5 Best Free Portable Recipe Software for Windows

Here is a list Best Free Portable Recipe Software for Windows. All these software are used to create, edit, organize, and manage all your recipes and cookbooks in a single place. As these are portable, you can use these recipe managers without installing them on your system. You can carry any of these in a portable storage device and run the software whenever needed.

These software provide you several features to make recipes. You can add categories of recipes and group your recipes into different categories. All software let you add ingredients with respective quantities and enter cooking steps. Furthermore, you can insert images to your recipes, add recipe details like cooking time, preparation time, waiting time, baking temperature, difficulty, servings, etc., description, comments, and tags. You can also find additional features like Unit Editor to add quantity units, Supply Editor to add ingredients’ list, Search function, and more.

After editing recipes, you can export them in various formats like RTF, XML, HTML, etc. A Print feature is also available in these portable recipe managers that enable you to directly print your recipe or save it as a PDF document. Go through the list to know more about these software.

My favorite Best Free Portable Recipe Software for Windows:

IntelligentCookBook is one of the best software on the list. It is a feature-rich software to organize your recipes. Some additional features like edit list of ingredients, edit quantity units, search recipes, and more are also provided by this software.

Use SSuite Recipe Organiser to easily create recipes without much hassle.

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IntelligentCookBook is free open source portable recipe software for Windows and Linux. You can create and manage cookbooks with multiple recipes in them. It provides a featured recipe editor which provides all options to properly add recipe information. You can specify recipe details like preparation time, baking time, waiting, difficulty, baking temperature, recipe type, rating, portions, etc. It also lets you add different ingredient groups, image, source, etc.

The final cookbook can be directly printed or exported as LaTeX file. It also offers a search feature, unit editor (for ingredient quantity), supply editor (add ingredients), etc. Let’s now checkout steps to create recipes in this software.

How to create recipe in IntelligentCookBook:

  • First, create a new cookbook with title and author and then add a new recipe to it.
  • Now, you can enter recipe details, add ingredients with respective quantity, write cooking instructions, add cooking steps, provide image path, insert tags, comments, and variations, etc.
  • Next, save your recipe or print the cookbook.


It is a good free portable recipe software using which you can create, edit, and maintain your cookbooks.


Cookbook is a free portable recipe software for Windows. It is also available as a web application and for Android. It offers both portable as well as installer versions that you can download from its official website.

It is a dedicated software to create recipes with information including ingredients, instructions, and pictures. You can also edit and manage all your recipes from here. It lets you categorize recipes into different categories like baking, cake, appetizer, drinks, etc. You can also create new categories as per your requirements. When you are done creating recipes, you can export all of them in various formats that are  RTF, HTML, LaTeX file, etc.

How to create recipe in Cookbook:

  • First, click on the New Recipe button and enter recipe name and choose a category.
  • Now, you can specify recipe information like difficulty, servings, preparation time, cooking time, rating, etc.
  • Next, if you want, you can add images of your recipe.
  • After that, you can add ingredients and instructions into respective sections.
  • Finally, you can export or print the recipe.


It is an easy to use yet capable portable recipe software that you can use to manage your recipes without putting in too much effort.


LargoRecipes is one more free portable recipe software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. As its name suggests, it helps you manage your recipes, plans, and list of ingredients. You can create or edit recipes by entering ingredients and cooking instructions. It lets you export recipe to XML file or directly print the recipe.

It also provides you an option to create a webpage of your recipe. You can also convert MealMaster files to RecipeML files using its dedicated Convert feature. It offers a Bulk Import feature to load multiple recipes saved in XML file. It also provides you an option to directly go to websites like Recipezaar. You can even enter a list of ingredients and measures.

Now, let’s have a look at the steps to create recipes in it.

How to create recipe in LargoRecipes:

  • Firstly, go to the Recipes menu and click on the New > Recipe option.
  • Now, enter recipe title, add ingredients, and then write cooking steps in the below box.
  • Next, you can save, export, or print the recipe.


It is another nice portable recipe software that lets you easily create and organize recipes.

SSuite Recipe Organiser

SSuite Recipe Organiser is yet another free portable recipe software for Windows. It is a simple software that enables you to organize your recipe. You can create new recipes as well as modify existing ones. It lets you add multiple categories and then create recipes in them. You get a full-fledged recipe editor with a variety of formatting options like emoticon, image, link, font options, etc.

How to create recipe in SSuite Recipe Organiser:

  • Start this software and then add a category of recipes using the dedicated option.
  • Now, click on the Add new recipe button to open Recipe Editor window. Enter your ingredients, cooking steps, and other details.
  • After that, you can export a recipe to RTF document and also print the recipe.


If you want a simple portable software to create, edit, and organize your recipes, use SSuite Recipe Organiser.

Dodo's Digital Cookbook

Dodo’s Digital Cookbook is another simple portable recipe software for Windows. It is a very user-friendly software to manage recipes and cookbook. You can create recipes in multiple categories such as desserts, baking, salad, etc. Plus, you can insert various images into your recipes to make your recipe look more fascinating. You can save your recipes within this software only.

How to create recipe in Dodo’s Digital Cookbook:

  • Launch this software and press the New button to create a fresh recipe.
  • Now, enter the recipe name, select the category of recipe, and add one or more images.
  • Next, go to the Ingredients section and add your ingredients with respective amount.
  • After that, enter instructions to your recipe and then save the recipe in this software.


  • It doesn’t let you export recipes to external files.


It is a free open source portable recipe software that provides all standard features to manage recipes.

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