3 Free Online Traffic Simulator Websites

Here is a list of the best free online traffic simulator websites. Simulation is a process of testing specific scenarios in a controlled environment to observe the outcomes. In this case, a traffic simulator would let you run one or multiple specific traffic scenarios where you can manipulate certain aspects like traffic signs, traffic lights, roads, etc. You can change those aspects individually or with respect to one another to check their impact on the traffic.

I found 3 online traffic simulators that you can use for free. Each of these simulators is based on slightly different ideas. The first simulator lets you simulate various types of roads and observe how it impacts the traffic flow. The second entry is an ML-based approach that automatically controls the traffic lights for the best traffic flow. And the third simulator is a rather simple road junction where you can toggle the lights to control the traffic flow. With that said, let’s check these traffic simulators one by one in detail.

My Favorite Online Traffic Simulator Website

Microsimulation of Traffic Flow is my favorite simulator website on this list. As the name suggests, this website lets you run a small simulation of traffic flow where you can control various parameters. You can monitor the simulation by changing traffic flow, car-following behavior, and lane-changing behavior. On top of that, you can also add speed limits, traffic lights, and other elements on the roads and download the simulation data.

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Microsimulation of Traffic Flow

Microsimulation of Traffic Flow is a free online traffic simulator. This simulator offers 8 types of road structures that you can simulate. It shows the simulation on the left half of the screen and controls on the right half of the screen. You can simply visit the website and pick a road type that you like to simulate. Depending on the road, you get options to control the traffic flow, car-following behavior, and lane-changing behavior. You can play with various road parameters and monitor how each of those things impacts the traffic. All the vehicles in the simulation are color-coded as per their current speed. You can see the vehicles changing color as their speed changes. Along with trying different configurations in the simulation, you can use a monitor feature at a specific time. This feature records all the activities in the simulation and export that data in a TXT file.


  • Simulate Ring, Road work, On-ramp, Off-ramp, Uphill, Routing, and Roundabout type of road structures.
  • Vehicles are color-coded as per their current speed.
  • Add/remove the number of lanes on the road.
  • Add stop signs, speed limits, and red lights on the road.
  • Control the traffic flow, car-following behavior, and lane-changing behavior.
  • Start and pause the simulation at any time.
  • Monitor and download simulation data at any time interval while the simulation is running.

Road Traffic Simulator

Road Traffic Simulator is a free online traffic simulator tool. This simulator uses multiple algorithms to automatically control the traffic lights in order to maximize the traffic flow. It adjusts traffic lights using Intelligent Driver Model and lane-changing model MOBIL. You can add roads and combine the junctions. It automatically adjusts as per the new roads and junctions. But if a road is not feasible to operate, the simulation gets stuck, and then you have to reload it again. Apart from the road, you can change the vehicle density, time delay for lights, and many other aspects.


  • This simulator uses Intelligent Driver Model and lane-changing model MOBIL to adjust traffic lights.
  • You can control vehicle density and speed.
  • You can also adjust various visualization options such as scale, the time factor, etc.

Traffic Simulator 2

Traffic Simulator 2 is another free online traffic simulation that runs in a web browser. This one is the simplest simulation of all. It has a road junction where you can control the traffic lights. There are two roads and two traffic lights at the crossing, one for each side. You can click on the traffic light button to toggle the current state of the lights. There is a single button to change the lights. When you press it, it toggles the lights, turning one side green and the other side red. Apart from that, you can set the flow of traffic for both roads along with the speed. This way, you can run this traffic simulation.


  • This is a simple traffic simulation of a road junction with two roads.
  • You can adjust the inflow of the traffic for both roads along with the vehicle speeds.
  • It lets you change the traffic light for the junction and simulate the traffic behavior accordingly.
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