4 Best Free Face Tracking Software For Windows

This article consists of a list of best free face tracking software for Windows. These software can perform real-time face tracking. In order to perform face tracking with these software, you just require a camera. Not just tracking, some of these software let you record videos with facial movements and save them as AVI file. There are also some software which even track partially covered face.

These face detection software let you adjust video frame rate and resolution that help to control recorded file size. In addition to face tracking, one of these software let you perform eye tracking and gaze recording. It tracks eye movement on the screen by calibrating it with the camera.

My Favorite Face Tracking Software:

GazeRecorder is my favorite face tracker software for PC. Moreover, it also tracks eye movement on the screen and lets you perform gaze recording. Also, it generates dynamic and static heat map based on eye movement. You can save facial movements as AVI files.

You can also checkout list of some interesting trackers for Windows: eye trackersatellite trackerstar tracker, and hurricane tracker.


GazeRecorder is a free face tracking software for Windows. It is basically a gaze recording software that tracks eyes and face of the user and records eye movement on screen. It operates well under good as well as dull lighting conditions even if the face is partially covered.

As you launch this software, you can go through Record (tab) > Eye-Tracker (menu). Now, you need to click on Start Cam option that leads to gaze recording and face tracking process by calibrating your eyes to a dot on the screen. In order to re-calibrate face tracking and gaze calibration, you can click on Reinit Face and Calibrate Gaze options respectively. As a result of aforementioned settings, it displays real-time face and eye movements on the screen. There is a Rec button given on its interface to start Gaze recording. All these data is by default saved in GazeRecorderResult folder in TXT, XML, DAT, and AVI format. Moreover, it generates dynamic (AVI format) and static heat map (JPG).

It also provides several outputs and eye tracker settings using which, you can adjust resolution, define head model (Child, Female, or Male), calibration type (1, 5, 9, 16 points), gaze plot size, folder location to store generated result, etc.

NOTE: It is free for non-commercial use only (as mentioned on the interface). It doesn’t track face if there is a huge change in face angle with respect to the camera.


MPT is another free face tracking software for Windows. It performs well under good lighting conditions.

As you launch this software, it lets you initiate a project and define resolution for the face tracking recording. It supports three resolutions 160*120, 320*240, and 640*480. After that, you can specify the capture device to use for face tracking. Now, it lets you specify video properties which include brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, gamma, backlight compensation, etc. adjustments. Also, you can set camera control by adjusting zoom, exposure, pan, tilt, etc.

After setting up all these options, it brings you to its main interface where you can start face tracking and recording the video by going through File > Save Video path. Now, you can click on Start Capture option to name the recording file and choose a suitable video compressor. Some of the compressors are DV Video Encoder, MJPEG Compressor, Microsoft Video 1, Microsoft RLE, Intel IYUV COdec, etc.

When you are done with face tracking and recording its movements, a click on Stop Capture button ends recording process and saves the file in its default AVI format.


FreeTrack is another free real time face tracking software for PC. It works on four face tracking models, namely: 1 Single Point, 3 Point Clip, 3 Points Cap, and 4 point cap. These face tracking models differ in face tracking mechanism, translation reference, level of difficulty in setting up the mode, and the way they treat head translation.

After launching this face tracker software, you need to specify the Source as your webcam. Now, you can see a black and white representation of the camera view in the right half of the interface, while a skull in the left part (in a three-dimensional plane represented by X, Y, and Z axes). This skull makes real time movement as per your head movement (depending on selected model).

It even lets you make various adjustments to the settings as you can change frame rate (max 120 FPS), orientation i.e. yaw, pitch, roll, etc. Also, you can track face from front, top, side, and first-person view. As the face moves, it displays the movement data i.e. rotational motion yaw, pitch and roll (in degree), and translational motion i.e. X, Y, Z-directions (in mm).

Note: If you are getting a D3DX9_33.DLL file missing error, then you can download it for free using this link.

Windows Camera

Windows Camera is Windows built-in app that can perform face tracking. You just need to launch this software and it automatically detects faces with their corresponding movement. As it is a camera software, it lets you adjust exposure, brightness, take photos, and record videos as well. Also, you can change frame rate, resolution, flicker reduction, aspect ratio, etc.

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