3 Best Free Laplace Transform Calculator For Windows

This article features a list of best free Laplace transform calculator for Windows. These software come in handy to get Laplace transform of time domain expressions. You can even use some of these software as inverse Laplace transform calculator. There are also some software that provide graphical analysis of Laplace equations. Most of these software take mathematical expressions as input and provides respective output, while there is a software which takes graphical circuits as input and provides transfer function F(s) of the circuit.

Using one of these software, you can even calculate transfer function, pole-zero plot, phasor, step response, impulse response, phase, etc. Also, there is a software that lets you solve ODE using Laplace transform method, Matrix, Calculus, etc. mathematical problems. You can also draw 2D/3D plots for desired expressions.

After calculating Laplace transform and drawing plots, you can save them in software-specific formats, such as INWXMX, HTML, TEX, etc.

My Favorite Laplace Transform Calculator:

wxMaxima is my favorite Laplace calculator for Windows. It lets you calculate inverse Laplace transform also. Additionally, you can solve ODE using Laplace transform, initial and boundary value problems, etc. Moreover, you can calculate determinant, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, adjoint, transpose, inverse, characteristic polynomial, etc. for matrix.

You can also checkout lists of best free integral calculator, derivative calculator, and system of linear equation calculator software for Windows.


wxMaxima is one of the best free Laplace transform calculator for Windows. You can use this Laplace calculator software to calculate Laplace or inverse Laplace transform. In order to use this software for Laplace transform calculation, you need to follow these steps:

  • After launching the software, you need to go through path Calculus (menu) > Laplace Transform (option).
  • As a result, a new application window pops up. Here, you can enter the expression to calculate its Laplace transform. Also, it provides information about the old time domain variable and new variable (s-domain).
  • Now, you need to click on OK button to get Laplace transform for entered time domain expression.

As mentioned above, you can also use this software as an inverse Laplace transform calculator. To do so, you just need to go to Calculus > Inverse Laplace Transform. Now, a similar window pops up on the screen containing an expression, old variable (frequency domain complex variable), and new variable (time domain variable) fields. After specifying above options, a click on OK button displays the inverse Laplace transform for entered expression.

In addition to Laplace calculation, you can also use this software for many other applications, including:

  • Solving Equations to find roots of polynomial equations, solve linear system of equations, solve algebraic system, solve ODE (ordinary differential equations) initial and boundary value problems, ODE with Laplace transform, etc.
  • Solving matrix problems, such as determinant, eigen values, eigen vectors, adjoint matrix, transpose matrix, inverse matrix, get characteristic polynomial, etc.
  • Solve Calculus related mathematical problems like integration, differentiation, get series, find limits, etc.

Additionally, you can plot 2D and 3D plots for desired expressions and after solving problems, you can save files as WXMX (whole document) file, or Export them as HTML, MAC (maxima batch file), or TEX (pdfLa Tex file) file.


Sapwin is another free Laplace transform software using which you can easily calculate transfer function F(s) of circuits using Laplace transform method. It perform analysis in approximate analysis and complete analysis modes.

To use this software, firstly, you need to draw the circuit with the help of available electronic and electrical components. Some of the components are resistor, capacitor, inductor, voltage and current sources, VCVS, VCCS, CCCS, CCVS, Op-amp, BJT, MOSFET, ideal transformer, etc. All you need to do is select the desired component and put it to the drawing area as per connection configuration (series or parallel), and make connections with the help of wire available on the top of the interface. In order to analyze the circuit, don’t forget to add the ground node and the output node. After that, use Check nodes option to figure out connection of created nodes and click on Complete analysis option. Now, a new set of options come on the interface. Using these options, you can have transfer function, pole-zero plot, phasor, step response, impulse response, phase, etc. for the drawn circuit. Also, from the pole-zero plot, you can easily figure out stability of an LTI system.

You can save your work in SCH or FDT format, or print it.


Latin is a free inverse Laplace calculator for Windows. As you launch this software, it provides you two options: New quick conversion and Create New Conversion. To easily calculate inverse Laplace transform, choose New Quick conversion option and enter the expression in the specified inversion filed. Unlike other software, it shows the inverse Laplace transform in graphical form. So, you need to specify time over which to plot the graph and click on Compute with Latin option. Now, you can analyze function against time plot from the lower portion of the interface.

Using the Advanced button options, you get options to specify Talbot parameters which are Nu, Tau, Sigma, and n, where n must be an integer while other three parameters should be real numbers.

If you choose to go with Create New Conversion option, you get aforesaid customization options along with some other options to add constants, formulas, etc.

You can save the entire document as IN file.

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