5 Best Free Inductance Calculator For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Inductance Calculator For Windows. These free calculators let you calculate the inductance of different coils. Some of these inductance calculators can calculate the inductance of both solenoids and toroids. You simply have to enter the required data (outer diameter, inner diameter, winding pitch, working frequency, type of wire, etc.) and click on Calculate button in order to get the result. Most of these are portable inductance calculator which don’t require installation.

You can also find the inductance and other parameters of an air core solenoid. If you need an inductor color coding calculator, I have added one such type to this list. Talking about the types of coils, N turn circular loop, circular toroid, multi-layer square solenoid, single-layer square solenoid, one turn loop coil, One-layer noncircular with winding pitch, etc. are available in some inductance calculators.

I have also added a command line tool in this run-down. Though it is a command line application, it is a very user-friendly software. You will not find any difficulty in operating this software as it does not require any complex command.

My favorite inductance calculator:

Coil32 is my favorite inductance calculator for Windows. It is available in both portable and installer versions. Multiple types of inductors are available in this calculator to calculate inductance. Some of these inductors include multilayer coil, toroidal one-layer coil, coil on a ferrite ring, one loop turn coil, etc. Read the article to know more about it.

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Coil32 is a free inductance calculator for Windows. Both installer and portable versions of this software are available on its website. Using this free inductance calculator, you can calculate inductance of the following inductors:

  • One turn loop coil
  • One-layer coil with close winding
  • One-layer coil with winding pitch
  • One-layer noncircular with winding pitch
  • Multilayer coil
  • Toroidal one-layer coil
  • Coil on a ferrite ring
  • Flat coil on PCB with square turns
  • Flat coil on PCB with spiral turns
  • Single straight conductor on PCB

Fill the values in the required fields, like outer diameter, inner diameter, winding pitch, working frequency, type of wire used in winding (copper, silver, or aluminum), resistance of the coil, etc. and click on Calculate button. It then calculates the inductance and displays it on the right panel on the interface.

It also features an LC Circuit calculator, which lets you calculate the frequency, inductance, and capacitance of the circuit.

In the Plugins menu of this software, you will find some more useful calculators which let you calculate inductance, length of winding, number of turns, Al factor of the core, etc.

It lets you save the result in its own supported format.

Inductance Calculator

Inductance Calculator is a portable and free calculator to calculate inductance of a coil. It is a command line software. Generally, the command line applications are difficult to operate as they require commands as input to run. Here, you need not enter any complex command; just launch the EXE file and enter the required values. This makes it a user-friendly command line software.

It shows the following menu on startup:

  1. Circular solenoidal current sheet
  2. Straight round wire
  3. N-turn circular loop
  4. Circular toroid, circular winding
  5. Multi-layer square solenoid (low precision)
  6. Circular torus ring, rectangular winding
  7. Multi-layer circular solenoid
  8. Single-layer circular solenoid of round wire
  9. Single-layer square solenoid
  10. Single-layer rectangular solenoid
  11. Wire gauge calculation
  12. Select dimensions in inches or centimeters

Select the type of solenoid from this list to calculate its inductance. The 12th number lets you select the unit for solenoid dimensions. By default, this unit is set to Inches; if you want, you can change it to Centimeters. After selecting the type of solenoid, enter the values which you will be asked and press Enter key after entering each value. The final answer (inductance of a coil) is displayed in Henrys.

mini Ring Core Calculator

mini Ring Core Calculator is a featured inductance calculator for Windows. Using this calculator, you can calculate inductance of both powdered iron and ferrite toroids by entering the number of turns. Not only the inductance, you can also calculate other factors of a toroid such as number of turns of wire, wire length, core loss, power, flux, etc. You can select the core size and material from the provided drop-down menu.

For air cores, it lets you calculate the number of turns of a solenoid, inductance of a solenoid, and inductance of a straight wire. To calculate inductance of an air core solenoid, you have to enter the number of turns, diameter (in mm), and length (in mm). The inductance of straight wire can be calculated in two modes, namely, with skin effect and without skin effect. If you want to construct an air core solenoid, you can calculate the length of wire (in m), maximum diameter of wire (in mm), and number of turns required to construct it.

Apart from the above-listed features, this free inductance calculator comes with some more useful tools:

  • Resistance of Copper Wire: It lets you calculate the resistance of a copper wire by entering its length in meter and diameter in millimeter.
  • Calculating Resonant Circuits: Here, you can calculate the frequency, capacitance, and inductance of an LC resonant circuit.
  • Metric Conversion: It includes length conversion, American Wire Gauge to mm conversion, and Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion.

mini Ring Core Calculator comes with three language support: English, Dutch, and French.

Coil Maestro

Coil Maestro is another portable and free inductance calculator for Windows. It features two types of calculators: Optimal Coil Calculator and Inductance Calculator. Let’s see what are these calculators:

  • Inductance Calculator: This calculator lets you calculate the inductance of a coil by entering the required values (number of turns, loop diameter in mm, wire diameter in mm, etc.)
  • Optimal Coil Calculator: You can use this calculator when you want to make a coil on your own. You just have to enter the values in the required fields, like minimum number of turns, step turns, minimum loop diameter, maximum loop diameter, step loop diameter, wire diameter, etc. and click on Calculate button. It then displays the resultant data using which you can make your own coil/solenoid. Such a data includes total number of turns, loop diameter (in mm), wire diameter (in mm), total resistance (in Ohm), inductance of coil (in mH), etc.

For convenience, some abbreviations and a cross-sectional diagram of a solenoid are given on the interface. The drawing is provided to explain to you the meaning of these parameters.

Electronics Calculator

Electronics Calculator is a free inductance calculator. It is actually an inductor color code calculator which calculates the inductance of a coil by decoding its color. It calculates the inductance of four band inductor. Out of these four bands, the last one is of tolerance. You can set the tolerance percentage either from the drop-down menu or by changing the color of the last band. In order to change the color of a strip/band, simply click on it. Moreover, you can also select the unit of inductance as microhenrys or millihenrys.

Other useful calculators include resistance color code calculator, series/parallel resistance calculator, capacitance unit converter, power calculator, frequency calculator, reactance calculator, etc.

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