4 Best Free Electromagnetic Simulation Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free electromagnetic simulation software for Windows. These software help you simulate electromagnetic waves and their behavior on surroundings. All of these are primarily used to teach students about various aspects of EM waves through simulation. In some simulation software, you get multiple simulation sections like Bar Magnet, Pickup Coil, Electromagnet, etc. The most common simulation scenario to help you understand about electromagnetism is Bar Magnet. In the Bar Magnet simulation, you get a compass along with a bar magnet that you can move closer to or away from the compass to show the effect of EM field on the compass.

These simulators also provide various changeable parameters to understand the effect of different variables on the simulation result. Some changeable parameters provided by these EM simulators are Bar Magnet Strength, Magnet Polarity, Distance between magnet and compass, etc. Plus, you also get some handy options that you can enable or disable like inside magnet field, field meter, electric field, static field, and more.

My Favorite Electromagnetic Simulation Software For Windows:

Faraday’s Electromagnetic Lab is my favorite software because it provides multiple easy to understand EM wave simulations. Each simulation section of this software is based on a certain Faraday law that makes it an ideal software for both teachers and students.

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Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab

Faraday’s Electromagnetic Lab is a free Java based electromagnetic simulation software for Windows. This software is built to help students learn about Faraday’s electromagnetic laws by using various simulations. There are a total of 5 different simulation sections provided by this software to simulate different electromagnetic experiments.

Let’s take a look at all five available electromagnetic simulation sections:

  • Bar Magnet: In this section, you get a Bar Magnet and a Compass to simulate the effects of electromagnetic waves when the bar magnet is taken closer to or away from the compass. Here, you can also notice the same poles repel each other and different poles attract each other. A bar magnet field is also available from where, you can increase or decrease the strength of the bar magnet, flip its polarity, enable or disable inside magnet field, etc.
  • Pickup Coil: In it, you get a bar magnet and a coil connected with bulb to simulate the generation of electricity when a magnet is moved inside a coil. Plus, options to vary the strength of the magnet, flipping its polarity, replacing the bulb with a voltmeter, etc. are also available to simulate different scenarios.
  • Electromagnet: This section is used to simulate the electromagnetic field when AC or DC current source is used to supply power to a coil. At any time, you can increase or decrease the number of coils and enable or disable compass, electron, and field meter from Electromagnet Section.
  • Transformer: As its name implies, this section is used to simulate the transformer by using one coil with AC or DC current sources and another coil with bulb or voltmeter. To make variations in the simulation, you can vary the coil area and enable or disable the electromagnetic field, compass, field meter, etc.
  • Generator: In this section, you get a simple electricity generation model showing that the flow of water rotates the bar magnet that in turns changes the electromagnetic field. Change in electromagnetic field creates the flux in the nearby coil and generates electricity. Some variations like change in coil loop area, number of loops, bar magnet strength, etc. can be made.

Radio Waves & Elecromagnetic Fields

Radio Waves & Electromagnetic Fields is another free Java based electromagnetic simulation software for Windows. This software helps you simulate the behavior of radio and electromagnetic waves between transmitter and receiver in different scenarios. In one of its scenarios, you can change the height of the transmitter to analyze EM waves behavior. To change the Transmitter height, it provides a Transmitter Movement Section that provides options to manually or automatically (oscillate) change the transmitter’s height. In case of automatic (oscillate) option, you can also vary the frequency of the transmitter oscillation and amplitude of the simulated waves. In this software, you get three more important sections namely Field Display Type, Field Sense, and Field Displayed which let you simulate different field and waves.

Let’s take a brief look at all three sections and what they offer:

  • Field Display Type: Using this section, you can simulate radio waves, add vector with radio waves, view full field waves simulation with change in polarity, or completely disable waves simulation.
  • Field Sense: This section helps you simulate the force on the electron or electric field in respect of the waves.
  • Field Displayed: It is used to simulate the Radiated field and Static field of the transmitter antenna.

Overall, it is a really good software to simulate various aspects of electromagnetic waves.

Magnet and Compass

Magnet and Compass is the next free electromagnetic simulation software for Windows. It is one of the simplest simulation software in which you can simulate effects of electromagnetic field on its surrounding area. In it, you get a bar magnet, a compass, and field indicator to simulate different scenarios. The most obvious scenario is to move the magnet towards or away from the compass to observe the movement of compass needle. The other thing that you can do is change the polarity of the magnet to observe effects of different poles on the compass. You can also increase or decrease the strength of the magnet to observe the change in field strength of the magnet. A handy earth magnetic field simulation is also available in it, to view the structure of earth electromagnetic field. Overall, it is a great software for students who want to understand more about electromagnetism.


FreeEM3DS or Electromagnetic 3D Simulator is yet another free electromagnetic simulation software for Windows. It is an equation based simulator through which you can simulate electromagnetic fields and waves. In it, you can also create designs for various electrical devices and analyze their EM fields. To design a device, it provides various tools like Thick Strip Line, Dielectric Resonator, Piezo Materials, etc. Plus, various tutorials are also provided in it to help you design a device. After designing a device, you can run the simulation by going to its Tools menu. The whole simulation run in the background, so you will not be able to view it, but you can still get all your answers from the obtained simulation result. In the result, you get various graphs showing losses, phase difference, group delay, VSWR, etc. values of simulation.

In this software, you can also perform Electromagnetic Analysis and Lumped Element Analysis on different materials. Plus, some other handy tools like 2D graphs, 3D Graphs, Parameter Optimizer, Variable Tuner, etc. are also available to help you view and analyze electromagnetic fields in terms of graphs and values.

Note: This software is free for only personal use. To use its commercially, you need to purchase the paid version of this software.

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