8 Best Free MIB Browser Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free MIB Browser Software For Windows. MIB stands for Management Information Base which is a database used to manage different entities in a computer network using object identifiers (OIDs). It is mainly associated with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). So, to view and explore MIB files, you need to use these MIB browser software. Most of these MIB Browsers provide the standard MIB files defined in Request For Comments (RFC). Using these, you get information about an object in the MIB tree including OID, MIB, Syntax, Access, Description, Type, etc.

While in some of these you can only view MIB files, few of these let you edit them as well. Apart from available MIB files, you can load new MIB files to have extended information on added SNMP agents. Most of these also let you query an SNMP agent using SNMP commands including Get, Get Next, Set, etc. A few of these also provide dedicated SNMP Walker tool which explores OID branches in a MIB tree. You also get MIB compiler tool in some of these to compile standard or vendor-specific MIB files. Most of them support all three versions of SNMP.

Though most of these are dedicated MIB explorer software, their respective brands provide separate SNMP monitoring software as well. So, you can download a suitable SNMP manager to easily monitor the performance of connected network devices within an enterprise.

My Favorite Free MIB Browser For Windows:

LoriotPro is my favorite MIB viewer. It is basically an SNMP manager which lets you explore MIB modules. Along with displaying information regarding objects in a MIB tree, it also provides some advanced tools like SNMP Walker, MIB compiler, etc.

BlackOwl MIB Browser is another favorite as a MIB explorer. It provides both tree and schema views as well as RFC contents of a MIB file. It has many unique features; explore the list to know more.

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LoriotPro is a feature-rich SNMP monitoring software for Windows. It contains various menus and tools to enable you to monitor SNMP agents using it, such as IP scanner, Event Browser, Event Simulator, Ping, Telnet, Dashboard Player, MiniMap, Task View, etc. It also provides some demo videos to help you understand its proper working.

LoriotPro also comes with a MIB browser feature to let you explore MIB files. Simply go to MIB menu from its main interface to view MIB files. There you can explore whole MIB tree. To view information about an object, select it and click on List Duplicate option. You will get information like object name, OID, access, status, etc. You can also edit and save the details. On right-clicking an object, you get various advanced options. Two of these important tools are:

  • MIB Compiler: It simply compiles standard or vendor-specific MIB files. You can load and analyze a particular MIB file other than the available ones. It also enables you to add SNMP objects declare in the MIB tree.
  • SNMP Walker: This tool is used to walk the MIB tree of an SNMP agent. It basically uses SNMP Get command to walk through OID branches in a MIB tree. To initiate the request, simply go to MIB menu, click on SNMP Walker, and specify the host to walk and OID to walk from. The generated report can be exported as an HTML file.

Some other tools that MIB menu contains are hide object, hide branch, reset object status, report center tree, graph object, create report, etc.

LoriotPro is one of the best MIB explorer software in this list. It is used to manage networking devices within an enterprise. Proceed to its website to know more about it and also to compare its other version with the free one.

BlackOwl MIB Browser

BlackOwl MIB Browser is an open source MIB viewer for Windows. From the MIB tab, you can view lists of available (HOST-RESOURCE-MIB, IF-MIB, RFC1155-SMI, etc.) and loaded MIBs (which you want to view). You can also view definition, associated RFC information, and dependency model for an added MIB.

Key Features of BlackOwl MIB Browser

  • Tree view: It lets you explore MIB tree in the Tree tab. You can view properties of each node or object including its name, type, access, description, OID, etc. You can also query an SNMP enabled device using  SNMP commands like GET, WALK, GET NEXT, GET BULK, GET TABLE, etc. MIB task and Command results can be viewed at the bottom of the window. There are some other useful tools like Agent Discover, Trap Tracker, MIB Chart, etc.
  • Schema view: It is another one of BlackOwl MIB Browser’s key feature. As you can guess, it depicts database schema of each loaded MIB module with different entities. You can view properties of each entity at the bottom of the interface. In this mode, you can run only Get and Get Table commands.

All in all, it is one of the best MIB browser software for Windows. It lets you edit properties of SNMP versions, set SNMP preferences, save MIB chart (PNG, PDF, etc.), and more. You can even download MIBs using three sources: IETF websites, Local Network, and Vendor sites.


SnmpB is a free and open source MIB browser for Windows. Using it, you can browse and edit MIB files as well as query SNMP agents.

Its interface consists of different tabs named Tree, Module, Editor, Discovery, Traps, Graphs, and Logs. Let’s discuss functionalities of each of these.

  • Tree: It lets you explore MIB tree and its groups and subgroups. On clicking a particular node, you get information like OID, Kind, SMI Type, Module, Composed Type, Base Type, Status, Access, etc. You can right-click on an object and select Walk, Get, or Get Next request to query added SNMP agents. The Query Results are displayed in the right section.
  • Modules: Here, you can view available MIB modules managing different information, such as ACCOUNTING CONTROL-MIB, APM-MIB, BRIDGE-MIB, UDP-MIB, SNMP-MPD-MIB, and many more. You can add any of the available modules to Loaded MIB Modules list and view respective information. This information includes Name, Last Revision, Root Node, Requires, Organization, and Contact Info.
  • Editor: You can load a MIB file, edit it, and then save it in MIB, PIB, or SMI format. After editing MIB file, you can verify MIB syntax by going to Tools menu. The verification log is displayed at the bottom panel of the interface.
  • Discovery: It lets you discover devices within a range of IP addresses and customize settings for SNMP agents.
  • Trap: Here, you can view Trap log, Trap content, and Trap info generated from SNMP enabled devices.
  • Graph: You can plot a graph corresponding to a node in the MIB tree. Although, this feature didn’t work fine for me and made the program crash.
  • Log: You can view SNMP stack logging in this tab. It lets you enable or disable any of these logging levels: Error, Warning, Info, Debug, Event.

SnmpB is another nice MIB explorer with a simplistic user interface.

iReasoning MIB browser

iReasoning MIB browser is another free software which lets you load, view, and explore MIB files. From the MIB tree panel in left, you can explore different groups like system, ip, icmp, tcp, udp, etc. and their subgroups. As you click on an object the MIB tree, you get corresponding information including OID, MIB, Syntax, Access, Description, etc. You can copy this information to the clipboard. Or, you can right-click on a particular node in MIB tree and export related data to CSV file. Also, you can find objects in a MIB tree.

It also lets you add an OID to bookmark for easy and quick access. You can save a particular session and later open it in XML format.

All in all, iReasoning MIB browser is a good MIB explorer. But, it has a few limitations in its free edition. It can load maximum 10 MIB files and network discovery, performance graph, ICMP ping tools, etc. features are unavailable.

Note: Some features like Trap Reciever and Trap Sender were also there, but didn’t work fine for me. It can also be used to query SNMP enabled devices. But, this feature is available in Enterprise Edition only. To compare its different version, check here.

ServersCheck MIB Browser

ServersCheck MIB Browser is another simple and free MIB browser for Windows. You can load a new MIB file or explore preloaded MIB tree from the left panel of the interface. As you click on a group (IP, ICMP, TCP, etc.), you can view its respective components. Simply click on the component you want to view details about, like OID, Full Name, Access, Syntax, Status, Description, etc.

It also lets you query SNMP enabled devices by specifying respective IP address, SNMP version, etc. For version SNMP3, you can also add USM user, Auth Algorithm, Auth Password, Privacy Algorithm, and Privacy Password.

ServersCheck MIB Browser is a very basic MIB viewer for Windows.

Paessler MIB Importer

Paessler MIB Importer is a simple and hassle-free MIB viewer for Windows. You can import MIB files and view information regarding the same. To view details of groups, subgroups, nodes, etc. in a particular MIB file, you get information including respective Identification (Agent, Group, Name), Source (Kind, OID, TYPE), Value (Unit, Indicator, Scale), Description, and Lookup. It also provides flexibility to add or delete OID.

Paessler also provides a fully featured SNMP Manager software. To know more about it, check here > PRTG Network Monitor. Coming to Paessler MIB Importer, it is a dedicated utility to explore MIB files.

PowerSNMP Free Manager

PowerSNMP Free Manager is another SNMP manger which also lets you view MIB file. It basically lets you add SNMP agents and add watch items (variable watch, trap watch, ping watch) to monitor them.

From the right panel of its interface, you can view available MIB files. Just like other MIB browsers, it also displays information about an object in the database, like OID, module, type, syntax, access, status, description, and more. It lets you load MIB files that are available for the devices added by you. Loading MIB files enable you to have extended information on watch items added for SNMP agents. Also, you can drag and drop object from MIB tree to ‘query’ window.

PowerSNMP Free Manager is a starightforward MIB browser for Windows with minimal but essential tools to view MIB files.


OiDViEW SNMP MIB Browser is another MIB viewer software. For that, you need to select Basic MIB Browser from its main interface. As you do that, it displays preloaded MIB files. You can also load MIB files. Also, you can view separate MIB modules and view their respective objects. MIB information including OID, name, type, access, status, object type, description, etc. are shown in MIB info window.

OiDViEW SNMP MIB Browser is a free trial version for 7 days, but you can use it for free after the trial period with feature restrictions. It has several advanced features like Advanced MIB browser, WMI browser, network discovery, SNMP commands, MIB graph, etc. But, I am not sure if they are incorporated into its free version or not.

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