6 Best Free Latency Checker Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free Latency Checker Software for Windows. Through these software, you can check two types of latency namely, system latency and network latency. System latency checker software analyzes the system to determine whether it can handle real-time audio/video streaming. However, network latency checker software mainly checks the latency occurred in transferring the data between hosts and receivers due to your internet connection. Both types of software help you to know what parameters of either system or network degrade the internet browsing/streaming experience.

System latency checking software analyzes parameters like process latency, ISR routine execution time, DPC routine execution time, etc. In the result, you get system performance graphs and accurate latency values.

The network latency checking software primarily focuses on the latency that occurred due to your internet or broadband connection. These software calculate the propagation time to transfer the data between host and receiver and find out the accurate delay times in milliseconds (ms). Some of these software can also show the latency of websites and servers.

Many of these latency checker software are portable; that means they don’t need installation to work.

My Favorite Latency Checker Software For Windows:

LatencyMon is my favorite system latency checker software because it provides real-time latency result. Plus, a detailed system stats report, that contains a full conclusion, system information, measured interrupts, etc., is provided by it.

SG TCP Optimizer is my favorite network latency monitor because it quickly checks network delay using different hosts. In addition, it also contains tools to optimize the network which can also come in handy.

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LatencyMon is a free latency checker software for Windows. It checks the system latency to determine whether your PC can handle the real-time audio streaming or not. To check system latency, it first monitors the system in real time and tracks parameters like current and highest interrupt to process latency, highest reported ISR & DPC routine execution times, etc. All of the monitored parameters and their real-time values can be viewed on the interface. Plus, it also displays an evaluated result on the interface that tells about the system capability to handle real-time audio streaming.

In this software, you can stop or restart test again by pressing start or stop monitoring buttons at any time. Plus, to view the complete result with detailed system information, use its stats tab. Besides this, three more tabs named processes (it shows detailed information of all running process), drivers (it shows detailed information of all installed drivers), and CPU’s (it shows ISR and DPC count and execution time of each core) are also available. In general, it is an easy to use latency checker that provides a lot more detailed result than other similar software.

SG TCP Optimizer

SG TCP Optimizer is a free and portable latency checker software for Windows. Using it, you can check the network latency of your broadband network. Not just latency, you can also determine the largest possible packet size that can be transferred through your internet connection. It uses various host sites to check the network latency such as www.google.com, www.nordu.net, www.berkely.edu, etc. It basically starts pinging to host websites with 32 bytes of data and each 32-byte data package is sent 32 times over the network. This software then calculates the time spent on data transfer over the network and shows the network latency in milliseconds (ms). Some other information like number of packets sent/received, round-trip times (RTT) in ms, average latency, etc. are also available in the result.

This software is primarily an optimizer, so some options to tweak TCP/IP parameters (MTU, RWIN, Q0s, etc.), bandwidth*delay product calculator, etc., are also available.

Note: Always run this software in administrator mode to get the accurate latency results.

DPC Latency Checker

DPC Latency Checker is another free and portable latency checker software for Windows. It is mainly used to check the PC capability to handle real-time audio and video streaming without drop-outs. In order to determine PC capability, it checks the system in real time to know the latency of the system. It also shows a real-time graph on the interface to display the system latency. Current latency values and absolute maximum latency values are available at the bottom left of the interface. If the latency of the system is constantly lesser than 2000 microsecond (µs), that means your PC can handle real-time audio and video streaming.

Besides the graph, a written note is also provided by this software to display the result of the test. At any time, you can stop or restart the test using stop and reset button respectively. Overall, it is a simple and quick latency checker software.


NetworkLatencyView is yet another free and portable network latency checker software for Windows. This software analyzes the TCP connections of your system and determines the network latency for every new TCP connection detected on your system. A new TCP connection can be a webpage, website, etc. Through this software, you can easily sort out websites which regularly takes a longer time to respond.

After analyzing the network, it displays a complete report on its interface that contains IP address of every new TCP connection, URL’s, average latency, first/last latency time, failed count, destination country, etc. The values of TCP latency that it shows is measured in milliseconds (ms). Obtained latency report can be exported as TXT, CSV, HTML, XML, etc. files.

PHP Server Monitor

PHP Server Monitor is a free and open-source server monitor software for Windows. It is mainly used to check whether your servers and websites are running properly or not. Its other use is to check latency of websites and servers.

To use this software, first, you need to create a PHP server monitor account. After that, you can add websites and servers that you want to examine using its servers tab. Now, if you go to its status tab, then you can view a number of templates according to added websites. Each template contains various information (latency graph of past weeks/months, last online activity time, etc.) about that website including latency time in seconds.

In this freeware, you can add multiple employees and also enable services like Email, SMS, and Pushover notifications. You can configure notification settings for each server or website separately. Whenever this software will detect any problem or error with your websites, it immediately sends a notification regarding website errors. Besides this, many other tools and settings to monitor server and websites are also available in this software.

Note: This free latency tracker software requires software like XAMMP, WAMP, etc. to run.

Network Monitor

Network Monitor is a free and open source network latency checker software for Windows. As its name implies, it monitors the network and shows real-time network latency, download speed, and upload speed. It shows network latency in milliseconds (ms) and download/upload speed in bits per seconds. The latency value that it displays is basically the time taken by data to reach the destination, but various other parameters are also included in the propagation delay like network inconsistency, website problems, etc.

This software comes with a floating interface that you can place anywhere on the screen. Plus, some customizations like changing the layout (vertical and horizontal), stay on top functionality, etc. can also be useful.

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