4 Free Financial Analysis Software for Windows

Here is a list of 4 free financial analysis software for Windows. If you are looking for financial analysis software for Windows then you should check these ones out. These software come with essential financial management features offering detailed analysis of your financial expenses with reports and charts.

All these software let you add multiple income sources including different types of bank accounts. You can record all your expenses in categories and sub-categories with crucial payment details like payment method, payees, payers, etc. These details make it easy to find and analyze similar expenses and generate reports.

These software have a budget manager where you can easily track how much money is coming and where it’s going. Additionally, these software also let you manage expenses on different assets, projects, and vehicles. This way, you can track all your finance in one place and analyze your expenses.

My Favorite Financial Analysis Software

HomeBank is my favorite financial analysis software for Windows. This software packs all the essential features in a simple interface. It can track all your incomes and expenses in one place with detailed reports and charts combined with balance sheets. It also comes with a budget manager and supports transactional data import and export in conventional file formats.

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HomeBank is a free personal financial analysis software for Windows. This software can create a database of income and expenses with a simple yet featured-packed interface. Users can add their income sources and various types of bank accounts. It can manage expenses in categories with payment details such as payees, payers, payment methods, etc.

This software can manage your budget with all expenses including vehicle expenses if any. It plots the data on graphs along with sheets offering a detailed report of everything. On top of that, users can track expenses by categories, payees, payers, payment methods, and more. This software shows detailed static reports of all the expenses. It can also schedule future payments with reminders on the due dates.

Main Features:

  • Clean Interface.
  • Add multiple accounts and income sources.
  • Record transactions in categories with reference and payment details.
  • Add and manage payers and payees.
  • Import transactions from CSV, TXT, OFX, and QIF formats.
  • Schedule future transactions with reminders.
  • Monthly and Annual Budget Management.
  • Generate static reports with charts and graphs.
  • Trend Time reports for income and expenses.
  • Track vehicle expenses with the report.

Final Thoughts:

HomeBank is a good financial analysis software that manages all your income sources and expenses in one place. It offers comprehensive reports for everything in a simple interface. With a slight learning curve, it is one of the best free financial analysis software for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Accounts and Budget

Account and Budget is another free financial analysis software for Windows. This is a comprehensive financing software packing everything in a neat, modern, and easy-to-navigate interface. Users can add multiple bank accounts and other sources of income. It can record transitions with specific payment parameters that make it easy to organize and track expenses.

This software can create plans for income and expenses. It allows users to schedule income and expenses to get notifications on the due date. It also has dedicated sections to manage expenses of particular assets and projects. With all the data, it generates financial reports by categories, payee, payers, projects, assets, etc. It can also generate account evolution charts plotting expense evolution, income evolution, expense distribution, and income distribution. On top of that, this software also has a budget manager where users can record their monthly plan for each income source.

Main Features:

  • Simple Interface.
  • Create scheduled plans for income and expenses.
  • Add multiple accounts.
  • Add and manage payers and payees.
  • Manage assets and project expenses separately.
  • Record transactions in categories with reference and payment method.
  • Search transactions.
  • Import transactions from CSV, TXT, OFX, and QIF formats.
  • Track due dates with notifications.
  • Budget Management.
  • Export financial analysis report to CSV or Excel.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Account Evaluation charts.
  • Customize income and expenses with color codes.

Final Thoughts:

Accounts and Budget is a really good financial analysis software that can give you a detailed insight into your income and expense distributions. Budget Manager and separate finance management for assets and projects are additional features that are quite useful.

Cash and the City

Cash and the City is yet another free financial analysis software for Windows. This software also has a simple-to-navigate interface where users can easily manage their income and transactions. Instead of having separate sections for income and expenses, this software has Events and Recurrent. This way, users have to focus on the transactions and this software can take care of the rest.

It shows daily balance charts all the time and users can sort those from incomes, expenses, and balances. Recurrent is the sections where users can add reoccurring transactions and schedule future transactions. This software plots charts that users can sort by definite time intervals. One of the main highlights of this software is password protection. Users can set a password to open the software to keep their data private and safe.

Main Features:

  • Add multiple income sources and bank accounts.
  • Import transactions from Excel and CSV files.
  • Track expenses in categories with tags.
  • Schedule incomes and expenses with reminders.
  • Interactive charts for daily, monthly, and annual balance sheets.
  • Generate balance reports with charts.
  • Export reports to Excel and CSV format.

Additional Features:

  • Add password protection.
  • Automatically backup previous data when saved.
  • Add tags and filter incomes and expenses with tags.

Final Thoughts:

Cash and the City is a good software to keep track of income and expenses. It is a nice option for personal financial analysis as it focuses on transactions and generates regular balance reports. All that secured with a password.

Abassis Finance Manager

Abassis Finance Manager is a free personal financial analysis software for Windows. This software can easily manage all your finance in one place. It can keep track of income and expenses and provide analytic reports to improve savings.

This financial analysis software can record multiple accounts with dedicated sections to manage all the transactions. Users can define their expenses with monthly settings including bills, cables, groceries, food, ATM, and more. It can import transactions and expenses from previous months to keep everything accurate and updated. In terms of analysis, it plots graphics visualizing the expense distributions and transaction fluctuations.

Main Features:

  • Add Multiple Accounts to manage income
  • Track Monthly Expenses while carrying over from last month
  • Manage expenses and transactions in custom categories and sub-categories
  • Add Transaction Controls for Withdrawal, Deposit, and Transfer
  • Plot Expense Distribution Graph
  • Graphical Transaction Fluctuation Analysis of past 6 months


  • No outside transaction import (like a bank statement, CSV, etc.)
  • No option to track due dates.

Final Thoughts:

This is a good financial analysis software that can help you manage your personal as well as venture expenses in one place.

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