10 Best Free Open Source XMPP Client Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free open source XMPP client software for Windows. An XMPP client aka Jabber client is a software which lets you communicate in an XMPP network over the Internet. XMPP stands for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol which is an instant messaging protocol based on XML. These are lightweight and open source XMPP client software. You can easily find the source code of these freeware on their websites and study or modify it. All of these are cross-platform Jabber clients available for other platforms like Mac, Linux, BSD, etc.

Using these software, you can add Jabber accounts and chat with a person within the XMPP network. You can configure your profile by customizing information, status, display picture, setting presence, etc. In some of these, you can add and manage multiple user accounts. All of these support group chats and conference. You can send normal text, formatted text, images, files, screenshots, emojis, etc. to your contacts. Additionally, multi-tab chat interface, plugin support, end-to-end encryption, multilingual interface, chat history, bookmarks, broadcast message, etc. features are provided in these. One XMPP client even supports voice and video calls.

My Favorite XMPP Client Software For Windows:

Jitsi is one of my favorite XMPP client software as along with text messaging, it supports voice and video calls too. It offers support for other networks too such as AIM, ICQ, SIP, IPPI, etc. Gajim is also a good Jabber client. It provides desirable features such as several plugins, multiple user accounts, file sharing, etc.

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Jitsi is a nice, easy-to-use Jabber client for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Linux, etc. It actually provides service for multiple networks including XMPP, such as AIM, ICQ, SIP, IPPI, etc. You can add multiple accounts to this software and set up your profiles (information, status, profile picture, etc.). It lets you create groups and chat rooms and chat with them using emojis.

Features of Jitsi worth mentioning:

  • It lets you share files and desktop with your contacts.
  • You can also make voice and video calls using it.
  • It allows you call recording.
  • You can transfer a call to your another contact.
  • You can search and view chat and call history.
  • It lets you make a conference call.
  • You can enable or disable notification sound.
  • Connection and account information can be viewed.
  • It has a multi-tab chat interface.
  • It lets you hide offline contacts.

Overall, Jitsi is a simple yet one of the best open source XMPP clients for Windows.


Gajim is a free, open source XMPP client for Windows. It is available for several other platforms such as Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, BSD, etc. Using this software, you can communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues within XMPP network. It is a nice and easy to use Jabber client with a compact GUI. You can create a new account using it. Or, you can log in to an already existing Jabber account. To create a new account, it lets you select an XMPP server, such as jabber.cz, jabber.org, pandion.im, richim.org, jabbim.com, xmpp.jp, tigase.im, etc. These are just a few examples; it supports a wide range of XMPP servers in actual.

After adding an account, you can setup your profile (name, birthday, avatar, status, etc.) and start chatting with your contacts. To add contacts, specify Jabber ID of your friend or colleague. You can even create or join a Group Chat.

Features of Gajim to look out for:

  • You can add multiple accounts to this XMPP client.
  • It has a multi-tab chat interface.
  • It supports emoticons and file sharing (documents, images, etc.). You can view File Transfer history.
  • It supports Wikipedia, dictionary, and search engine lookup.
  • You can install various plugins for additional functionalities. Some of these are Image (share graphics files), PGP (PGP encryption), Quick Replies (quickly insert message templates), Whiteboard (Shows whiteboard in a chat), Set Location, Birthday Reminder, Anti Spam (block some messages), and more.
  • It provides End-To-End encryption.
  • XML Console, Server Info, Privacy List, Set MOTD (message of the day), etc. are some other features provided in it.
  • It comes in a portable version too.

To know more, you can read the full review of Gajim here > Gajim Review.


Pandion is a popular XMPP client software for Windows. It is also a free open source Jabber client. I especially liked it for its simplicity. It is quite easy to setup and use. You can start with registering an account on it or use an existing Jabber account. You can then setup your full profile and set your status as Available, Busy, Away, Invisible, or any customized message. It lets you fill in your full name, birthdate, contact, business address, etc. and change your Avatar.

To chat with your contacts, you need to manually add them. Or, you can even import contact list in XML, BLT, CTT, and TXT formats. It supports multi-tab chat interface. For chatting, it lets you use emojis and customized font. You can also view, save (HTML, TXT, XML), and print message history. Additionally, you can create and join conference and group chat. Some more features of this software include Plugin Support, Bookmark Conference, Headlines and Alerts, Multiple Language Support (English, Italiano, Afrikan, French, Spanish, etc.), and more. You can set up configurations such as Blocking List, Connection Settings, Notification Sounds, Privacy, etc.

Overall, this one is another one of the best Jabber clients.


Swift is another free, open source XMPP client for Windows. It also lets you do instant chatting with friends, family, or colleagues in XMPP network. For that, it lets you add contacts and create and join groups chat rooms. It provides separate tabs to view Contacts, Chats, and Notices on the main interface.

You can configure your profile with details (name, contact, address, birthday, etc.) and profile picture, and you can set your status. It provides few basic emoticons to chat with. Apart from that, you can enable sound, configure highlight and notification configurations, request delivery receipts, etc. You can also add contacts to your blocked list. Other than that, you can view debug console and file transfer overview.


Coccinella is a free, open source, cross-platform XMPP client software. Apart from Windows, it is available for Mac and Linux operating systems. In this software, you can log into your existing account or even create a new one. Then, setup your profile, add contacts or create groups, and start chatting with them. It lets you use Whiteboard, share files, insert emojis, etc. to communicate with your contacts. You can view and save your chat history.

It lets you set your location, mood, and activity for your contacts to see. While you can import business cards and icon sets to this Jabber client, you can export contacts, chats, and business card. It provides a useful Discover Server option to let you add a server and use its services. You can also enable or disable different plugins using Info > Plugins option. You can further customize control panel, preferences, font size, etc.


OneTeam is one more XMPP client software for Windows. It is another software which lets you communicate with friends and family in XMPP network. Let’s see what are the features provided in this Jabber client:

  • You can configure your account by editing personal information, changing password, service discovery, and setting up other options (status, appearance, etc.).
  • It lets you chat with your contacts with customized font and emojis. You can even edit your last message after sending it. You can also add or join chat rooms.
  • Contact Details, Message Archive, and Spell Checker are some other useful features.
  • It also provides File Transfers, History Manager, Status Messages Overview, Service Discovery, etc. options too.


Pidgin is one more free, open source XMPP client for Windows in this list. It lets you add multiple Jabber accounts to the software and communicate with people. You can manage account by enabling or disabling any of them. You can set user information, mood, nickname, etc. For instant messaging, add a contact and send chats with emoticons, customized font, links, etc. You can start or join a group chat too. In addition, it lets you save chats as HTML documents, view chat logs, clear scrollback, block a user, etc.

It provides an interesting feature called Add Buddy Pounce. It basically lets you configure and select events (when buddy goes away, signs off, signs on, etc.) to perform an action like popup notification, execute a command, play sound, etc. Apart from that, you can view user information and user log, show offline buddies, empty groups, protocol icons, etc., sort buddies, etc.


Spark is another one of Jabber clients for Windows. It lets you communicate with your friends by sending text messages, emojis, screenshots, files, etc. You can view user information and conversation history. It provides message encryption options too. It supports group and conference chats. You can broadcast a message as normal or alert notification to selected contacts or groups.

For more ease, it displays two different tabs on main interface, Contacts and Conferences. You can search for a particular contact, lookup a Jabber profile, view offline contacts and empty groups, view task list, view download list, manage plugins, change interface language, view logs, etc.


Psi is the next free open source Jabber client software in this list. It is also a cross-platform software available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. You can add and manage multiple XMPP accounts in it. After setting up profiles, you can start chatting with your buddies using emojis, share files with them, etc. You can search chat history applying contact and date filters. It also lets you view active contacts.

It is a very simple XMPP client software.


Wime is yet another free Jabber client for Windows users. Like other XMPP client software, you can add a Jabber account and start instant messaging with your contacts. For communication, you can use emojis. It supports OTR message encryption protocol for secure messaging. You can also broadcast the same message to multiple users at a time. Other than that, you can view message history. It lets you configure general account preferences like notification sound, toolbars, plugins, status, appearance, events, roster window, etc.

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