6 Best Free Holiday Calendar Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Holiday Calendar Software For Windows. This list contains both holiday calendar software and holiday calendar apps for Windows 10. While calendar software are commonly used software by PC users, there are only a few which display the calendar with a list of holidays. Hence, this is a sorted list which you need to go through to find holiday calendars for your PC.

Using these software, you can find all major holidays occurring in the current year which can help you plan your trips or some other events. Not just current year, you can fetch information on holidays in next year or any previous year. These even let you view holidays and occasions for a religion including Christian, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, SikhBuddhist, etc. Some even let you personalize location to mark holidays and observances in the calendar such as United States, India, France, Germany, Mexico, European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, South Africa, etc. In a few of these holiday calendars, you also get to know details about a particular holiday or event. You can even save the list of holidays in different file formats (RTF, DOC, PDF, TXT, etc.) in one of these software. Also, you can add personal reminders and notes.

One of these holiday calendars displays international days based on different categories, like Religious, Animal, Food, Funny, Global, Music, Science, Literature, Sports, Nature, etc. One of these even shows a list of birth and death anniversaries of popular people in the history.

My Favorite Holiday Calendar Software For Windows:

Calendar Magic is my favorite holiday calendar freeware as it is a feature rich calendar software with the flexibility to export the list of holidays occurring in the current year or any other year.

Holiday Every Day is also a considerably good holiday calendar app as it displays a detailed list of holidays and historical events.

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Calendar Magic

Calendar Magic is a feature-rich calendar software for Windows. It also works as a holiday calendar as it provides a list of holidays. To checkout the list of holidays and festivals, go to its Date menu and click on Religious Festivals option. It then shows you a full list of all festivals with respective dates. You can customize this list as per type like Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese, Islamic, Jewish, Orthodox, etc. Also, you can find out holidays for a specific Gregorian year within 2000 to 2048 year range. It also lets you view widely celebrated festivals of special interest. You can also find the Easter Dates.

The good part of this holiday calendar software is that it lets you save the holiday list for a particular year in text file formats, like RTF, TXT, DOC, etc. Also, you can print the list of holidays in date or alphabetical order. Using this option, you can also save the list as a PDF document. While doing so, you can customize print settings such as font, size, header, footer, content, margins, line spacing, and other print options.

Some interesting features of this holiday calendar software:

  • You can setup various settings including a password to start the software, your location, display font, etc.
  • It provides various types of calendars based on different groups including Gregorian, Hebrew, Hindu Solar, Indian National, Julian, Parsi Kadmi, Afghan, Persian Arithmetic, Sikh Nanakshahi, Chinese, Egyptian, and more.
  • It provides some desirable features like Date Conversion (convert date format), Date Detective (to view which day a date falls on), Summer Olympic GamesWinter Olympic Games, Time Calculator, Revolutionary Time, Alarm Clock, Countdown Timer, etc.
  • This Is Your Life is another interesting feature of this holiday calendar. As you enter your date of birth, it shows the respective information like zodiac sign, date of birth according to other calendars, days lived, exact age, etc.)
  • You can add reminders, quick notes, etc. too.
  • It provides various Maths Utilities which you can use whenever required. These include Equation Solver, Scientific Calculator, Fraction Calculator, Factor Calculator, Prime Calculator, etc.

In my opinion, Calendars Magic is the best holiday calendar and an overall calendar software for PC users.


WinCalendar is a simple holiday calendar software for Windows. It basically highlights common holidays in each month of a year. As you right click on a particular holiday and click on Holiday Info option, it displays detailed information regarding the holiday in your default browser. If you click on Show on Holiday Calendar option, it will open a calendar for that particular month in the browser showing all holidays for different religions like Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc. You can also go to a past or future year and view holidays in each month.

You can customize this holiday calendar as per your requirement. It lets you personalize location to mark holidays and observances such as United States, France, Germany, Mexico, European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, South Africa, etc. Also, you can set which religious holidays to mark on the calendar: Christian, Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim. Other customization options include layout, size, date format, shortcut key, etc. You can also enable WinCalendar within Excel or Word.

WinCalendar is a decent holiday calendar software. You can go to a particular date and add personal notes in this calendar software.

Holiday Every Day

Holiday Every Day is a free Windows 10 app which displays holidays and various events occurred on a particular date. Not just common holidays, it displays a wide list of occasions, historical events, famous birthdays, etc. It basically displays all these information about countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, etc.

On its main interface, you can view the current date and the popular occasion on that day. There, you will find Anniversary and All Holidays tabs. Anniversary tab displays events like battles, wars, etc., birthdays, and death anniversaries of famous people. In All Holidays tab, you will see all holidays, festivals, and observances. All the events are displayed with related pictures. You can go to the next date or previous date from the current one.

Using its Options menu, you can personalize few general settings, like font, language (English, German, French, Spanish, German), theme, etc.

Holiday Every Day is a nice holiday calendar app for Windows 10. I would recommend it to the historians as besides holidays, it provides information on historical events, what occurred on a particular date, birthdays of popular people, etc.

KeepIn Calendar

KeepIn Calendar is a free holiday calendar app for Windows 10. It displays international holiday/occasion on a particular date with Live Tile. You can view the event for the current date on the main interface. Go to a particular date if you need to find the related occasion/holiday.

It also provides various categories and important events and dates. These categories include Religious, Animal, Food, Funny, Global, Music, Science, Literature, Sports, Nature, and more. For example, for Animal category, it displays World Animal Day, Visit The Zoo Day, World Snake Day, etc. For Religious category, it shows all famous religious occasions like Easter, Pongal, Diwali, Eid-al-Fitr, etc. You can explore these interesting categories and know more about the various international days.

KeepIn Calendar is a great holiday calendar app which serves the purpose of both finding holidays and international days and events.

Calendar and Holidays

Calendar and Holidays is another free holiday calendar app for Windows 10. As the name suggests, this Windows app comes with a Calendar having a list of holidays. The holidays are highlighted in the calendar and you can also view the full list of holidays occurring in a particular month of a year. Simply click on the highlighted date to know the occasion. You can choose which types of holidays to include, United Kingdom, Ireland, Christian Holidays, Jewish, Orthodox Church, International, and/or Fun Holidays. And, you can go to any particular month and year to view holidays in that month.

Calendar and Holidays is a basic Windows app for a holiday calendar. Unfortunately, there are not many customization options in the free version of this app. But, the full version can be purchased to enjoy many great features like Live Tile, Notifications, Color Themes, etc.

Jewish Holiday Calendar

Jewish Holiday Calendar is yet another free holiday calendar app for Windows 10. Like other holiday calendar software and apps, it also displays holiday, event, or occasion for the current date. It basically detects your location and displays Jewish holidays with your location and the current date. It shows the date in both Gregorian and Hebrew formats.

It shows major Jewish holidays and important dates. On clicking a particular holiday event, you will see the history of that particular occasion. That’s about it. It doesn’t contain any other feature.

Jewish Holiday Calendar is a very basic Windows app for holiday calendar.

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