6 Best Free Gmail Backup Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free Gmail backup software for Windows. Creating a backup of email is necessary as it gives an extra layer of security against accidental deletion or unfavorable situations. Using these freeware, you can locally save all your Gmail content in your PC. Later, you can restore your backup mails back to Gmail (in some of them). One of them even lets you password protect the backup folder. So, these all freeware provide good security.

Some of these software let you save multiple Gmail profiles to backup all accounts individually. In this way, you can one by one backup multiple Gmail accounts also.

If you want to specify backup items, then you can also do this. For this purpose, you get options to specify date range, folders and labels, and file size. Also, in many of these Gmail backup tools, you can either manually initiate backup or schedule automatic backup. The automatic backup can be scheduled on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Note: To use these Gmail backup software, you need to enable IMAP access from Gmail settings.

My Favorite Gmail Backup Software:

MailStore Home is one of my favorite Gmail backup software. It lets you create backup and archive emails from various web mail servers including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft exchange, etc. Also, you can restore your mails under a separate label in your Gmail account. It also supports a variety of email clients including Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc.

Gmail Backup is also a good Google mail backup software. You just need to enter Gmail credentials to create backup. Thus, it lets you create backup of as many Gmail accounts as you want.

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MailStore Home

MailStore Home is one of the best Gmail backup software. But, you need to archive your emails prior to creatig a backup of Gmail to HDD or USB.

To use this software for Gmail backup purpose, first of all you need to open its ‘Archive E-mail’ menu. Now by choosing Advanced option, you will have access to Archive Gmail option. You now need to enter the Gmail address and authorize it with password. The entered Gmail profile will be added in the list. In a similar manner, you can add as many Gmail profiles as you to this software. So, you will be able to backup multiple Gmail accounts using this software. By double clicking on desired account or using RUN option, you can initiate archiving process.

After completing archiving of your Gmail emails, you need to open the Start Page. From there, an option named as Backup to HDD or USB helps to create the backup of Gmail archived data in desired folder of your PC or in USB drive.

To restore these emails again to your Gmail account, you need to open Start Page and choose Export E-mail option from there. Now, specify the Email server as Gmail and initiate the export process. You can find all these exported Emails in a new label named as MailStore Export in your Gmail.

Apart from Gmail, it allows email archiving from various webmail servers including Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft exchange, etc. It also supports a variety of email clients including Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc. It uses POP and IMAP protocols to configure email services.

Gmail Backup

Gmail Backup is an open source software for Gmail backup. It is an easy to use software. It is an effective tool to backup Gmail along with attachments. You just need to enter the Gmail login credentials, which are full email address and Gmail password to create a backup of respective Gmail account. When you are done with these entries, just browse for a folder to save backup files and specify duration of days i.e. ‘since date’ to ‘before date’ options. The Gmail backup will be created for that duration. Now, by clicking on ‘Backup’ option, you can successfully create backup of selected Gmail account. Again, you can restore these mails just by a single click on ‘Restore’ option.

UpSafe Gmail Backup

UpSafe Gmail Backup is an excellent software to create backup of your Gmail account. Using this software to backup Gmail emails is an easy task. You just need to login with your Google Account and then you can access all other features of this software.

You can customize Gmail backup process by using various options such as by specifying ‘Sent Date’, or choosing folders from your Gmail account, etc. To get easy access to backup emails, you can specify directory to place your backup to that folder. After configuring these backup options, you just need to click on ‘Start backup’ option to do the same. Also, you get a dedicated ‘View mail backup’ option on its interface. As you click on this option, you will have a list of backup mails, and by right clicking on selected mails, you can easily access option to restore them.

Apart from that, it also lets you archive emails so that they are available to you locally. But, they will be deleted from your Gmail account.

It also provides security against unauthorized use of this software to archive or create backup of Gmail account. To do so, you can enable automatic sign out option when application is closed. Thus, to use your Gmail account, email address and password is needed again.


GMVAULT-SHELL is a command line Gmail backup software. It is a safe and fast way to create backup, restore, and export emails from Gmail. But first of all, you need to configure your gmail account for this software.

How To Create Gmail Backup using GMVAULT-SHELL:

  • First of all, you need to open this Software in Command Prompt.
  • Now, you need to synchronize your Gmail account using following command: gmvault-shell> gmvault sync [email protected]
  • After executing this command, it will open the web browser and direct you to authenticate the user. Here, you need to enter the correct password. Now, it will generate a token. This token is necessary to use this software. So, copy it.
  • After that, you need to paste this token in command window. Now, a backup of Gmail is created in the C-drive of your PC.

To restore these emails back to Gmail, you need to enter following command:

For restoration purpose, you don’t need to enter the token. And, once the Gmail account is configured with this software,  it doesn’t ask for the token again and again.

Gmail Keeper

Gmail Keeper is another free software to backup Gmail. It lets you create a local backup of your Gmail account on your PC, and restore it whenever required. Prior to using this free Gmail backup tool, do remember to enable Gmail IMAP access. After that, you need to ‘Add Profile’ by providing email address and password. During addition of the Gmail profile, you can select folders and labels from Gmail account to create backup of specific folders and labels of Gmail. Also, you can selectively create Gmail backup by specifying date range or file size. All emails will be stored in the user defined folder, and you can prevent unauthorized access to these emails by adding a password to this folder.

You can either ‘Manually’ create backup or set automatic Gmail backup interval as Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

One of the best feature of this software is its command line facility. Using this feature, you can generate a command for the added Gmail profile. And by entering this command to CMD, you can initialize backup process even without opening this software.

The restoration process is also very easy. You can choose either the same Gmail account or any other Gmail account to restore emails in.

Note: In the free version of this software, you can only add a single Gmail account to backup Gmail emails. Also, you can create a backup of 300 emails only. These limitations are removed by upgrading to its paid version.

got your backup (GYB)

got your backup (GYB) is another command line software to create backup of emails of Gmail account, and also to restore them later. Lets checkout how to use this software to create a backup, and to restore mails from Gmail:

  • Open the software in Command Prompt.
  • Now, execute following command:
    gyb --email [email protected] --action backup
  • As you execute this command, it will display many options related to Gmail account including backup and restore, only backup, only restore, etc. You can use these options by entering respective option number.
  • To choose ‘Gmail Backup And Restore’ option, you need to enter ‘0’ and then enter ‘7’ to Continue. Now, the browser will open and authenticate the user by asking for the valid Gmail password.
  • After completion of authentication process, the backup process takes place.
  • All mails will be stored in the default folder created in the same directory, where the software is installed.

To restore these mails back to Gmail, just enter following command:

gyb --email [email protected] --action restore --local-folder "path to backup folder"

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