4 Best Free Open Source eBook Manager Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free open source ebook manager software for Windows. These are basically standard ebook manager software which allow you to download their setups and source codes. And, you can also make changes to their source codes without any restriction.

These ebook managers help you manage your personal collection of ebooks by letting you add, edit, and delete ebooks to/from software. Along with ebooks, these ebook managers also let you manage libraries of images, media, book covers, etc. To create and manage a library, these let you download ebooks from sources like Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Baen Books, etc. However, you can also add locally stored ebooks to these freeware. Plus, it is also pretty easy to import and add associated ebook data like a book cover, metadata, book ratings, etc. with respective ebooks.

My Favorite Open Source eBook Manager Software For Windows:

Calibre is my favorite software because it lets you create and manage your own personal ebook library. Its ability to import ebooks from various online services like Amazon Kindle, Google Books, etc. is also impressive.

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Calibre is a free open source ebook manager software for Windows. Using this software, you can create and manage your personal collection of ebooks. To add ebooks to it, you can use its Get Books option that allows you to download books from various online stores like Amazon Kindle, Archive.org, Baen Ebooks, Barnes and Noble, and more. If you also have ebooks in your local storage, then you can also add them through its Add books option. After adding ebooks to this software, you can easily create one or more virtual libraries by clicking on the Virtual library button and by naming the library. As soon as you create a virtual library, all recently added books will automatically add to the library. In case, you want to change the path of your library, then you can do that by using the Calibre Library section.

In this software, it is really easy to read ebooks and view information associated with different ebooks like Author Name, Publisher, News, Identifiers, etc. Sharing is another good aspect of this software as it lets you create your own content server that allows other users to easily view and read ebooks present in your library. Besides this, you can also directly email ebooks to your friends as well.

In this software, you can also find some advanced features like ebook editor, ebook converter, ebook metadata editor, metadata downloader, and more. Overall, it is a really good open source library management software.


BiblioteQ is another free open source ebook manager software for Windows. The main purpose of this software is to catalog books, journals, magazine, games, etc. It can be used by different organizations including libraries, schools, and churches. In it, you also get support for PostgreSQL and SQLite connections in order to retrieve information about ebooks, journals, magazines, etc. through various internet resources (library of Congress, Amazon.com, etc.).

In order to manage ebooks, it provides various features like Search (to search any ebook by its Book title, book ID and book category), Add Item (to add new books along with all their information like author name, book ID, publisher, etc.), Member Browser (to search, add, and edit library members), etc. The good thing about this freeware is that it can also fetch book covers, cover arts, etc. from the internet. It comes with a simple and straightforward interface, so you will easily be able to manage a large collection of ebooks with it.

Apart from managing and storing books information in this software, you can also export all the saved ebooks collection information as a CSV file.

This is another nice open source ebook manager in this list. Not just ebooks, you can also use it to manage collections of videos, journals, magazines, etc.


Greenstone is yet another open source ebook manager software for Windows. Through this software, you can manage, distribute, and publish a digital collection of ebooks on the web. The main aim of this software to encourage users of the university, libraries, etc. to build and maintain their own libraries of ebooks.

This software comes in two parts namely Greenshot Librarian Collection and Greenshot Digital Library. Using Greenshot Librarian Collection, you can build your collection of ebooks by adding digital books and their information. To build ebook collection, you can either download books through its Download section by providing URL links of books. Besides this, you can also add locally stored ebooks from its Gather section. After adding all books to your collection, go to its Create Section and attach necessary metadata with every added book and press the Build Collection to create the digital collection of books. There is also a Preview collection option to preview the collection that you can use to preview collection in the browser.

The Greenshot digital library does not have its own interface and needs a web browser to open up. It is basically used to browse and view your ebooks library. To browse any particular book or collection, you can enter the title of book or name of the book in its search bar. Besides this, it does not offer any other feature. In general, it is slightly difficult to use and understand but still, it gets its job done.

Data Crow

Data Crow is the next free open source ebook manager software for Windows. In this software, you can add and manage a personal library of ebooks. Not just ebooks, but you can also create and manage Libraries of Images, Media, Video, and Music Albums.

To add ebooks to your personal library, use its Book File Import option that can import ebooks from both local storage and online sources. In the case of online sources, you can use services like Amazon Kindle Store, Google Books, etc. to download ebooks. After adding ebooks, go to the Books section to view all the added books. If you have added books through online sources, then all the metadata, book cover, and other associated information will come with each ebook. However, if you have added books from your local storage, then you need to manually add book description, book covers, and other associated information. Once all books and associated information get added to this software, just save the ebook collection for later use.

In this software, you also get a very handy Administration section using which, you can add and maintain books bindings, book editions, tags, book templates, etc. Besides this, you can also find various additional tools in this freeware like Backup and Restore, Find & Replace, Auto Numbering, Title Rewriter, etc.

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