5 Best Free MSG Viewer Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free MSG viewer software for Windows. MSG or Mail Message File contains ASCII code for headers, message body, and hyperlinks. This file is used in Microsoft Outlook and Exchange services to store mail message. In order to view the main message and associated data of a locally stored MSG file, you need these free MSG viewer software. In these software, you can view email information like Main Message, Senders Email address, Sending Time, Cc, Bcc, etc. Plus, you can also download all attached files that come with MSG file with these viewers. In some software, you can also view advanced data like Hex Code, HTML Code, Message Header, etc.

Besides viewing MSG file content, you can also manage multiple MSG files through these viewers. I also like MSG file retrieval features like Advanced Filters, Search By Name, Checked/ Unchecked File Retrieval, etc. In addition to that, you can also find MSG file conversion capabilities in some software. Similar to MSG, you can also read, manage, and retrieve EML files and other similar formats.

My Favorite MSG Viewer Software for Windows:

Coolutils Mail Viewer is my favorite software because it shows you the main message along with additional important information like digital signature info, authentication results, spam details, etc.

To convert MSG files apart from viewing them, you can go for CubexSoft MSG Export.

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Coolutils Mail Viewer

Coolutils Mail Viewer is a free MSG viewer software for Windows. In this software, you can easily view and manage MSG as well as EML files. To view MSG files, first, browse and load one or more MSG files using its internal file explorer. After that, open any of the loaded files by double-clicking on it. In the file, you can view the main message, attached files, sender’s information, and time. To view more detailed information about the message, you can use its Header Tab that shows digital signature info, authentication results, spam details, content type, etc.

As this software is also used to manage MSG and EML files, hence features like Search by name, Advanced Filter, Check (marked as read), Uncheck (unread message), etc. are also available. Apart from viewing, this software can also be used to convert MSG and EML files to PDF. Plus, by using its Report Tool, you can merge and save all MSG and EML files with all their data in a PDF file.

SysTools MSG Viewer

SysTools MSG Viewer (MSG File Viewer), as the name suggests, is a free MSG viewer software for Windows. Using this software, you can open and view MSG files. Not just view, you can also manage multiple MSG files through this software. To browse and add MSG files to this software, it provides an inbuilt file explorer.

This MSG viewer offers various View Tabs to view different aspects of an MSG file namely Normal Mail View, Hex View, Properties View, Message Header View, HTML View, and Attachments. Let’s take a look at all view tabs:

  • Normal Mail View: This tab shows the MSG file content in a standard mail manner with proper font and spacing. Plus, standard information like senders email address, Cc, Bcc, subject, etc. can also be viewed from this tab.
  • Hex View: This tab shows the Hex Code of the corresponding information present in the MSG file.
  • Properties View: It shows Body Details, Dates (sent and received), Internet Header Details, Message Flags, Sender Details, etc.
  • Message Header View: Here, you can view all information related to the header like X-Priority, Content-Type, Message-ID, etc.
  • HTML View: In this tab, you can view the main message in the HTML code format.
  • Attachments: It shows all the attached files that come with the MSG file. You can easily download attachments from here and open it.

Note: In this free version of Systools MSG Viewer, you don’t get premium features namely Search and Export files to PDF. To unlock both the features, you need to purchase the paid version of this software.

CubexSoft MSG Export

CubexSoft MSG Export is the next free MSG viewer software for Windows. In this software, you can open, view, and examine an MSG file. Plus, an option to export MSG file in various formats like PST, PDF, EML, Mbox, DOC, MHT, XPS, etc. is also available. However, this free version of CubexSoft MSG Export can only convert 10 MSG files per folder.

In it, you can easily load one or more MSG files using its internal file explorer. After loading files, just double-click on one of the loaded MSG files to view the main message and associated information like Senders Email Address, To, Bcc, Cc, etc. If any of the loaded MSG files have attachments, then you get a Save Attachments option with the mail to download the attachment. In general, it is another simple and straightforward MSG viewer software that you can find for free.

M@ilsDaddy Free MSG Viewer

M@ilsDaddy Free MSG Viewer is yet another MSG viewer software for Windows. It is a simple and easy to use MSG file viewer using which you can quickly open and view MSG files. It also allows you to manage multiple MSG files. Plus, it makes retrieving relevant MSG files really easy as it provides options like: Select Mails with attachments, without attachments, read mails, and unread mails.

In order to view MSG file message, first, load an MSG file to this software. The loaded file can be viewed on its interface. By double-clicking the MSG file, you can view the message present in an MSG file. All the attachments come with the MSG file can be downloaded from its Attachments Tab. Besides these basic information, this software does not show any other information associated with the MSG file.

Note: In the free version of this software, you cannot export or convert files to other formats. Only by purchasing the paid version, you can remove this limitation.

MSG Viewer

MSG Viewer is a free Java-based MSG viewer software for Windows. To run this software, you need to have Java installed on your system. You can download Java from this link.

It is one of the most basic types of MSG viewer software in which you can load and view one MSG file at a time. You can simply drag and drop an MSF file to its interface. As soon as you open an MSG file in it, you will immediately view email data, sender email address, and other associated information on the top part of its interface. On its lower part, you can view the main message.

To customize the reading experience, you can select RTF or Text mode. In RTF mode, this software shows the message according to the Rich Text File format. In Text mode, you get an additional option to change the font size according to your requirements. After loading and viewing an MSG file, you can save the file in EML and MBOX formats.

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