3 Best Free Fleet Management Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free fleet management software for Windows. These software can be used to manage vehicles in your fleet easily. Fleet manager software make maintenance of multiple vehicles easy. You can easily add information regarding your fleet, such as vehicle information, insurance information, service records, repair records, and more. Once information is entered, you can even pull out specific information in form of reports.

All of the free fleet manger software mentioned here are different from each other. One of these software let you store extensive information about your fleet. You can also use it to create custom reports and render charts. The other one is good for basic fleet management and does not have advanced options. The last one in this list is one of the best fleet management software available out there. It has a very advanced tool, which calculates service due date automatically for vehicles based on various vehicle related data entered by you.

Once you go through the list, you will get to know about the fleet management options provided by these software in brief.

My Favorite Fleet Management Software:

I like Fleetco the most. It is an open source fleet manager, that lets you manage vehicles in a very easy to use interface. The options available let you store detailed information regarding your vehicles. You can also store information regarding accidents along with images.

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Fleetco is an amazing and open source fleet management solution for Windows. It lets you record and manage various aspects of fleet management, that too without any limitations. You can store information regarding your vehicle, insurance, maintenance record, tyre management, stock balance, stock movement, accidental record, and more. The reporting module is also feature rich and lets you pull out various types of reports. All of this comes in a neatly arranged interface, making every option accessible and easy to use.

Let us understand this fleet management software and how it works in little brief to get an overall idea about it.

The options are divided in various modules:

First of all, you need to feed this software all the data about the vehicles, fuel, insurance, renewals, suppliers, stocks, etc. This can be done in the Master Data module. You can add detailed information about vehicles, such as: type, reg date, reg no, make, model, driver, mileage, etc.

The Fuel Records module lets you add information regarding fuel refilling, consumption, vehicle, cost, mileage, and more.

In the Stocks module, information regarding stock purchases, issues, removals, and disposal can be added.

Tyres are something that need regular maintenance, and a separate module has been provided for the same. Here, information regarding tyre removals, rebuild, receipts, issues, and disposal are stored.

The Repairs module lets you maintain records regarding general and accident repair.

You can also keep a record of regular maintenance in a separate module. Here, information regarding vehicle, meter reading, cost, etc. are logged.

A module to keep a record of renewal records of insurance, emission test, fitness certificate, and port permission is also available.

Another good feature provided by this fleet manager is a module to keep records of accidents. In Accident Records module, you can enter accident details along with images.

The Insurance Claims module keeps records of the vehicle insurance claims with details like, vehicle number, accident reference, insurer, claim, remarks, etc.

The Reports and Charts modules are let you keep an eye on exact statistics you want to. Pull custom reports based on fleet, fuel, maintenance records, stock movement, accident report, etc. Custom charts for Fuel and Maintenance statistics can be pulled out as well.

Fleetco is a PHP based open source fleet management software which runs on MySQL database backend. It can easily store huge data and let you view a piece of information whenever wanted , pretty easily.


odoo is  a well known business management software with tools to manage various businesses. These tools are available as modules, and can be installed as per your business requirement. One of these tools lets you carry out fleet management. It provides options to keep a track of vehicles, vehicle contracts, odometer, fuel logs, service logs, and vehicle costs. You can also use it to generate reports based on various costs.

odoo’s fleet management module is not as advanced as Fleetco, but is good if you want to store basic information of your vehicles.

You need to add vehicles to your fleet first. While adding vehicles, you can enter vehicle model, license, assigned driver, odometer reading, engine information, and other necessary info.

After adding vehicle, you can begin adding other information. As mentioned above, detailed information regarding vehicle contracts, odometer, fuel logs, service logs, etc. can be logged.

A vehicle configuration option is also available, that lets you create Vehicle Status, and apply these status to vehicles. You can set vehicle status as In shop, active, inactive, and sold. You can also create your own vehicle status to assign to vehicles.

Although this free vehicle management software comes without any limitations, the options available are pretty basic.

Note: In the free version of odoo, you can only use one app at a time. So, if you are using fleet management app, you cannot use other apps of odoo at the same time.


FleetVIP is an amazing vehicle management software for PC. The fleet management features provided by this software let you keep track of vehicles info, vehicle maintenance tasks, schedule maintenance tasks, generate reports, and more. The most interesting feature that FleetVIP has to offer is its maintenance due date prediction. Based on the vehicle records, readings, and maintenance tasks, it calculates a due date. There’s a lot that goes inside this software to help you take care of your fleet perfectly.

Although the free version of FleetVIP lets you only add 2 vehicles for tracking, all the features are available as in the paid version. This makes it a good option only for small organizations.

Let us briefly get to know about this free software for fleet management.

Once it is installed, you can begin with adding vehicle information. You can add vehicle License no., make, model, year, initial miles, latest miles, annual use, estimated current miles, etc. For each added vehicle, you can schedule tasks. These tasks are for inspection, replacement, or servicing of various parts of vehicle. Each task can be scheduled separately based on the type of task. Also, schedule repetition can  be set for every given time (in months, years, days) or every given distance covered. You can also assign separate service providers along with their info for each task. All these features make vehicle maintenance scheduling much easy.

All the above data entered by you are subjected to internal calculations. These calculations determine due dates for vehicle checkup, and notify you about the same.

Another striking feature of FleetVIP is its reporting system. It lets you generate a bunch of custom reports based on vehicles, schedules, repairs, due dates, service providers, and more.

FleetVIP is surely a must have fleet management software that runs without internet. With all the features it packs, it makes fleet maintenance an easy task.

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