5 Best Free Open Source Billing Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free Open Source Billing Software For Windows. These open source billing software are completely free and you can also download their source file and modify the code present in it. The program with the modified code can also be published without taking any permissions from the owner.

Coming to these software, you can create, view, edit, and also keep track of all your bills using these. Some billing software also help you manage clients and their information, payments (due payments, paid, payments logs), products, and more. Most software need to be setup before managing clients, bills, invoices, products, etc. In order to setup, you need to add Clients by providing their Personal details, Payment modes, Products, Company details, etc. After the setup, you can start making bills. The billing sections in all software are pretty similar where you have a standard set of fields like Bill Number, Date, Customer Name, Address, description of Purchased items, Price, Quantity, various Taxes and their Rates, etc. These open source billing software automatically calculate bills by considering all parameters (rate, taxes, quantity, etc.) and provide the final total.

In most software, you can save the bills internally and also search previous bills using the bill number, date, etc. Depending upon the software, bills can also be printed or saved as PDF’s.

My Favorite Open Source Billing Software For Windows:

InvoicePlane is my favorite software because it helps you manage the complete billing circle (quotes, invoices, and payments). Plus, one-click online payment option and support for 25 different payment providers are also impressive.

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InvoicePlane is a free and open source billing software for Windows. It is a web-based software that requires external web hosting software like XAMPP, WAMP, etc. to run. The main task of this software is to manage your complete billing circle (from quotes over invoices to payments). The working of this freeware is quite similar to customer relationship management (CRM) software where you can Add clients, Contact details, Notes, Custom fields, etc. Plus, features like basic project and task management are also available.

This billing software is quite flexible and customizable, so you can make changes to it according to requirements like set amount formats, PDF and email templates, different themes, and more. Another impressive property of this billing software is that it provides One-click online payment options and clients can pay using 25 different online payment providers like PayPal, Stripe, or even using Bitcoin through Coinbase.

This software comes with various sections using which Admin can manage clients, payments, Invoices, and more. Let’s take a brief look at the function of each available section.

  • Clients: In it, you can add new clients and their personal information. Plus, you can also view all clients along with their remaining balance.
  • Quotes: From here, you can create quotations for clients by adding Items, their Quantity, Price, Discount, Quote tax, Item tax, and more. Previous Quotes for all clients can also be viewed from here.
  • Invoices: It is used to create new invoices, view preview invoices along with recurring invoices.
  • Payments: Using this tab, you can keep records of clients who have the cleared the due payments. To do that, you need enter the received amount to update the status of the client to Paid. Besides this, previous payments and online payment logs can also be viewed.
  • Products: From here, you can add new products and their descriptions (price, name, product family, etc.).
  • Reports: This section is used to view full reports of Invoice aging, Payment history, Sales by client, and Sales by date.

All the Bills, Payments, Quotes, Reports, etc. can be individually saved as PDF.

Logic Invoice

Logic Invoice is another free and open source billing software for Windows. Not only billing but management of accounts, users, recurring payments, blogs, etc. can also be performed through this software. Initially, only admin has the rights to manage and view different aspects of this software, but admin can share the rights with other users so that users can also manage various aspects by logging in to Logic Invoice Account.

In this software, you can view various sections, but the Invoice section is the one through which you can create and keep track of invoices and bills of your customers. In this section, you can create bills or invoices by following the five-step process which are:

  • General: In this step, fill customer details (name, contacts, etc.) and update the customer status to Approved, Overdue, Paid, and Pending according to payment status.
  • Payment Details: Here, you need to provide information related to payment like Payment Company, Payment Location, Payment Zone, etc.
  • Payment Method: As its name implies, here you need to specify the Method of payment (Bank Transfer, Cheque, and Paypal). Besides this, few more details like Payment name, Payment Currency (US Dollar, Singapore Dollar, etc.), and Payment description also need to be submitted.
  • Items: In this, you need to provide Item Name, Item Price, Quantity, Tax, Discount, etc. After that, you can view the final total by pressing the Calculate button.
  • Review: In this step, you get the final total along with ordered items, items descriptions, item price, etc., so that you can review the final bill before printing or sending it to the customer.

Apart from billing and invoicing, there are many other handy sections which you can use like Accounting (to create journal entries, manage your accounts, and view your chart of accounts), Recurring Payments (to automatically generate recurring invoices for customers), Blog (to keep your customer updated with the built-in blog), Reporting (to generate reports for accounting, billing, recurring, payments, etc.), and more.

Overall, its a powerful, user-friendly, and feature-rich software for billing, accounting, and invoicing solutions.

Note: To run this software, you need to use external web server solution software like XAMPP, WAMPP, etc.


Fakturama is a free and open source invoice management software for Windows. It can also be used as an open source billing software. Not just invoice and billings, you can also manage Sales, Customers, Products, Database of customers, etc. with it. This software is mainly built to manage online webshop; to connect to webshop, it provides a dedicated webshop button on its interface. But during testing, I was not able to connect this software to the online webshop. Still, as you can manually add food products along with their description and price details, so you will not have any problems in creating bills. Plus, an inbuilt calculator is also provided that also helps in finding the Discounts, Gross total, etc.

On its interface, this software has many sections to manage different aspects of a webshop which are:

  • Order: Through this section, you can create an order for the webshop in which you can specify the Name or Number of items, Quantity, Net or Gross, Tax- free or with VAT, etc. According to the ordered items, this software provides you the final amount to be paid.
  • Invoice: In this section, you can create a bill of ordered items by the customers. According to the order, Add Food Items, Items Quantity, VAT, Discount, Shipping Charge, etc., the total price of all items including taxes and VAT gets generated automatically. Similar to this, you can also create Credit bill and Separate delivery bill.
  • Products: Using this section, you can manually add all items and their description (item number, name, category, price, quantity, etc.) to the database.
  • Contact: It is used to add contact information of new customers like phone number, email address, house address, etc. Plus, some miscellaneous information about customers such as preferred payment methods, VAT number, Discounts, etc. can also be stored.
  • Expenditure: It is used to create new expenditure list and to manage expenditure.

In this software, you can save all the modifications, invoices, bills, created contacts, etc. by pressing the Save icon. Plus, a Print option is also available to print bills directly.

Invoice With Roshi

Invoice With Roshi is yet another free and open source billing software for Windows. This software is specially developed to cater Indian market. It is also compatible with the Indian GST that makes it a really good software to create bills and invoices in compliance with the Indian market.

This software is based on Python, so your PC needs to have Python installed on it. To run this software, first, Install the setup of this software. After installation, open Command Prompt, and type python project.py and press Enter to open the interface of this software in the default browser.

After the launch of this software, you can view two billing and invoice related sections namely, Sale Invoice and Purchase Invoice. In Sale Invoice, you can create sale bills by entering the Item Name, Quantity, Rate, and Taxes. According to provided item parameters, it will calculate and provide you the final amount instantly. You can add more items and their parameters by pressing the Add Entry button. Besides this, some Invoice details like Invoice ID, Invoice Date, and Due Date along with Customer name, Billing Address, and Shipping Address are also needed to be filled.

The Purchase Invoice section is exactly similar to Sale Invoice section with only one difference that it is build to create Purchase Invoice instead of Sales Invoice. After creating the bill, you can either save it in the software itself by pressing the Save button or you can press the Save & Print button to directly print the bill.

Apart from two main sections, it has handy sections namely, Inventory (to add new items by providing item rate, tax, name, and measurements), Party (to create parties of Business and Individual Persons by providing their personal details), Invoice List (from here, you can view all sale and purchase invoice ever created; plus date wise invoice search is also provided).

VAT Software

VAT Software is yet another free and open source billing software for Windows. As its name implies, it is mainly a VAT software for VAT forms like 8, 8B, 8C, etc. It is also a billing software because of the presence of ADD Bill, EDIT Bill, VIEW Bill, DELETE Bill, and PRINT Bill menus. Using these menus, you can easily make and print bills with ease.

To use this software, the first thing you should do is to set up your company account from File > Setup menu. In the setup menu, you need to provide your company details like Company Address (Address, Name, ID, Pincode, etc.), Registration Details (TIN, CST, ST, PAN, MSME, and NCIS), Phone Numbers, etc. The admin of this software can also add login users who can also use this software and access various information. The admin has the rights to edit and delete users which other users do not have.

After the setup, you can create, view, edit, and delete bills using the Bill menu. To create a bill, open the Add Bill menu and fill all the recommended fields like Order number, Date, Total amount of contract, Description of work, Amount, Taxable Amount, etc. According to the entered amount and tax deductions, this software calculates and provides you the final total automatically. If you want to view, edit or delete previous bills, you can go to respective sections and search bill using date, bill number, or according to bill owner name. The final bill can also be printed directly using the Print menu. Some additional tools like Calculator, Backup, and Restore Database are also available in this software.

Note: A registration window keeps on popping up on the screen, but due to unresponsive nature of the popup window, neither you can register nor you can permanently disable the occurrence of this popup.

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