4 Best Free Logo Maker Software For Windows

Here is a list of 4 best free logo maker software for Windows.

Logo is a symbol which is used for representing commercial organizations, social organizations and even individuals. It is used vastly for identification, marketing and promoting. There is an increase in the development of the logo with the growth of the computer technology. You can create them by using many different methods and one of the effective methods for creating them is by using logo design software.

You can use all these free logo design software to create various type of logo designs easily. Three of these provides a large number of objects or icons from many different categories to create logo. They let you add images from the computer and you can also add various effects in the logos by using them. You can save the generated logos in popular image file formats with transparent background.

Lets see each of these free logo generators one by one. Also check out these business card maker, icon maker and flowchart software.

Here Are The 4 best Free Logo Maker Software For Windows:

Logo Design Shop

Logo Design Shop is a resourceful, feature-rich and one of the best logo design software. It provides many useful features for designing logo, some of them are:

  • It provides many logo templates from more than 20 categories, such as: Business, Technology, Health & Beauty, Food & Beverage, Construction, etc.
  • It lets you design the logo templates of your own by using various shapes, colors, effects and canvas shapes.  It can create 4 different types of effects; they are: Shadow, Frame, Blur, and Emboss.
  • You can import images from the computer in popular image file formats, such as: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, etc.
  • This free logo design software provides a large number of objects from 4 different categories, these are: Alphabet Art, Base Elements, Flags, and Seals.
  • It provides many taglines which you can add in the logo.
  • It can export created logo design in popular image file formats with transparent background, such as: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, HCK, etc. It can also export designed logo to gray scale.

How to make a logo using Logo Design Shop

  1. After running this software, select a template or select a blank logo canvas.
  2. Start making the logo by using various objects, effects and editing features. You can also insert images from your computer in the logo.
  3. After the logo is created, export it to popular image file formats.

Note: You need to register on its website to install this free logo maker software. Registration is free.

Jeta Logo Designer

Jeta Logo Designer is a quality software for designing logo. It provides a large number of logo templates, objects and styles with many other useful features. Some of its key features are:

  • It provides more than 50 free good looking logo templates for designing logo from various categories.
  • It lets you create logo from more than 70 objects, some of the objects are: circle, square, pentagon, triangle, arrow, etc.
  • It lets you make stylish designs by using the large number of objects from various style categories, such as: Glossy, Button Style, Gradient/Shadow, Simple Gradient, Bold stroke, etc.
  • Using it, you can also insert text and images of popular image file formats in the logo design. Image formats include: PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, TIFF, etc.
  • You can design logo with transparent background and save it in PNG, GIF, JPG or BMP file format.
  • This free logo design software is a small program with a setup file size less than 10 MB.

How to make a logo using Jeta Logo Designer, steps are:

  1. After opening it, select a template or simply select a blank template.
  2. A small Image Option window will open. Here you can set the logo canvas and logo background color.
  3. Add various objects or shapes from a large number of predefined shapes and edit them as per your requirement. You can also add text and images from the computer.
  4. Last, save the project or save the logo image in popular image file formats.

Note: This free logo maker software also has a paid business edition with a lot more handy features.

Free Logo Maker

Free Logo Maker lets you make a logo design from a large number of icons or objects and two text lines in different font styles. It is a user-friendly logo creator software. Some of the effective features of this logo design software are:

  • It provides a large number of icons from 14 different categories, such as: technology, building, food, transportation, medical, etc.
  • It lets you rotate the icons or text clockwise or anti-clockwise and resize them.
  • It provides more than 50 font styles for creating logo with stylish fonts.
  • It can generate logo in JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP file formats with transparent background.

Steps to make a logo using this free logo maker are:

  1. After running this software, select an icon or object from any of the available categories.
  2. Add text in the logo (if desired) and you can only add two text lines. You can rotate and resize either text or icon.
  3. Save the created logo in any of the popular image file format.

Note: This free logo creator software has an ad-supported installation and it will try to install third party software.

Color Logo Maker

You can use Color Logo Maker if you are looking for a software which can make only text logo. Some of its handy features are:

  • It can easily generate text logo using many different colors.
  • You can use many different fonts for creating logos and add shadows to the logos.
  • You can save the generated logo in PNG, BMP and JPG file formats.

Designing logo is easy by using this logo design software. Steps to make a logo using this free logo creator are:

  1. After opening this software, enter the logo text.
  2. Then, edit font style and create effect in the logo.
  3. Last, save the logo in the computer.

This free logo creator is a very small software with download zip file size about 50 KB and it is available in portable format.

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