9 Best Free Photo Date Stamper Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free photo date stamper software for Windows. Photo date stamping is a process of adding date stamp over one or more photos. In order to add dates to your images, you need these photo date stamper software. Using these software, you can easily add current or custom date and time on any part of an image. Plus, options to change date font style, font color, font size, etc., are also available in these software.

In most of these software, you can also add text and image watermark to images with ease. In some software, you can also find various editing features like color correction, filters, effects, layers, etc. Go through the list to find the most suitable photo date stamper software for you.

My favorite Photo Date Stamper Software For Windows:

uMark Photo Watermarker is my favorite software because it can add date along with time, images, text, etc. to an image. It is also most suitable for adding date stamps on multiple images as it provides batch photo watermarking feature.

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uMark Photo Watermarker

uMark Photo Watermarker is a free photo date stamper software for Windows. With the use of this software, you can add Date stamps, Timestamps, Text watermark, Image watermark, Shapes, and even QR Codes to your photos. For this, it supports a wide range of image formats like BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc. This software also provides batch watermarking feature, hence you can also add date stamps to multiple photos at the same time.

How to add date stamps to photos using this photo date stamper software:

  • Launch this software and load images using its Add Image or Add Folder option.
  • Now, go to its Load Add Watermark > Add Text Watermark option to open watermark settings.
  • In watermark settings, go to Watermark Macro menu and select Today’s date option to add current date and time on photos. When you double-click Today’s date option, you get additional options to change date and time format. However, if you want to add a custom date, then you need to directly enter the date in the Text field.
  • After adding the date, use various options to customize date stamp such as Position (to set the position of date stamp on photo), Text Effects (to change font color, text thickness, etc.), Watermark (to set transparency of the date stamp), etc.
  • Lastly, save all changes and move to the main interface and press the Save Images Button to save photos with added date stamp.

In general, it is one of the best free software to add date stamps on multiple images.

Bytescout Watermarking

Bytescout Watermarking is yet another free photo date stamper software for Windows. As its name implies, it is used as a watermark adder software. Using this software, you can add date and time stamps along with watermark on multiple photos at a time.

In order to add date and time stamps on photos, first, load photos to this software using Add File and Add Folder options. After loading the images, press the next button and select Date and Time watermark option. On the left part of the interface, you get various watermark options from where you can select Date Format (short date, long date, short date with time, etc.), Font Style, Font Color, Transparency, and Placement (top left, top right, center, etc.). After all the setup, use its Preview option to view how the output images will look with date and time stamp. Once done, press the Start button to finally add date to images.

Note: In this free version of Bytescout Watermarking software, you will face some limitations like disabled resize, override resolution, and output format changing features. Only by purchasing the paid version of this software, you can remove all these limitations.


IrfanView is a free full-fledged image editing software that can also be used to add date and time on multiple photos at a time. It also provides the standard watermarking feature through which you can add text watermark over any photo. The good thing about this software is that it supports almost all image formats.

How to add date stamps on photos in IrfanView:

  • First, go to File Menu > Batch Conversion/Rename option and add photos using its inbuilt file explorer.
  • After that, select the output image format and click on the Advanced Option and enable Add overlay text option and click on adjacent Settings button.
  • From the settings, click on Append Date and Append Time buttons to add current date and time on the photo. You can also add custom date and time by manually entering the date and time values in the Text Field.
  • After that, you can set the date position, font color, font size, etc. from add overlay text to image menu.
  • Lastly, press the Start Batch button to finally add date and time on photos.

In this software, you also get a Preview feature to view the photo with added date before actually adding the date to photos. Plus, a lot of image editing features like Filters, Effects, Color Correction, etc. can also be found in this software.

Photo Date Stamper

Photo Date Stamper is a dedicated free photo date stamper software for Windows. Using this software, you can add a stamp of current date or any other date on a photo. By default, it adds stamp of the current date, but you can change that by disabling the Auto Date Checkbox. It also allows you to place the date stamp at any corner of the photo. To change the date stamp position, use top-left, top-right, bottom-left, and bottom-right options. Besides corners, you cannot place date stamp in any other position.

In this software, you can also add a short description with the time stamp by entering the description in the Short Description field. Both the Font Size and Color of the short description and date stamp can also be varied. After adding the date stamp and making other essential changes, press the Run Button to add timestamp on a photo.

TSR Watermark Image Software

TSR Watermark Image Software is the next free photo date stamper software for Windows. Using this software, you can easily add date, time, file name, file path, and custom text over one or more photos at a time. Besides text, you can also add image watermark, effects, cross effects, etc. on photos. In this software, you also get some handy features through which you can perform incremental renaming, change image format, resize image, change image resolution, and more.

How to add date stamp on photos using TSR Watermark Image Software:

  • Launch this software and go to its Files to Watermark Tab and load all photos on which you want to add date stamp.
  • Now, go to the Watermark Configuration Tab and press the inset info button and select either Current Date+Time or Current Date option. Some other configuration like Font Color, Font Size, Date Stamp Location, etc. can also be customized in this tab.
  • After setting up above configurations, you can preview all photos with added time stamp in the Preview Window.
  • Once previewed all photos, press the Next button to move to ‘Save watermarked pictures as’ tab. In this tab, you get options to set the output folder, output format, resize image, change resolution, etc.
  • Lastly, press the Save Watermarked Image button to add date stamp on images.

Note: This software is only free for non-commercial use.

Photo Dater

Photo Dater is another simple and easy to use photo date stamper software for Windows. Using this software, you can add date on a single as well as multiple photos at a time. It also provides a date an entire directory option to quickly add date on all photos of a directory.

The process of adding dates is simple. Select either date a single file, date an entire directory, or date these files options and add one or more photos. After that, either specify the date manually or select date from file option to add the ‘image captured date’ on the photo. Now, set the font color and font size and manually provide the position coordinates of the date or use predefined date positions (top left, bottom right, etc.). Lastly, press the Date Photos button to start the image date stamping process. The output images will be saved in the same source image folder with JPG image extension.

reaConverter Lite

reaConverter Lite is a free photo date stamper software for Windows. The primary purpose of this software is to convert the format of images. Before converting the image format, you can make various modifications to photos such as Adding Watermarks, Resize Image, Crop Image, Color Adjustment, Creative Retouching, etc. By using its Watermarking option, you can easily add current date and time as well as a custom date and time on multiple photos at a time. According to your requirement, you can easily adjust the date font, size, color, position, opacity, etc. Plus, a live preview window is also present in it that shows all made changes on photos in real time. After adding date and making other essential changes on the photo, you can save the images with added date stamps in any folder or directory.

Note: In this free version of reaConverter, you will face some limitation like limited input and output image formats, disabled automation, etc.

Picosmos Tools

Picosmos Tools is a free software which consists of various separate tool sections like Page Design, Editor, Combine, Picosmos Shows, Effect, Batch, Import, etc. In order to add date and time stamp on photos, you need its Batch Section. In the Batch section, first, browse and add all images on which you want to add date and time. After that, go to its Watermark Menu > Add Text Option. In this option, you can get Date and Time buttons. By pressing these buttons, you can add current date and time on the pictures, respectively. Plus, all options to change font style, font size, font color, etc. are also present in it. If you want to add a custom date and time, then you need to manually enter the date and time in the Text field. After adding date and time, press the Save button to save photos.

In this batch Section, you get more additional tools like Cosmetology, Optimize, Convert, Multi-size Output, Auto Contrast, and more. In general, it is another great photo date stamper software for adding dates and timestamps on photos.


TimeStamper is a free photo date stamper app for Windows 10. This app allows you to quickly add date and timestamp on the top left corner of any photo. To add date and time stamp, first, add a photo of BMP, PNG, or JPEG format by using its Choose Image option. Immediately, after loading the photo, you can preview the photo with current date and time on the top left of the photo. To set any other date and time, you can use its date and time changing options present at the bottom of the interface. After setting date and time, press the Save Image button to save the image in PNG file format.

In general, it is a simple and straightforward app, but lack of time and date position changing option is its main letdown.

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