5 Best Free P-list Editor Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free p-list editor software for Windows. P-list or property list is a settings file that contains configuration and property settings of programs. You can use these listed editors to edit such files. To know more about p-list files, check here > Property list file.

There are two types of p-list editors present in this list. The first type of p-list editors only show the important data and hide all XML coding structure. The second type of p-list editors show both the XML code and p-list parameters. Using these editors, you can easily change three main attributes of a p-list file namely Key, Data types, and Values. The p-list editors who show only relevant data let you manually set any value to key and values attributes. However, to change the data type, you need to select one from a list of data types provided by these software. Data Types that you can select are String, Real, Integer, Boolean, Array, Date, Data, and Dictionary. The property list editors who show XML formatted p-list file let you change any parameter that you want without any limitation.

These software also provide various tools to help you while editing like Copy, Cut, Paste, Find/Replace, etc. Plus, some software also come with a multi-tab interface that allows you to edit multiple p-list files at a time. After making the modifications, you can save changes in the same or in a different p-list file. Go through the list to find the best p-list editor for yourself.

My Favorite P-List Editor Software For Windows:

Free PList Editor is my favorite software because it hides the XML codes and shows only the simplified version of p-list data. Overall, it makes editing really easy and productive as you can now only focus on important attributes of the p-list file.

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Free PList Editor

Free PList Editor is a free property list editor or p-list editor software for Windows. It comes with a thoughtfully designed interface that makes it easier to use. In it, you can directly import a p-list file by using the File Menu and manipulate its data. It makes it possible to add keys and assign siblings to them. Plus, you can also change existing data type to Date, Array, Dictionary, Integer, Real, Boolean, and to String. Values associated with different data types can also be changes with this software.

To edit the data type, key, values, etc., you just need to double-click on respective fields. There is also a Find and Replace Tool using which you can quickly search and replace any data present in the file. It also provides standard tools like Cut, Copy, and Paste to further help you edit p-list files.

After editing, you can save changes in the same file using Save option or you can create a new p-list file by using the Save as option.


PlistPad is a free open source p-list editor software for Windows. Using this software, you can open and edit one property list file at a time. This software simplifies the whole editing process as it shows only important categories of data namely Key, Data Type, and Values on the interface. It hides all the XML code from the user to reduce the complexity of editing.

How to edit p-list files using the PlistPad:

  • Double click on the values of Key and Value fields and change it with another value that you want.
  • In case of Data Type parameters, you also need to double click on it but instead of manually writing the data type, you need to select from a data type menu that appears when you double click on data type parameters. There are eight available data types to choose from namely String, Real, Boolean, Integer, Date, Data, Array, and Dictionary.

It also provides some handy tools like Find, Replace, Copy, Cut, and Paste. Plus, the collapsible nodes to hide the subcategories is also quite handy. Once done with editing, save the modified content in the same file or in a different p-list file using Save and Save as options, respectively.

IPATools PropertyList Editor

IPATools PropertyList Editor is free, portable, and open source p-list editor software for Windows. In this property list editor, you can open and edit multiple p-list files at a time because of its multi-tab interface. This editor shows the p-list content in XML code format that you can edit. The XML format makes editing slightly complex. To identify the p-list content, you can focus on tags like Key Tag (<key>), String Tag (<string>), Array Tag (<distinct>), P-list Tag (<plist>), etc. This software also uses color highlights to highlight important tags, which also helps in identifying the important tags and p-list data.

After editing, you can save changes by pressing the Save Button without making any changes in the format. However, use of the Save As option allows you to save the p-list file as Binary Format or as Text Format. Selection of either text or binary format does not affect the file format as it remains the same i.e. .plist.


SynWrite is a completely free portable p-list editor software for Windows. It is mainly a source code editor which is used to edit source codes of various languages like C, C#, Java, Dot Net, etc. In this editor, you can open and edit multiple files at a time including multiple p-list files. However, it does not show you the simplified version of p-list like some other p-list editors. Instead, it provides a slightly complex XML code format with all important attributes like Key, Data Types, values. This software color codes the important parameters like Key, DataTypes, etc. So, you can easily separate important parameters from XML’s tags and data. Editing is pretty straightforward in it as you just need to select and replace the data with the new values.

In this p-list file editor, you also get a Tree Structure View of p-list files and by expanding it, you can view the complete structure of the p-list. Besides this, a long list of tools and features are also present in it. Some of the handy features that you get in here are Find, Find next, Find & replace, Word counter, Mark occurrences, Bookmarks, and more. After all the modifications, you can save the modified content by pressing the Save button. However, you can also change the file format of a p-list file to YAML, XML, SQL, Pearl, Pascal, Javascript, etc. file formats.


js-PListor is yet another free open source p-list editor software for Windows. It is a web-based software that requires a browser to run. This software works slightly different from other similar software because it can’t open a p-list file by its own. Using this software, you can only edit the content of a p-list file when the content is directly pasted in its Import canvas section. To copy the content of a p-list file, you can open the p-list file in Notepad and copy the entire content with XML codes to this software. When the p-list content is successfully added to this software, you can view the data in form of various rows. Each row shows the data of different data types like Array, String, Number, Dictionary, etc. By clicking the Edit button of a row, you can edit its data. To change the data type, right click on the Equal (=) symbol and go to Convert To Menu and select one of the data types. Besides this, you can also add more rows of any data type using the Add row of type option.

After all modifications, press the Export button to get the output p-list content in XML format. In order to save the content as p-list, you again need a separate p-list viewer or editor software.

This software is just used to edit the content of p-list file. It doesn’t create a new p-list file or save changes in a p-list file. If you want an editor that simplifies the complex XML structure of a p-list file into simple rows of key content, then go with this one.

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