3 Best Free Traffic Simulation Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Traffic Simulation Software For Windows. Most of these software offer good customization options to simulate the traffic. In these software, you can change the duration of each of the installed traffic lights separately, vary the density of traffic, etc. Besides this, direction probability is also a good feature which is available in one of the software in this list. The direction probability lets you control the traffic density for each of the four directions separately. Moreover, you can also control the density of traffic by varying density of vehicles entering or exiting (per minute).

I have also added a software which comes with a lot of roadmaps. It also lets you edit any of the available roadmaps and save them.

In one of the software, you can analyze the impact of weather conditions on traffic. You will get three weather conditions, namely, normal, rainy, and foggy. A common feature to vary the speed of traffic simulation is available in most of these software.

My favorite traffic simulation software:

Intersection Simulator is my favorite traffic simulation software. It is the only software in this list which displays the Bar Graph and Statistical Data of the traffic simulation. In addition to this, it also features a good number of customization options for traffic simulation. Read the article to know about its features.

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Intersection Simulator

Intersection Simulator is a free traffic simulation software for Windows. Using this free traffic simulator software, you can understand the traffic running on a road by simulating it. Its entire interface is divided into three sections:

  1. Traffic Simulation
  2. BarGraph
  3. Statistical Data of Traffic

You can vary the traffic simulation by changing the statistical data. This data contains the variables related to traffic. All of these variables can be changed separately for all four directions, i.e., left, right, up, and down.

Let’s understand what are these variables and what effect will take place in traffic on changing this data:

  • Traffic Light: The default value for all four traffic lights is 5. The unit of this value (seconds, minutes, etc.) is not specified in the software. On changing this value, the duration of the traffic lights to switch from one color to another also changes.
  • Direction Probability: By varying the direction probability for any direction(s), you can increase or decrease the density of traffic in that particular direction(s). For example, if I keep the direction probability for left direction greater than the rest of three directions, then the flow of traffic will increase towards the left direction as compared to the rest of three directions.
  • Density (per minute): This feature lets you control the density of traffic by controlling the number of vehicles entering or exiting per minute. You can set the number of vehicles per minute to be seen on road in the range of X to Y. For example, if I keep this density in the range of 1 to 10, then the quantity of vehicles will not exceed 10 per minute. You can vary this value for different directions.
  • Output and Input Tracks: You will get two options for both of these tracks: 1 track and 2 track. 1 track makes traffic to flow only in single row, whereas 2 tracks option reduces the stress of traffic on the road by letting it flow in two parallel rows.
  • Track Type: You can select any track from the list of three available tracks, namely, left & up/right, left/up & right, and left/up & up/right.

Just below the traffic simulation, there is a slider having value from 2x to 16x. By varying this slider, you can increase or decrease the simulation speed. There is also a STOP mark at the beginning of the slider. Moving the slider to this mark will stop the traffic simulation. Four Up/Down counters (each for 1 direction) are also added to the interface. The value of these counters increases with the entrance of every new vehicle and decreases when the arrived vehicles leave.

The bar graph shows average wait for vehicles (in seconds) for each direction. You can export the parameters in text format and graph in zip format. But, I got empty graph after exporting it.


TSignals is another free traffic simulation software for Windows. Like Intersection Simulator, it also has a lot of customization options to control traffic. As you launch the software, it displays two options on the interface: Enter Software and Tutorial. Selecting Enter Software option will take you to the traffic simulator. If you want to know how this software works, you can view its pdf tutorial by clicking on the Tutorial button.

In the traffic simulation mode, you will get six options by which you can control the traffic on the road. Let us understand each of these options:

  • Option 1: Option 1 requires you to enter the time in seconds for a traffic signal in each direction (left, right, front, and back) separately. Cam1, Cam2, Cam3, and Cam4 represents the four traffic lights installed in all four directions. After entering the time, click on Set Time button to apply changes.
  • Option 2: Here, you have to enter the traffic density. You can enter different traffic density for all four directions.
  • Option 3: This section requires you to enter the time of the day to start the simulation.
  • Option 4: You can modify the entries of traffic densities in the database for a particular period of time.
  • Option 5: This option lets you set the timer for each of the four traffic signals to the default value of 60 seconds. Moreover, you can also alter the weather conditions as normal, rainy, or foggy. The simulation will run as per the set weather condition.
  • Option 6: Enabling this option will turn off all the traffic lights and the simulation will be stopped until you start it again.

Road Traffic Simulator

Road Traffic Simulator is another good traffic simulation software for Windows. It is a portable software which runs in your default web browser, but doesn’t require an internet connectivity.

The best part of the software is it comes with a good collection of different roadmaps. You just have to click on generateMap button in order to get a new roadmap for traffic simulation. Every time I clicked on generateMap button, it generated a new random roadmap. Hence, I am not sure about how many road maps it actually comes with.

In this software, you can vary the number of cars from 0 to 200. For this, you have to use the provided slider.

In the Visualizer section, you can stop the traffic simulation by removing the check in the checkbox provided next to running option. Apart from this, you can also edit a road map and save it. So that you can continue with your last edited roadmap, it loads the same roadmap on next launch.

Time factor is one more good feature of this free traffic simulation software, which is used to vary the speed of traffic simulation. If I talk about the time interval of traffic lights, the maximum time duration to change the traffic lights can be set to 4 seconds only.

All in all, it is a nice and portable traffic simulation software for Windows.

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