7 Best Free LCM Calculator Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free LCM Calculator software for Windows. While, some of these LCM finder software are designed to find LCM of only two numbers, some are advanced enough to find LCM of more than two numbers. Most of these software can calculate both LCM and GCD of numbers.

In this list, you will find a calculator that shows a detailed step by step solution of finding LCM. Besides this, it also provides a brief explanation with examples of the terms related to LCM. So, you can better understand those terms.

One of these freeware comes with many inbuilt calculators and Unit Converters.

As you explore this list, you will also find an LCM calculator which is a Windows 10 widget. It will be placed on the right side of your desktop after installation.

My Favorite LCM Calculator Software for Windows:

  • C2-Mathematics – LCM and GCD is my first choice for Least Common Multiple Calculator. It is the only LCM finder in the list that shows a detailed step by step solution to the problem. Besides this, it also lets you export data in RTF (Word compatible) and HTML (Web compatible) file formats.
  • Calculatormatik is my second choice for LCM calculator. It comes with multiple inbuilt calculators and Unit Converters. Read the complete article to know about the calculators and converters it contain.

You may also like some of the best free Age Calculator, Integral Calculator, and BMI Calculator software for Windows.

C2-Mathematics - LCM and GCD

C2-Mathematics – LCM and GCD is a free LCM calculator. This is an advanced LCM calculator which not only lets you calculate LCM of up to 8 numbers, but also provides you a detailed step by step solution.

To enter numbers for finding LCM, 8 empty boxes are available. Just below these empty boxes, four operations are provided: Decomposition in Prime Factors, Least Common Multiple – LCM, Greatest Common Divisor – GCD, and GCD – By S.D (Successive Division). Select Least Common Multiple – LCM among these 4 operations and click Calculate button. It will show you LCM with detailed step by step solution.

If you are new to the terms, LCM, GCD, Prime Factors, etc., a feature is available in this software that will help you understand these terms. Click Brief Explanation and the software shows a brief explanation of these terms with examples. All the terms related to LCM, like Prime Numbers, Composite Numbers, LCM, etc. are explained here.

Additional Features of this free LCM Calculator:

  • It has an inbuilt basic calculator. You can launch it either from Calculation menu or simply by pressing F4 key.
  • It lets you convert each solution into RTF (Word compatible) file format and HTML (Web format) and save them on your PC.
  • It is available in three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • It also lets you save any solution in its own supported format, which can be shared with other users of this software.


Calculatormatik is a free scientific calculator. This is the only calculator in this list which has many inbuilt calculators, which includes LCM calculator as well.

The Least Common Multiple Calculator available in this software is designed to calculate LCM between two numbers only. Just enter any two numbers and click Calculate button. After that, it shows the LCM of entered data. This Least Common Multiple calculator only displays LCM, not Prime Factors. To find out Prime Factors, a separate prime factor calculator is provided.

Most of the calculators that you search frequently on the internet are available in this freeware and are arranged in alphabetical order. Some of these calculators include: Area Calculator, BMI Calculator, Birthday Calculator, Compound Interest Calculator, Coulomb’s Calculator, Divisibility Calculator, Download Time Calculator, Equation Solver, Factorial Solver, Greatest Common Divisor Calculator, Hypotenuse Calculator, LED Resistor Calculator, Least Common Multiple Calculator, Maximum Heart Rate Calculator, Quadratic Equation Solver, etc.

Not only calculators, but a lot of Unit Converters are also available in the software. Some of these are Angle Converter, Astronomical Time Converter, Blood Sugar Converter, Electric Capacitance Converter, Electric Current Converter, etc.

Factorization, LCM, and HCF of Numbers

Factorization, LCM, and HCF of Numbers is another free LCM Calculator. This free software lets you find out LCM of more than two numbers. Just enter numbers separated by space and click LCM? Button. It then, shows you LCM of entered data along with all LCM Factors. I am not sure that for how many numbers it can find LCM, but I tried it for 6 numbers and it was able to find LCM of them.

Besides LCM, it is also helpful in calculating GCD/HCF of the entered data and Prime Factors of a number. In case of more than one number, it finds out the Prime factors of the first number in the entered data.

This free LCM calculator software is also good for little kids, who are new to learn LCM and HCF of numbers. Its simple interface makes it easy to understand for them. Plus, it comes with an interesting Guess and Hit Game with different sound effects. This game makes the software more attractive for little ones and doesn’t let them get bored easily.

Rules to play this game are provided in the software.

Factor Calculator

Factor Calculator is another free LCM finder software for PC. Like most of the LCM calculators in this list, this one also lets you calculate LCM of more than two numbers. A numeric keypad is provided in the software. You have to use that keypad to enter numbers; computer’s keyboard is not supported by the software. Here, each number is to be entered in a new row by clicking Enter button. After entering all the data, click LCM button to find out LCM and GCD button to find out HCF. Besides this, if you only want to find factors of different numbers, that feature is also available in this freeware.

It displays LCM of the entered data along with Prime Factors. In addition, it also displays the Prime Factors of each entered number separately. This advanced calculator comprises of Scientific Calculator, Standard Calculator, Programmer Calculator, and many Unit Converters, which include: Length, Volume, Area, Speed, Time, etc.

It also features an advanced calculator, which comes with various features. You can launch this calculator either by selecting Calculator in Actions menu or directly by pressing F2 key.

All in all, this free LCM software is pretty good to calculate LCM as well as to learn Prime Factors of different numbers.


Nexcal is another free LCM calculator. Here, you can calculate LCM of more than 2 numbers. It displays result in four formats: Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Decimal Fraction.

Unlike other LCM software in this list, which are very simple to operate, you may find Nexal quite difficult to use for the first time. You have to select Least Common Multiple feature in Insert menu to find LCM. For this, go to Insert menu>Function>Integers>Least Common Multiple. After selecting Least Common Multiple, a format LCM (, ) is displayed. Enter all values to find LCM inside the brackets. You can enter more than two numbers in these brackets but each number should be separated by comma. For example, if I want to find LCM of 2, 4, 6, 12, 18, 17, and 22, then I enter these numbers as LCM (2,4,6,12,18,17,22). When you are done, click Calculate button and you will get LCM of entered numbers immediately.

The required format to find LCM of numbers can also be entered directly in the space provided, instead of selecting Lowest Common Multiple in Insert menu.

There is a Messages section in the software, which displays number of errors and warnings. These errors and warnings let you know if there is any mistake in the format entered by you.

Apart from calculating LCM, it has also some advanced features, like simple Trigonometric calculations in both radians and degrees, Logarithm, Factorial, Exponential (e), etc.

The best part of this free LCM calculator is that it lets you save results in HTML and TXT file formats.


E.Calculator is another free LCM Calculator. It lets you find out LCM of only two numbers. Two empty boxes are provided on its interface, where you have to enter values to find out LCM. Other than LCM, you can also calculate HCF of entered numbers. You can also store results in the memory to access them later.

This LCM calculator is also good for basic mathematical calculations, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, factorial of a number, nth exponential, etc.

ArithmoCalc - GCD and LCM

ArithmoCalc – GCD and LCM is a type of Gadget file. Since it is a Windows gadget, you need not launch it again and again. It will be launched automatically every time when you start your PC and is placed on the right side of your desktop.

It calculates both GCD and LCM simultaneously. But it is limited to two numbers only.

Apart from LCM calculator, it has two more Widgets: Analog Clock and Weather.

To run this software, you have to install 8GadgetPack first.

NOTE: This software has been discontinued at Microsoft’s website. However, you can download it from the link given below.

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