for Windows. It is basically a CAD design software that offers a variety of drawing, transformation, and other designing tools to create a design. In it, you can simply open and view a DWG file and then convert it to PNG image. Other than PNG, it also supports BMP, GIF, ICO, TIFF, JPG, EMF, and WMF formats to convert DWG to image.

As it comes with a lot of CAD design and editing tools, you can modify DWG file prior to conversion to PNG image. All of the design tools are quite intuitive and easy to use. Now, let use checkout steps to convert DWG to PNG using it.

How to convert DWG to PNG in Geo.De.Sy:

  • At first, open a DWG file and if required, modify it using provided CAD tools.
  • Now, click the File menu >  Export to Image option and in the new window, select PNG as output format. As you do that, it shows the output preview. You can also set size of output image and then start the conversion by hitting Export button.


It is another nice software to create, view, edit, and convert DWG files to PNG images.

DWG FastView

DWG FastView is a nice DWG file viewer which can be used to convert DWG to PNG. Other than viewing features, it also provides a handy feature to convert any DWG file to images including PNG, JPG, and BMP. Apart from DWG files, you can also convert CAD designs present in DXF files to images using it.

How to convert DWG to PNG in DWG FastView:

  • Firstly, open a DWG drawing that you can properly view using tools like zoom, pan, rotate, etc.
  • Next, access the File > Image Out option and with the help of your mouse, select the region of DWG file that you want in output PNG image.
  • You can now select PNG as export format, set output options (export precision and color), and press OK button to start the conversion.


It is a nice software primarily designed to view DWG and DXF files with an additional feature to convert DWG to PNG.


LibreCAD is an open source DWG to PNG converter for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a simple 2D CAD software that lets you create 2D designs. You can also find a dedicated export feature in it that lets you convert DWG file to PNG and other image files like SVG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, etc. You can also edit DWG file before conversion using tools like line, circle, spline, ellipse arc, polyline, trim segments, move, rotate, scale, mirror, divide, stretch, etc.

How to convert DWG to PNG in LibreCAD:

  • Firstly, use its open feature to import a DWG file to it.
  • Now, edit the design as per your requirement if needed.
  • Next, go to File > Export > Export as image option and as output, select PNG format. Before starting the conversion, it lets you customize image size, background, color format, etc.


It is another good DWG to PNG converter that anyone can use without much hassle.


LX-Viewer is yet another free DWG to PNG converter for Windows. It is primarily a DWG and DXF file viewer with tools like pan, zoom, plan view, layers option, etc. In addition to all these features, it also provides an option to convert a DWG file to image formats including PNG, BMP, and SVG. Besides these, it doesn’t offer any other features.

How to convert DWG to PNG in LX-Viewer:

  • Simply open a DWG drawing file in it.
  • Now, go to the File menu and click the Save As option.
  • Next, select PNG as output format, provide output filename, and hit the Save button to start the conversion.


It is a basic DWG file viewer that can also be used as a DWG to PNG converter.

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