4 Best Free Mobipocket Creator Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free Mobipocket Creator software for Windows. Using these software, you can create Mobipocket eBooks. To do so, these let you import local files and documents including text, DOC, PDF, HTML, etc. You can also import other eBook files in some of these software, such as EPUB, LIT, Kindle books, etc. Also, you can design cover of the eBook, add eBook metadata, create Table of Content, format imported document, setup project preferences, etc. These let you compile eBooks and then save them. For compiling, some of these require KindleGen Compiler. So, before compiling or saving Mobipocket eBook, you will need to configure the compiler with the software.

Each of these software contains some unique features. For example, one of these let you analyze eBook statistics and other elements. One of these let you download metadata from online sources and then add it to the eBook. You can checkout the full list to know more about these Mobipocket creators.

My favorite Mobipocket Creator Software for Windows:

HelpNDoc and eCub are my favorite software to create Mobipocket and other eBooks. These are easy to use and contain all essential features to create Mobi eBooks as well as EPUB and other eBooks.

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HelpNDoc is a software to create help files, manuals, documentation, etc. It can also be used to create eBooks in Mobipocket (MOBI) format as well as EPUB format. You can also create HTML, PDF, Qt Help, Word, and Chm documentations.

How to create Mobipocket eBooks in HelpNDoc:

Here is the step by step procedure to create Mobipocket or other eBook or documentations:

  • Setup Project Options: First, create a new project and add its information like project title, language, table of content, author summary, etc. You can add topics and subtopics to create table of content.
  • Import Content: You can import documents, image, and movie files to the library which you want to use to create an eBook. Apart from adding content from files, it also lets you manually add text, HTML code, variable, snippets, hyperlinks, symbols, table, page break, keywords, etc.
  • Format Content: You can format content from Write tab using options like font formatting, style, alignment, paragraph border and background, color, etc.
  • Setup Amazon KindleGen Compiler: To save create eBook in Mobipocket format, you need to download Amazon KindleGen software and give the path of its application file. You can do so by going to File > Options > Compilers tab.
  • Save Mobipocket eBook: Finally, by clicking Generate Help > Mobipocket/ Kindle EBook button, you can create and save Mobi eBook.

It provides an additional Analyze project feature which basically analyzes eBook and presents a summary of statistics, charts, keywords, misspelled words, and library items. Additionally, it provides features like built-in web server to serve local files, create or edit templates, vacuum project, scripts editor, etc.

Note: The free version of HelpNDoc can be used for non-commercial purpose only.


eCub is a Mobipocket creator as well as EPUB creator software for Windows. It is a clean and intuitive software which follows an easy approach to let you create eBooks.

To start with, you can create a MOBI eBook by setting up its information like title, identifier, author, publisher, publisher website, description, etc. After doing that, specify eBook name and output location and choose Ebook type as Mobipocket. You can also select EPUB filetype to create both MOBI and EPUB eBooks simultaneously. Next, you can add text and HTML file to project folder and use them to create MOBI eBook or you can also import an existing EPUB, MOBI, or Microsoft Reader file. Now, you can view project files and edit them individually. It lets you design and add a cover to the eBook and setup project preferences. These preferences include project metadata, content options (generate TOC, cover page, guide, etc.), encoding option, etc.

Now, you can compile the created eBook project to find errors in it and then save it. But, to do that, you need to download Mobipocket compiler (KindleGen) and provide its path by going to Options > Helpers tab.

All in all, it is a simple Mobipocket eBook creator software.


calibre is a free eBook management software for Windows. You can also use it as a Mobipocket creator software. It provides built-in eBook viewer and a feature to get eBook from online sources. You can manage a whole library of your eBooks and connect and share them with others too.

How to create Mobipocket eBook in this free software:

  • Using its Add Book button, you can import a document file where your book content is stored. The formats supported for this include Text, HTML, Wordprocessor files, Comics, EPUB books, Kindle books, LIT books, etc.
  • After importing the file, you can edit its metadata including title, author, series, cover image, comments, etc. You can also select MOBI format and automatically set the metadata and cover for it. Additionally, it provides a handy feature of downloading metadata of a book from online source.
  • Now, click on Convert Book button and it will open up a new window. In this new window, select output format as MOBI and setup various content of the book. These include Look & Feel (fonts, text, layout, styling, transform styles), Heuristic Processing, Page Setup, Structure Detection, Table of Content, Search & Replace, Text Input, and MOBI Output. After configuring all these elements, you can start the process of Mobipocket eBook creation.

Overall, it is a great eBook manager, creator, and converter software.

Mobipocket Creator

Mobipocket Creator, as the name implies, is a free dedicated software to create MOBI eBooks. In it, you can import HTML, MS Word, and Text documents and create Mobipocket eBook. Besides importing files, it lets you design book cover and add table of content too. You can also encrypt your MOBI eBooks. Before saving the eBook, it lets you use Build feature to view errors and warning in your eBook.

For advanced users, there is a Publisher Edition too. It provides some additional features like it lets you import PDF documents, lets you add metadata and guide items, deploy eBook to wholesale distribution systems, etc.

It provides some publication templates which you can use to create eBooks, like photo album, quizzes, restaurant guide, shopping list, etc.

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