4 Best Free Portable PDF Editor Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free portable PDF editor software for Windows. These portable PDF software work exactly like their non-portable counterparts. Plus, due to being a portable software, you do not need to install them on PC. You can easily carry these portable PDF editors in flash drive, external HDD, etc., to use these software on the go.

These portable PDF editor software let you view, edit, and save PDF document with ease. For editing, these PDF editors provide features like find and replace text, insert (text, images, texts, tables, etc.), modify (rotate, flip, align document), etc. Apart from PDF, these editors also support other documents like DOC, XHTML, TXT, TRF, PDB, etc. Some PDF editors also support some image formats (PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, etc.). Not just they support image formats, but also allow image editing. After editing, you can also change the document or image format into other supported formats like PNG, XHTML, BMP, GPL, etc.

My Favorite Portable PDF Editor For Windows:

LibreOffice Draw is my favorite portable PDF editor software because it provides all necessary PDF editing features in a portable package. Its support for other document formats and simple user interface make it my favorite portable software for PDF editing.

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LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is a free and portable PDF editor software for Windows. This portable version of LibreOffice Draw is packaged in PortableApps.com format that allows you to use it through pen drive, local drive, or even from cloud. Through this software, you can easily edit any PDF and other documents of different formats like DOC, TXT, RTF, XML, PDB, etc. For editing PDF, it provides all standard features such as insert, format, modify, convert, find and replace, etc.

Let’s take a brief look at various PDF editing features of LibreOffice Draw:

  • Insert: Insert is a menu that contains various individual options to insert objects like image, media, charts, text box, tables, floating frame, and file to a PDF document.
  • Format: It allows you to edit character settings (fonts, fonts effect, position, etc.), paragraph settings (indents, spacing, etc.), page properties (paper format, margin, etc.), bullets and numbering, etc.
  • Modify: Through modify, you can make modifications like rotating document, flipping document, and aligning objects of document (left, centered, and right alignment).
  • Convert: At the time of saving the document, you can easily convert the format of PDF document into any other format such as HTML, XHTML, BMP, GIF, etc.
  • Find and Replace: It is a handy tool to quickly find text in a PDF document and replace with new word or sentence.

This portable version of LibreOffice draw comes inside a portable LibreOffice suite. So, you also get other LibreOffice tools like LibreOffice Calc, Base, Math, and Writer. These addition LibreOffice tools also come in handy. Overall, it is a really good and simple portable PDF editor software that you can use on the go.

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is another free and portable PDF Editor software for Windows. Using it, you can create, view, edit, annotate, and digitally sign PDF files. Apart from PDF, you can also edit documents of other formats such as XPS, PBM, PPM, XDP, DOC, PPT, RTP, TXT, etc. At a time, you can open and edit multiple PDF documents using multiple tabs. Plus, you can also save all documents at the same time through its save all feature.

Some of the interesting features of PDF-XChange Editor are:

  • Edit Content: By using it, you do not require to manually match the text font with the font used in the document before editing. This feature automatically detects and adjusts font according to the fonts used in the document.
  • Document: Document is a drop-down menu that contains various options that let you add barcode, image, pages, etc. to a document. Plus, some advanced features to add the digital signature, initials, OCR pages, etc. are also present in it.
  • Tools: The tools section of this software has some handy tools like sticky note (to add notes on a document), Edit comment tool (to edit or add comments to the document), selection tools (line, circle, polygon, etc.), etc.
  • Split: It lets you split a document into two parts, either in vertical or horizontal fashion. By splitting a document into two parts, you can edit a part of the document without affecting the other part.

Note: In this free version, many of its features like watermark, bookmark, replace pages, etc., are disabled. You need to purchase the paid version of PDF-XChange Editor to enjoy all its features.


Inkscape is a free and portable PDF editor software for Windows. It is mainly a vector graphics editor that is also used as a PDF editor. This portable version provides every feature that a standard version of Inkscape provides. In order to download the portable version, make sure to download only the binary(7z) version of Inkscape. Through this software, you can edit and append the content of PDF files. Besides PDF format, you can also edit documents of various other formats like SVG, EMF, CDR, XAML, etc.

Some of the useful tools of this portable PDF editor are:

  • Find and Replace: It is a pretty common feature in document editors. Using it, you can easily find any word or sentence and also replace it with some other word or sentence.
  • Layer: This feature helps you to add a part of text or image of one PDF file to another. It is an exact same feature which is available in image editors.
  • Rotate and Crop: You can rotate images or the whole PDF document. You can also crop document to remove header or footer from PDF document.
  • Text and Fonts: This feature helps you to edit the written text of a PDF document. It also has various fonts, so you can easily match your font with the font of the PDF document.
  • Convert: After editing a PDF document, you can save it in original format or export that document in some other format such as HTML, PNG, XAML, GPL, etc.

In this portable PDF editor, you can find many other features, but most of them are related to vector graphics editing like filters, color correction, rendering, etc.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a free and portable PDF reader software for Windows. As its name implies, it is mainly a PDF reader, but you can also edit PDF documents in it. Not just PDF documents, you can also edit three more types of documents named FDF, XFDF, and XDP.

This software has a Comment tab that contains various editing tools such as:

  • Text markup: It is used to do text correction or to underline a word, sentence, or the whole line.
  • Pin: To add files and notes to the PDF document.
  • Typewriter: Using this section, you can write text to the document and also add textbox and callout box to PDF file.
  • Drawing: This section has various tools through which you can draw free shapes as well as add predefined shapes like rectangle, oval, polygon, line, etc., to document.
  • Stamps: It is used to add stamps like approved, accepted, void, etc., to PDF. It also has an option to create a custom stamp.
  • Manage Comments: It is used to add comments to the PDF. Some other features like import comments and export comments are also available.
  • Protect: It is used to protect the document by adding a time stamp and digital signature to the PDF document.

Along with various editing features, its multi-tab interface also helps a lot when you wish to work on multiple documents at a time. After editing, you can save the document in PDF or TXT file format.

Overall, it is another simple and easy to use portable PDF editor

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