5 Best Free ID Card Maker Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free ID card maker software for Windows. Through these software, you can create School ID cards, Organization ID cards, etc. In some software, you get various predefined templates to quickly design ID cards. Templates make ID card designing easier as you just need to add user’s image and personal information in template’s structure. However, in most software, you can design a completely custom ID card design. For custom ID card designing, these software provide all essential tools and sections for you, like Editor section, Insert image tool, Text tool, Font changer, Font color changer, Background changer, Insert shape tools, etc. Along with these elements, you can also vary the overall size of ID cards by varying parameters like Height and Width.

Some of these ID card designers also let you add Barcodes to the ID card which is a more secure way to authenticate employees than id number and photo. Due to barcodes, employees can also mark their attendance using their ID cards. After the designing of ID card, you can save it as project file or as PDF using Print option. In general, all software work perfectly and you will be able to design ID cards of any type with ease.

My Favorite ID Card Maker Software For Windows:

ID Flow is my favorite software because through it, you can create fully custom as well as templates based ID cards. It also has the most number of text and card customizing features. Plus, its abilities to manage ID cards and their information are also impressive.

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ID Flow

ID Flow is a free ID card maker software for Windows. This software helps you design ID cards for school children, college students, employees, and for people of other professions. Using it, you can create a semi-custom as well as a fully custom ID card. Semi-custom cards have predefined ID card structures in which, you just need to add essential information and photo of an employee to create an ID. However, in fully-custom card method, you can change every aspect of a card including colors, fonts, size of text & image, etc. After designing, you can save the design as a PDF file.

If you want to create semi-custom ID cards, then either select Configure using the current settings or Preconfigured workstation profile options from Configuration workstation menu. These options lead you to a Main location configuration page, where various ID management and ID card making options are present. From the available options, select the Enrollment option and fill all employee details like First Name, Last Name, Title, Department, etc. After that, press Next and add the photo of the employee and press Finish button. Now, use the Print card option to save the ID card in PDF format.

To create a fully custom ID card, select launch setup wizard option from the same configure workstation menu. In this setup wizard, you need to configure various parameters one by one like assigning a group name, importing or creating new design file, database settings, card template (PVC, paper badges, report sheets), etc. When you reach its confirm card design option, then click edit card design button to launch its ID card editor. In the editor, you can move and place text, photo, and barcode at any part of the card. Plus, all options to change the background color, text color, text font, etc. are also available. Design the ID card as you want using available tools. After the completion, you can save the designed ID card as PDF using its Print option.

This software is not just used to create an ID card, but it is also used to manage all the information of employees who have ID cards. At any time, you can easily find out full details of an employee using the card number or first and last name of the employee.

CardDesiree CS

CardDesiree CS is another free ID card maker software for Windows. Using this software, you can create different types of ID cards like Employee ID card, Student ID card, etc.

In order to design ID cards, this freeware provides a really unique editing section that allows you to design front and back part of an ID card at the same time. You can disable this option from its toolbar and design only one part at a time. All other essential tools like Add image, Add barcode, Add text, etc. are present on the side toolbar of this software. When you add text, image, background, etc. to its editor, a new Settings panel will open up on the right side of its interface. From its Settings panel, you will be able to change card properties like font color, font, brightness, color adjustments, exposure, etc. Once the card is fully designed, either save the design as .MDS project file or directly print it using its Print option.

Note: In this software, you cannot save the created ID card as PDF even by using its print option.

Formtec Design Pro

Formtec Design Pro is yet another free ID card maker software for Windows. Along with ID cards, you can create cards of different types like business cards, media labels, barcode labels, photo stickers, etc.

When you launch this software, first, it will ask you to select a category of cards that you want to design. From the available categories, select the business card category as it is the closest category to an ID card. As soon as you select the category, a blank card according to the selected category will appear on its interface. Now, you can add a photo of an employee, add personal information, change the background color, add barcode, etc. to create the design of an ID card. To make further changes like alignment, card length, width, background color, font color, etc., use its Object settings and Alignment and Color menus from the side panel. After completion, you can view the preview of ID card in the Print preview option. To save the ID card, you can either use its Print option (to save card as PDF) or the Save option to save it as .dgf and .dgt project formats.

Clickable Card

Clickable Card is a free and portable ID card maker software for Windows. It is a lightweight Windows software to help you create ID cards, Banners, and Business cards.

Through this freeware, you can create ID cards but most of its features are optimized for business card creation like Business field (to fill business details), Professional titles, etc. You may or may not use business fields as they are not compulsory to fill in an ID card. You can find its Miscellaneous field more useful as it allows to write text freely like nameaddress, ID number, etc.

This software also comes with various Text customization tools like Font changer, Font color changer, Font resizer, etc. Apart from text, you can add User and Signature images to the card as well. You can move text, images, and card elements through a mouse that makes ID card creation easier. After designing, save ID card in .AC project format or export it as an image (JPG, BMP, and GIF).

In general, this software works fine but its unresponsive Template module and lack of card resizing features are main drawbacks of this software.

Free Business Card Maker

Free Business Card Maker is a free business card maker software for Windows. You can also use this card maker to design and create an ID card. It is not a dedicated ID card maker but still, essential tools to add user image, personal information, and card resizing tools are available in it.

Before designing the ID card, you can change the height/width and background color of ID card from the Settings menu. After that, you can add text and images to its editor section of this software using the respective tools. You can Move and Resize elements (text, images, and shapes) of the card by using your mouse. After completion, save the created ID card as .fbcrd format or as PDF through its Print option.

You can create ID cards with this software, but it also possesses some drawbacks like latency while moving elements through the mouse, lack of barcode feature, and lack of ID card customization tools.

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