4 Best Free Portable Kanban Board Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Portable Kanban Board Software for Windows. All these are free software to create Kanban board with an advantage that these come in a portable package. You can carry these software in any portable storage device and use them on the go.

A Kanban board is a visual representation of all your ongoing and other tasks related to your projects. It helps you organize and arrange your tasks into multiple columns and also, lets you move tasks from one column to another as per your requirements. These tools enable you to add multiple sections to your Kanban board and then assign different tasks and subtasks to them. You can customize a lot of task parameters like description, color, topic, assigned to, deadline, and more. Some software even support task input from a locally saved file (txt, CSV, etc.).

Additionally, you get some more useful features in these software including Generate Reports, Time Tracking, Timer, Shortcut Keys, Cards Archive, Fullscreen Mode, and more. Overall, these are really nice and feature rich Kanban software that are lightweight and portable in nature.

My Favorite Free Portable Kanban Board Software for Windows:

Portable Kanban is one of the best software on this list as it provides a nice set of features to manage your tasks. It is easy to use, lets you add detailed task information, lets you generate task reports, and you can also use a timer to complete tasks on time.

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Portable Kanban

Portable Kanban, as its name suggests, is a dedicated portable Kanban board software for Windows. This software can run locally as well as online database server with provided details. You can specify the data source to save your data and then get on with this Kanban board software. It lets you add customized columns and then insert tasks as well as subtasks to the columns accordingly. A lot of handy tools to arrange and manage your tasks are available in it. Let’s checkout.

Main Features:

  • Setup: You can add multiple columns/ cards by using its Setup option. While doing so, it lets you customize different parameters of added columns like limit, task count, auto complete, reset completed, sort order, etc. Furthermore, it lets you add, edit, or delete topics, persons/groups, tags, views, users, etc.
  • Import: It lets you import a CSV file to input tasks data to it.
  • Tasks: You can insert tasks to various columns using the plus icon. It lets you add extensive details of a particular task including subtasks, topic, assigned to, priority, estimate, progress, deadline, tags, etc. You can also add files, time tracker, and comments to tasks.
  • Find: It lets you search for specific tasks from your Kanban board.
  • Move Tasks: You can easily move tasks from one column to another.
  • Fullscreen: It lets you open your Kanban board in fullscreen mode.
  • Shortcuts: To quickly perform an action, you can use predefined hotkeys that you can check from its ‘i’ (About) section.

Additional Features:

  • Report: A comprehensive report of your Kanban board can be generated in HTML, DOC, and XLS formats. You can filter and customize output report by configuring options like priority, include options, status, and more.
  • Plugins: Some handy plugins to add a quick task bar, generate time tracking report, move tasks in bulk, etc., are also provided in this portable Kanban board software.
  • Timer: You can run a timer to keep up with the task and complete it on time.


It is one of the best free portable Kanban board software that you can use to arrange and manage your tasks into different sections. You can find an advanced set of Kanban board tools that not only let you add tasks but also complete them on time.

Topsi Project Manager

Topsi Project Manager is a free, open source, portable Kanban board software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. As its name gives away, it is primarily a project manager that helps you organize your tasks in the form of a Kanban board. You can create a project with its information and layout options and then start adding up your tasks. It provides various features to create and customize your Kanban board. Let’s have a look at its key features.

Main Features:

  • Layout & Options: You can add multiple customized columns from here, such as Done, ToDo, In Progress, Pending, Canceled, etc.
  • Add a new Note: This feature helps you add tasks to a specific column. You can add task title, description, tag, milestones, and customize font format.
  • Milestones: Using it, you can add milestones to your project.
  • Search: You can easily find a particular text or task in your Kanban board.
  • Tags: Add different tags to filter tasks in your project.
  • Export Project: You can save your project to a local directory.


It is an easy to use project manager that uses Kanban board to let you organize your project tasks.

My Personal Kanban

My Personal Kanban is another free portable Kanban board software for Windows. It basically requires a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to run. You can open its HTML file in a browser and then start using this Kanban board. All the essential tools to add multiple columns and arrange your tasks are provided by it. You can add task details, select color schemes, move tasks, import and export tasks, and do more. Checkout its main features below.

Main Features:

  • Import: It allows you to add tasks from an existing file.
  • Add Card: You can add a task card while adding its details and selecting a color.
  • Export: You can export your tasks to a JSON file.
  • Themes: It provides two different themes (light and dark) to select a suitable environment to make Kanban board.
  • Archives: You can view all your card archives in this section.
  • Switch to: It lets you quickly switch to another Kanban board by selecting its name.

Additional Features:

  • Cloud Upload: It lets you upload your Kanban board over cloud using a generated key. You can follow the onscreen instruction to generate the key.


It is a simple and easy to use portable Kanban board software that anyone can use to manage their project tasks in different sections.


x-kanban is one of the simplest portable Kanban board software. It is a small HTML application that you can run and use in a web browser. In it, you get some predefined cards in your Kanban board. Using these cards, you can add and manage a list of different types of tasks. Apart from that, you won’t find too many features in it. It is a minimalistic Kanban board tool that comes in a portable package.

Let’s discuss some of its features in details now.

Main Features:

  • It offers different Kanban board cards to list down related tasks including Planned, Requests, In Progress, Done, On Hold, Info, and Rejected.
  • To add tasks to particular card, click on the ‘+‘ (plus) icon and add your tasks.
  • While adding a task, you can add details to your tasks.
  • It lets you customize task color scheme including text and background fill color.
  • You can easily drag and drop a task from one card to another card as per its current status.
  • If you want to save Kanband board, you can use browser’s default “Save As” feature.


Some of its features were unresponsive during my testing like settings. Also, it lacks many features that you might be looking in a Kanban board software.


It is a very basic portable Kanban board that you can open in a web browser and arrange your project’s tasks while working on the project side by side.

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