6 Best Free Patient Management Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free patient management software for Windows. Using these software, you can track patient’s information, diagnoses, prescriptions, encounters with hospitals or doctors, etc. The main advantage of these patient managers is that they make adding and obtaining information of patients very easy. Some of these software focus on general patient management, while other software address specific processes such as patient tracking, medical records management, etc.

One of the main tasks of these software is to manage patients medical history information. A patient medical history contains information such as Immunizations, Illnesses, Surgeries, Test Results, Medications, etc. At the time of adding a new patient, these software allow their users to fill medical history data along with patients personal information. Besides this, Appointment is another common feature through which you can easily track and create appointments for patients. For doctors, these patient managers can be really useful as they can quickly view past medical history data of patients. Medical data of patients help doctors to understand more about patients problems. Overall, all of these pateint managers are quite easy to use. Go through the list to know more about these software.

My Favorite Patient Management Software For Windows:

OpenClinic GA is my favorite software because it helps you in managing patients’ personal and medical history data and also in scheduling patients’ appointments. Plus, it also provides you many hospital management features that may also come in handy.

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OpenClinic GA

OpenClinic GA is a free open source patient management software for Windows. This software is actually a complete hospital management software through which you can also manage patients and their information. This software comes with various sections to manage different aspects of a hospital like Patient, Medical Summary, Nursing, Applications, Documents, etc. But, to manage patients and their information, you only need Patient and Medical Summary sections.

Using its Patients Section, you can add New Patients and their Personal Data (Name, Address, Family Physician, Gender, etc.), Family Relationships, and Health Facility Personnel. When a new patient gets added, this software will automatically assign a unique Patient ID through which you can easily search any patient. There are few other activities that you can perform in this section like adding patient photo, creating patient ID card, enrolling patient fingerprints, etc.

In the Medical Summary Section, you can add, edit, and delete patient’s Vaccination Information, Problem Lists, Clinical Documents, Insurance Data, etc. Plus, you can also manage patients appointments, calculate their medical bills and also create invoices.

As mentioned earlier, this software is a complete hospital management software and hence, it comes with a lot of features which you can check out.

Patient Tracker

Patient Tracker is a free patient management app for Windows 10. Using this app, you can easily add and track patients appointments and also manage patients medical history details. To track and manage appointment and patients details, this app provides three separate sections namely Appointments, Recent Patients, and Patients Accessed Before 30 Days.

  • In the Appointments section, you can view all the nearby appointments. Plus, you can also schedule appointments by providing Patient’s name, Note regarding the patient problem, Exact date, and time. After making an appointment, you can save it into the database by pressing the Save Button.
  • From the Recent Patients and Patients Accessed Before 30 Days Sections, you can view all the recent and earlier patients in an alphabetical order list. By clicking on any patient name, you can view the complete medical history of that patient namely, Diagnostics Details, Prescriptions, Medical Background (Allergies, Surgeries, Family, Dental, Smoking, etc.), Lab Reports, and Vital Sign Assessment Details. You can also add or edit medical history data of a patient from both of these Recent Patients and Patients Accessed Before 30 Days sections.

Overall, it is a simple app for Windows 10 to manage patients and their information.

CoderToolkit's Clinic

CoderToolkit’s Clinic is another free patient management software for Windows. It is a simple patient management software to keep track of the patients and their visits to the doctor. With this software, you can not only track patients visits, but you can also add their personal information along with their medical record data. Searching and retrieving data is also quite easy in this software as you just need to search the patient’s name on the search bar to view patients record.

How to manage patients data and their visits:

  • Initially, you need to add patients through its New Patient’s Tab and by providing patient personal information like Name, DOB, Address, Phone Number, etc.
  • After that, press Add Button to save personal details and to open the Details Tab.
  • In Details Tab, you can mention the patient visit date and all necessary medical history details like Allergy, Immunization, Encounters, Medication, etc. After that, press Add Record Button to save the record with the patient’s personal details.
  • To retrieve, manage, and to edit recorded details of patients, first, search patient name from the search bar and open patient record to make changes to it.

Overall, it is a very simple patient management software that even novice users can use without much hassle.

Patients Box

Patients Box is the next free patient management software for Windows. This software is mainly built for doctors so that they can keep track of their patient’s medical data and make changes to their data according to their health. Plus, at any time, doctors can export reports of patients as HTML file as well.

To use this software, first, you need to manually add patients and their medical records to this software. In order to add patients, click on Add Patients and fill patient personal details like Name, Surname, Registration Number, DOB, etc. Now to add Medical Report, click on the Add Record Button and fill essential medical data like Medical History, Current Medication, Allergy, Prescription, etc. Lastly, save all the data by clicking on the Save Button. Similarly, you can add more patients and their medical data to this software. On the left side of the interface, you can view the names of all added patients. A simple search bar is also present to search patients by their names. Besides this, if patients use various insurance services for payments, then you can add those insurances services to this software by going to Configuration > Insurers.

The good thing about this software is that it is password protected so that only authorized person can access the patient’s data.

Inpatient Manager

Inpatient Manager is yet another free patient management software for Windows. This software is mainly used to manage the medical history of multiple patients. Using it, you can easily create records of new patients and also easily browse records (medical history) of previous patients. In order to create a patient record, first, you need to create a New Database by pressing the New DB Button. After that, press the New Record Button to fill all the personal details and medical details of a patient. In a record, you can fill details like Name, Medical Record, Admit Date, Attending Physician, Patient Status (Active Inactive), Medication, Allergies, Medical History, Major Tests, etc.

This patient manager also provides a useful search option to search and retrieve information of any patient. By using either the patient record name or patient name, you can search record of a patient. After retrieving the record, you can also directly print it using Print Record option. Besides this, some other handy features like Duplicate (to create a duplicate copy of the whole database) and Export DB (to export the database as a .cst file) features are also available.

Patients Records Lite

Patients Records Lite is one more free patient management app for Windows 10. This app helps you manage patients, their medical records, and prescription information. Plus, you can also schedule patient’s appointment through it. However, this software does not have its own calendar to schedule appointments and hence, it uses the Windows default calendar app to schedule appointments.

To add records of patients, go to is Patients section and add personal details of patients along with photos and save the record by pressing the Save Button. Once the patient’s information gets added to this software, you can also add medical details to patient record including Prescription, Medical History Record, and Documents in form of various image formats like PNG, JPG, BMP, etc. You can also use a webcam to directly capture and store a patient medical record with their personal information. Finding records of patients is also quite easy in this software as this software stores record in alphabetical sections. In each alphabetical section, you can view patients with their last name starting with the same alphabet as of section name.

Overall, it is another really good Windows 10 app to add, edit and manage patients information and their appointments.

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